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Known primarily as the leader of the philosophical movement transcendentalism, which stresses the ties of humans to nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and essayist, was born in Boston in 1803. From a long line of religious leaders, Emerson became the minister of the Second Church (Unitarian) in 1829. He left the church in 1832 because of profound differences in interpretation and doubts about church doctrine. He visited England and met with British writers and philosophers. It was during this first excursion abroad that Emerson formulated his ideas for Self-Reliance. He returned to the United States in 1833 and settled in Concord, Massachusetts. He began lecturing in Boston. His first book, Nature (1836), published anonymously, detailed his belief and has come to be regarded as his most significant original work on the essence of his philosophy of transcendentalism. The first volume of Essays (1841) contained some of Emerson's most popular works, including the renowned Self-Reliance. Emerson befriended and influenced a number of American authors including Henry David Thoreau. It was Emerson's practice of keeping a journal that inspired Thoreau to do the same and set the stage for Thoreau's experiences at Walden Pond. Emerson married twice (his first wife Ellen died in 1831 of tuberculosis) and had four children (two boys and two girls) with his second wife, Lydia. His first born, Waldo, died at age six. Emerson died in Concord on April 27, 1882 at the age of 78 due to pneumonia and is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts. (Bowker Author Biography) — biographie de Essays: First Series and Second Series… (plus d'informations)
Essays: First Series and Second Series 1,802 exemplaire(s), 6 critiques
Self-Reliance and Other Essays 1,518 exemplaire(s), 7 critiques
Essays and Lectures 936 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Self-Reliance 587 exemplaire(s), 7 critiques
Essays and English Traits 485 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson 471 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Selected Essays 409 exemplaire(s)
La Nature 401 exemplaire(s), 8 critiques
The Portable Emerson [New Edition] 362 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Nature and Selected Essays 310 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Representative Men 273 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Essays: First Series 220 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Portable Emerson 206 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Essays and Journals 190 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Nature and Walking (The Concord Library) 181 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Emerson: Poems 149 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Essays: Second Series 145 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Nature 129 exemplaire(s)
The Conduct of Life 117 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
English Traits 92 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Emerson on man & God 82 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Father, We Thank You 81 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Friendship 74 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Société et solitude 69 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Annotated Emerson 66 exemplaire(s)
Nature Addresses and Lectures 66 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Emerson in His Journals 56 exemplaire(s)
Nature and Other Writings 53 exemplaire(s)
On Love and Friendship 48 exemplaire(s)
Journals 40 exemplaire(s)
Letters and social aims 37 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Illustrated Emerson: Essays and Poems 34 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The American Scholar 30 exemplaire(s)
Compensation 28 exemplaire(s)
Emerson Select Essays and Poems 25 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Miscellanies 20 exemplaire(s)
Lectures and Biographical Sketches 18 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The gospel of Emerson 16 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Apology 15 exemplaire(s)
Parnassus 15 exemplaire(s)
Divinity School Address 14 exemplaire(s)
The Transcendalist 10 exemplaire(s)
Emerson: Selected Essays 10 exemplaire(s)
The Emerson Birthday-Book 9 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Uses of great men 9 exemplaire(s)
Naturaleza [Próxima aparición] 9 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
America's Natural Beauty 8 exemplaire(s)
Zeven essays 8 exemplaire(s)
Character 7 exemplaire(s)
De overziel 6 exemplaire(s)
May-Day and Other Pieces 6 exemplaire(s)
The Poet 5 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Spiritual Law 5 exemplaire(s)
La conducta de la vida 5 exemplaire(s)
The works of Emerson 4 exemplaire(s)
Insanin Gorkemi 4 exemplaire(s)
Circles 4 exemplaire(s)
History 4 exemplaire(s)
An address 3 exemplaire(s)
Success 3 exemplaire(s)
Livsvägar : essayer 3 exemplaire(s)
In Praise of Books 3 exemplaire(s)
The Snow-Storm {poem} 3 exemplaire(s)
Thoreau 3 exemplaire(s)
Manners 2 exemplaire(s)
Prose Works 2 exemplaire(s)
Confia em ti 2 exemplaire(s)
Farming (An Essay) 2 exemplaire(s)
The Essay on Friendship 2 exemplaire(s)
İnsandaki Mucize 2 exemplaire(s)
Scholar américain (Le) 2 exemplaire(s)
Essays Emerson 2 exemplaire(s)
Dalla Sicilia alle Alpi 2 exemplaire(s)
Nature and art, 2 exemplaire(s)
Selected Poems 2 exemplaire(s)
Uncollected Prose 2 exemplaire(s)
Fate 2 exemplaire(s)
Ensayos escogidos 2 exemplaire(s)
Compter sur soi 2 exemplaire(s)
Emerson's Essays, Vol 1. 2 exemplaire(s)
Intellect 2 exemplaire(s)
Character and Heroism 2 exemplaire(s)
Demonology (An Essay) 2 exemplaire(s)
Complete Poems 2 exemplaire(s)
Miscellanies, vol. 1 2 exemplaire(s)
Essays R. W. Emerson 2 exemplaire(s)
An Emerson treasury 2 exemplaire(s)
Selected Works 2 exemplaire(s)
The Oversoul 2 exemplaire(s)
Pearls of wisdom 2 exemplaire(s)
Yasamin Idaresi 1 exemplaire
Doga 1 exemplaire
Memory (An Essay) 1 exemplaire
Selected Journals 1 exemplaire
L'âme anglaise 1 exemplaire
Emerson poetry 1 exemplaire
Early lectures 1 exemplaire
Suuria miehiä 1 exemplaire
Esaios 1 exemplaire
Freindship 1 exemplaire
Platón 1 exemplaire
Gospel of Emerson 1 exemplaire
Emerson Essays 1 exemplaire
Essays Emerson 1 exemplaire
Teologia e natura 1 exemplaire
Emerson's Poems 1 exemplaire
Emerson's Essays 1 exemplaire
Szkice 1 exemplaire
Essays And Journals 1 exemplaire
A confiança em si 1 exemplaire
Bare Wench III 1 exemplaire
Natura 1 exemplaire
A Natureza 1 exemplaire
O prirodi 1 exemplaire
Die Tagebücher 1 exemplaire
Concord Hymn 1 exemplaire
“Experience” 1 exemplaire
On man & God 1 exemplaire
Three essays, 1 exemplaire
Versuche (Essays) 1 exemplaire
Hombres simbolicos 1 exemplaire
La presenza di Dio 1 exemplaire
Spiritualni zakoni 1 exemplaire
Indian superstition 1 exemplaire
Doğa 1 exemplaire
Ezra Ripley, D.D. 1 exemplaire
The Lord's Supper 1 exemplaire
Carlyle 1 exemplaire
John Brown 1 exemplaire
Emerson's Parnassus 1 exemplaire
From "Journals" 1 exemplaire
Saggi 1 exemplaire
Works of Emerson 1 exemplaire
Emerson's Writings 1 exemplaire
Nature essays 1 exemplaire
Ausgewählte Texte. 1 exemplaire
Essays. Erster Teil 1 exemplaire
Emerson Essays 1 exemplaire
Diario intimo 1 exemplaire
Gedanken 1 exemplaire
Nature: Deluxe Illustrated Edition 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
The Conservative 1 exemplaire
EMERSON'S ESSAYS 1 exemplaire
Poems 1 exemplaire
History 1 exemplaire
Självförtröstan 1 exemplaire
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 4,950 exemplaire(s), 77 critiques
Vita Nova (Traducteur, quelques éditions) 2,075 exemplaire(s), 24 critiques
One Hundred and One Famous Poems (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 1,815 exemplaire(s), 17 critiques
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 875 exemplaire(s), 7 critiques
A Treasury of the World's Best Loved Poems (Contributeur) 488 exemplaire(s), 4 critiques
World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from Antiquity to Our Time (Contributeur) 424 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Critical Theory Since Plato (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 384 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Eight Great Tragedies (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 373 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Americans in Paris: A Literary Anthology (Contributeur) 284 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1 (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 246 exemplaire(s)
The Blithedale Romance [Norton Critical Edition, 1st ed.] (Contributeur) 157 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
American Religious Poems: An Anthology (Contributeur) 152 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Civil War: The Second Year Told By Those Who Lived It (Contributeur) 151 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Life in the Iron Mills [Bedford Cultural Editions] (Contributeur) 135 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
A Comprehensive Anthology of American Poetry (Contributeur) 125 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Norton Book of Travel (Contributeur) 107 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Standard Book of British and American Verse (Contributeur) 104 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Poets of the Civil War (Contributeur) 88 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Storytelling and Other Poems (Childcraft) (Contributeur) 86 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
War No More: Three Centuries of American Antiwar and Peace Writing (Contributeur) 77 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Concise Edition (Contributeur) 62 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Selected Writings of the American Transcendentalists (Contributeur) 59 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Blithedale Romance [Norton Critical Edition, 2nd ed.] (Contributeur) 55 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Signet Book of American Essays (Contributeur) 35 exemplaire(s)
The Dissenters : America's Voices of Opposition (Contributeur) 33 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
American Literature: The Makers and the Making (In Two Volumes) (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 25 exemplaire(s)
Classic Essays in English (Contributeur) 22 exemplaire(s)
Inspirational Classics for Latter-Day Saints (Contributeur) 20 exemplaire(s)
Trees: A Celebration (Contributeur) 13 exemplaire(s)
American Poems 1779-1900 (Contributeur) 11 exemplaire(s)
The Analog Sea Review: Number One (Contributeur) 9 exemplaire(s)
Great Short Works of the American Renaissance (Contributeur) 8 exemplaire(s)
The Analog Sea Review: Number Three (Contributeur) 7 exemplaire(s)
Cricket Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 8, April 1978 (Contributeur) 5 exemplaire(s)
La poesía inglesa románticos y victorianos (Contributeur) 4 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Best of American Poetry [Audio] (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Plutarch's Essays (Introduction, quelques éditions) 1 exemplaire

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