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Harold Bloom (1930–2019)

Auteur de The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

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Harold Bloom was born on July 11, 1930 in New York City. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Cornell in 1951 and his Doctorate from Yale in 1955. After graduating from Yale, Bloom remained there as a teacher, and was made Sterling Professor of Humanities in 1983. Bloom's theories have changed the afficher plus way that critics think of literary tradition and has also focused his attentions on history and the Bible. He has written over twenty books and edited countless others. He is one of the most famous critics in the world and considered an expert in many fields. In 2010 he became a founding patron of Ralston College, a new institution in Savannah, Georgia, that focuses on primary texts. His works include Fallen Angels, Till I End My Song: A Gathering of Last Poems, Anatomy of Influence: Literature as a Way of Life and The Shadow of a Great Rock: A Literary Appreciation of The King James Bible. Harold Bloom passed away on October 14, 2019 in New Haven, at the age of 89. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
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(eng) Bloom has edited several books with the same title for different series. Combine with care.


Œuvres de Harold Bloom

Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (1998) 2,809 exemplaires
The book of J (1990) 1,131 exemplaires
Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? (2004) 755 exemplaires
L'angoisse de l'influence (1973) 752 exemplaires
Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine (2005) — Auteur — 502 exemplaires
Hamlet: Poem Unlimited (2003) 463 exemplaires
Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1963) — Directeur de publication — 389 exemplaires
William Golding's Lord of the Flies (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1999) — Directeur de publication — 330 exemplaires
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1987) — Directeur de publication — 256 exemplaires
A Map of Misreading (1975) 232 exemplaires
Deconstruction and Criticism (1979) 218 exemplaires
The Art of Reading Poetry (2005) 213 exemplaires
The Best of the Best American Poetry: 1988-1997 (1998) — Directeur de publication — 204 exemplaires
The Oxford Anthology of English Literature: Volume V: Victorian Prose and Poetry (1973) — Directeur de publication — 166 exemplaires
American Religious Poems: An Anthology (2006) — Directeur de publication — 162 exemplaires
Kabbalah and Criticism (1656) 127 exemplaires
Yeats (A Galaxy Book 378) (1970) 121 exemplaires
Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird (Bloom's Guides) (2003) — Directeur de publication — 79 exemplaires
Selected Writings of Walter Pater (1974) — Directeur de publication — 71 exemplaires
Fallen Angels (2007) 62 exemplaires
The Breaking of the Vessels (1982) 44 exemplaires
Shakespeare's Macbeth (2004) 40 exemplaires
Shakespeare's Henry IV (2004) 40 exemplaires
The Literary Criticism of John Ruskin (1965) — Directeur de publication — 39 exemplaires
Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems (2003) — Directeur de publication — 32 exemplaires
Shelley's Mythmaking (1959) 29 exemplaires
Shakespeare's Othello (2005) 29 exemplaires
The Oxford anthology of English literature — Directeur de publication — 25 exemplaires
Dante's The Divine Comedy (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1987) — Directeur de publication — 24 exemplaires
The Hero's Journey (2009) 24 exemplaires
Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (2001) — Directeur de publication — 24 exemplaires
Shakespeare's King Lear (1999) 21 exemplaires
Jane Austen's Emma (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (2000) — Directeur de publication — 21 exemplaires
The Grotesque (2009) 21 exemplaires
The American Dream (2009) 21 exemplaires
Homer's The Iliad (Bloom's Notes) (1995) 20 exemplaires
Alienation (2009) 19 exemplaires
Richard Wright's Black Boy (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1988) — Directeur de publication — 18 exemplaires
Rebirth and Renewal (2009) 17 exemplaires
From Sensibility to Romanticism: Essays Presented to Frederick A. Pottle (1965) — Directeur de publication — 17 exemplaires
Death and Dying (2009) 17 exemplaires
English Romantic Poetry (Bloom's Period Studies) (1961) — Directeur de publication — 17 exemplaires
William Golding's Lord of the Flies (Bloom's Notes) (1995) — Directeur de publication — 16 exemplaires
The Labyrinth (2009) 16 exemplaires
Amy Tan (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) (2000) — Directeur de publication — 15 exemplaires
The Wind and the Rain (1967) — Directeur de publication — 14 exemplaires
Human Sexuality (2009) 14 exemplaires
Thomas Carlyle (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) (1986) — Directeur de publication — 13 exemplaires
Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms (Bloom's Notes) (1996) — Directeur de publication — 13 exemplaires
John Donne (Bloom's Major Poets) (1999) 13 exemplaires
Figures of Capable Imagination (1976) 13 exemplaires
James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man (Bloom's Notes) (1999) — Directeur de publication — 12 exemplaires
William Faulkner's Sanctuary (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations) (1988) — Directeur de publication — 12 exemplaires
The Trickster (2010) 12 exemplaires
T.S. Eliot (Bloom's Major Poets) (1999) 12 exemplaires
Cormac McCarthy's The Road [Bloom's Guides] (2011) — Directeur de publication — 12 exemplaires
Poets of World War I, Part 1: Wilfred Owen & Isaac Rosenberg (Bloom's Major Poets) (1648) — Directeur de publication — 12 exemplaires
Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities (Bloom's Notes) (1996) — Directeur de publication — 11 exemplaires
Dante's Inferno (Bloom's Notes) (1996) 11 exemplaires
Sylvia Plath (Bloom's Major Poets) (2000) 10 exemplaires
Civil Disobedience (2009) 10 exemplaires
Maya Angelou (Bloom's Major Poets) (2001) 10 exemplaires
Exploration and Colonization (2010) 9 exemplaires
Beowulf (Bloom's Notes) (1996) 9 exemplaires
Hart Crane (Bloom's Major Poets) (1986) 9 exemplaires
Enslavement and Emancipation (2010) 9 exemplaires
The Sublime (2010) 9 exemplaires
The Taboo (2010) 9 exemplaires
Sophocles (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) (1990) — Directeur de publication — 8 exemplaires
Poetics of Influence (1988) 8 exemplaires
Dante (Bloom's Major Poets) (2001) 7 exemplaires
Don Quijote: Alrededor Del Mundo (2005) 7 exemplaires
Don Delillo (Bloom's Major Novelists) (2003) — Directeur de publication — 7 exemplaires
Mark Strand (Bloom's Major Poets) (2003) 6 exemplaires
John Keats (Bloom's Major Poets) (2001) 6 exemplaires
Homer (Bloom's Major Poets) (2001) 6 exemplaires
Alexander Pope (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) (1986) — Directeur de publication — 6 exemplaires
John Milton (Bloom's Major Poets) (1999) 6 exemplaires
Beowulf (Bloom's Guides) (2008) 5 exemplaires
Vergil's Aeneid (Bloom's Notes) (1996) 5 exemplaires
El futuro de la imaginación (2002) 4 exemplaires
Modern Black American Fiction Writers (Writers of English) (1994) — Directeur de publication — 3 exemplaires
Mark Twain (Bloom's BioCritiques) (2003) 3 exemplaires
Lord Byron (Bloom's BioCritiques) (2003) 3 exemplaires
Allen Tate (Bloom's Major Poets) (2004) 3 exemplaires
Beowulf (Bloom's Reviews) (1999) 3 exemplaires
Dante's Inferno (Bloom's Reviews) (2000) 2 exemplaires
The Selected Poetry of Coleridge (1972) 2 exemplaires
El canon literario (1998) 2 exemplaires
The Varieties of José Saramago (2002) 2 exemplaires
Bloom's Major Novelists Set (2002) 2 exemplaires
Gregory Botts, Paintings (1990) — Directeur de publication — 2 exemplaires
The Mentor Book of Irish Poetry — Directeur de publication — 1 exemplaire
com lleguir i per que 1 exemplaire
Um Mapa da Desleitura (2003) 1 exemplaire
Kafka, Freud, Scholem 1 exemplaire
Till I End My Song 1 exemplaire
Bloom Harold 1 exemplaire
George Eliot's Silas Mariner (Bloom's Notes) (1996) — Directeur de publication — 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

Fahrenheit 451 (1953) — Postface, quelques éditions53,380 exemplaires
Frankenstein (1818) — Postface, quelques éditions42,163 exemplaires
Hamlet (1603) — Postface, quelques éditions32,490 exemplaires
Don Quichotte (1605) — Introduction, quelques éditions30,278 exemplaires
Roméo et Juliette (1599) — Commentary, quelques éditions28,295 exemplaires
Méridien de sang (1985) — Introduction, quelques éditions11,456 exemplaires
La Nuit des rois (1601) — Contributeur, quelques éditions10,660 exemplaires
Ethan Frome (1911) — Introduction, quelques éditions9,428 exemplaires
Antony and Cleopatra (1623) — Postface, quelques éditions5,431 exemplaires
Little, Big (1981) — Postface, quelques éditions4,165 exemplaires
À la recherche du temps perdu (1913) — Introduction, quelques éditions3,839 exemplaires
Long voyage du jour a la nuit (1956) — Avant-propos, quelques éditions3,452 exemplaires
Paradise Lost [Norton Critical Edition] (1667) — Contributeur, quelques éditions2,188 exemplaires
The Expedition of Humphry Clinker (1771) — Postface, quelques éditions1,524 exemplaires
The Poetry and Prose of William Blake {Erdman, ed.} (1970) — Commentary, quelques éditions1,377 exemplaires
Evangéline conte d'acade (1847) — Introduction, quelques éditions1,351 exemplaires
L'Andalousie arabe. Une culture de la tolérance, VIIIe-XVe siècle (2002) — Avant-propos — 1,028 exemplaires
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (1995) — Contributeur, quelques éditions915 exemplaires
L'oeuvre poétique (2000) — Introduction, quelques éditions658 exemplaires
Shelley's Poetry and Prose [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.] (2002) — Contributeur — 474 exemplaires
A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 33 Great Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen (2009) — Avant-propos; Contributeur — 363 exemplaires
The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings (2001) — Contributeur — 358 exemplaires
Collected Poems and Translations (1994) — Directeur de publication — 335 exemplaires
L'imagination créatrice dans le soufisme d'Ibn' Arabî (1969) — Preface, quelques éditions245 exemplaires
Blake's Poetry and Designs [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.] (2007) — Contributeur — 213 exemplaires
The selected poetry and prose of Shelley (1966) — Directeur de publication, quelques éditions175 exemplaires
Selected Poems [ed. Bloom] (2003) — Directeur de publication — 104 exemplaires
On the Bible (1968) — Introduction — 92 exemplaires
Living with Shakespeare: Essays by Writers, Actors, and Directors (2013) — Avant-propos — 85 exemplaires
The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren (1998) — Avant-propos — 84 exemplaires
Unlocking the English Language (1989) — Introduction — 80 exemplaires
Blake: A Collection of Critical Essays (1966) — Contributeur — 66 exemplaires
The Bible and the Narrative Tradition (1986) — Contributeur — 51 exemplaires
Snake's Hands: The Fiction of John Crowley (2003) — Préface — 45 exemplaires
Ursula K. Le Guin: Collected Poems (LOA #368) (Library of America, 368) (2023) — Directeur de publication — 40 exemplaires
Death in Venice, Tonio Kroger, and Other Writings (German Library) (1999) — Avant-propos, quelques éditions36 exemplaires
Selected Poems of Jay Wright (1987) — Postface — 22 exemplaires
Anselm Kiefer: Merkaba (2002) — Contributeur — 22 exemplaires
Bloom's Literary Guide to London (2005) — Introduction — 21 exemplaires
Bloom's Literary Guide to Paris (2004) — Introduction — 18 exemplaires
Bloom's Literary Guide to New York (2004) — Introduction — 16 exemplaires
The Best Australian Essays 2003 (2003) — Contributeur — 15 exemplaires
Bloom's Literary Guide to Rome (2005) — Introduction — 13 exemplaires
Bloom's Literary Guide to Dublin (2005) — Introduction — 10 exemplaires
Gusto: Essential Writings in Nineteenth-Century Gastronomy (2005) — Avant-propos — 9 exemplaires
St. Petersburg (Bloom's Literary Places) (2005) — Introduction — 4 exemplaires
Critical Essays on Galway Kinnell (1996) — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
The Massachusetts review. Vol. VII, no. 1, Winter, 1966 (1966) — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
Sunstone - Issue 145, March 2007 (2007) — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
Robert Penn Warren's Brother to Dragons: A Discussion (1983) — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
Hebbes 4 — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
Tragedie — Introduction — 1 exemplaire
Prose: A Literary Magazine, Volume 1 (1970) — Contributeur — 1 exemplaire
Sunstone - Vol. 20:2, Issue 106, July 1997 (1997) — Contributeur — 1 exemplaire


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Date de naissance
Date de décès
Lieu de naissance
New York, New York, VS
Lieu du décès
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Lieux de résidence
New York, New York, VS
Cornell University (BA | 1951)
University of Cambridge (Pembroke College)
Yale University (PhD | 1955)
literary critic
Frye, Northrop (main influence)
Gould, Jean (wife)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Literature ∙ 1990)
Yale University
Bread Loaf School of English
Prix et distinctions
Fulbright Fellowship (1955)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1962-63)
Newton Arvin Award (1967)
Zabel Prize, American Institute of Arts and Letters (1982)
Sterling Professorship, Yale University (1983)
MacArthur Fellowship (1985) (tout afficher 9)
14th Catalonia International Prize (2002)
Hans Christian Andersen Award (2005)
Fellow, American Philosophical Society (1995)
Courte biographie
Harold Bloom wordt wereldwijd gezien als een van de belangrijkste literatuurcritici en een van de meest vooraanstaande denkers. Hij is Sterling Professor of the Humanities aan Yale University en de auteur van een groot aantal belangwekkende boeken, waaronder The Western Canon, Shakespeare: the invention of the human en The anxiety of influence. Bloom schreef bovendien essays over onder meer Keats, Shelley, Wilde en Poe.
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Bloom has edited several books with the same title for different series. Combine with care.



A dazzling account of the Gnostic, Jewish, and Islamic roots of American spirituality. Harold Bloom examines society's newest obsessions: angels, prophetic dreams, and near death experiences. This book traces these cultural phenomena from their ancient and traditional origins to their present day, millennial manifestations.
PendleHillLibrary | 2 autres critiques | Feb 22, 2024 |
Pretentious, dated gobbledygook. There may be a good idea in here somewhere but damned if I could find it - made it through a hundred pages before brain spasms caused me a quit. One star for getting most of the historical dates right, for the sheer audacity of comparing Woodstock to Cane Ridge (the first religious camp meeting in 1801) and for hooking up Goldwater's running mate in 1964 with the apocalypse in 1843. Read it, or try to, if you dare, but don't expect much sense.
dhaxton | 4 autres critiques | Feb 19, 2024 |
The Book of J
Translated from the Hebrew by David Rosenberg
Interpreted by Harold Bloom

I started my quest to read “Bloom’s Western Canon“ two years or so ago. Along the way, I took a few detours from the western canon itself to read books that helped me better understand those classic works. I mainly buy my books at the annual used book sales conducted by my hometown libraries. Over the years, I’ve collected many books that, as luck would have it, supplement what I’m reading in the western canon. One of those books is called The Book of J, by Harold Bloom himself. Bloom, a literary critic, wrote an influential book, called The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages. I have not read The Western Canon, however, I am familiar with its famous list. I was interested in reading The Book of J not only because I wanted to read something by the man himself, but because it tied into my reading of the Bible and other books about Biblical times.

The Book of J is both a translation and an interpretation. First - the translation. “J”, which stands for Yahwist (Yahweh starts with the letter J in German) is one of the original authors (some would say scribes) of the first five books of what Christians call the Old Testament and what Jews call the Torah. There are other authors/scribes as well - all of whom have been “discovered” through close reading of surviving scrolls that have been studied for centuries. Some of the others are “E” for the Elohist, “P” for the Priestly scribe, and “R” for the Redactor. J got his (or her - as we shall see from Bloom’s intentionally controversial theory) moniker because of his focus on Yahweh as the protagonist of the first five books. David Rosenberg translates what we know of J’s writings from the Hebrew. What you get is a summary of the Torah with the focus being on Yahweh. We read of his creation of the world, how Adam and Hava (Eve) came to be, Noah, Abram (Abraham), Jacob (later Israel), Joseph (my personal favorite), Judah, Moses, and a host of interesting supporting figures. I really enjoyed Rosenberg’s translation and learning more about Yahweh’s relationship with these famous people.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in Bloom’s interpretation. Besides his intentionally controversial contention that J may have been a woman - and possibly King David’s granddaughter, there were things about his interpretation that just plain irritated me. (I don’t care about the woman part but I do care about his intentional controversy just because he could.) He claimed that J was really writing about David and the entire “Book of J” was a sort of metaphor for the eventual glory of David’s reign and Yahweh’s love for him. In other words, J was a post-Davidic courtly writer who used themes from an archaic, prehistoric form of Judaism to glorify her supposed grandfather’s reign. I don’t mind controversial interpretations of anything but what irritated me was that Bloom gave no reason or research that explained how he came to his conclusions. He did say that, as a literary critic and not a Biblical scholar, he was interpreting the book purely as literature. Even still, literary critics typically cite sources or explain their reasoning.

Bloom, being such a widely read person and so steeped in literary theory, may not have felt the need to cite anything because he simply “knew” stuff. His interpretation felt more like a journal than a critique. It was as if he was writing his thoughts in preparation for publishing a more scholarly book but never got down to the scholarly part. The reader is left with no bibliography, no index, and nothing to go on other than to see what mysterious connections Bloom would make next.

After I finished the book, I searched some of my other books to see what Biblical scholars thought of Bloom’s interpretation. Robin Lane Fox, a favorite of mine, summed up my feelings pretty well: “Harold Bloom… builds extravagantly on R. Friedman [‘s book] Who Wrote the Bible… the dating, “irony”, sex, political message, and “covenant” of Bloom’s J are all unconvincing.” Extravagant is a great word for it.

I recommend The Book of J for Rosenberg’s translation, but not for Bloom’s interpretation. I’ll stick to relying on him for the canonical list and leave it at that.
… (plus d'informations)
Mortybanks | 8 autres critiques | Feb 1, 2024 |
I realized while reading this that I had read it before some years ago, and that it had had a strong influence on my reading choices since then. Very straightforward and readable.
audient_void | 32 autres critiques | Jan 6, 2024 |


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A.S. McDevitt Contributor
W. B. Stanford Contributor
Ian A. Bell Contributor
John J. Richetti Contributor
Robert Alter Contributor
Ismaîl Kadaré Contributor
Hyam Maccoby Contributor
Claudio Magris Contributor
Tahar Ben Jelloun Contributor
Péter Esterházy Contributor
Nélida Piñon Contributor
J. M. G. Le Clezio Contributor
Michel Tournier Contributor
Margaret Atwood Contributor
Miriam Lerenbaum Contributor
Samuel Arkin Contributor
Roberta Zuppet Translator
Victor Verduin Translator
Peter Knecht Translator
Tomás Segovia Translator
Damián Alou Translator
Paul L. Mariani Contributor


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