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George Eliot was born Mary Ann Evans on a Warwickshire farm in England, where she spent almost all of her early life. She received a modest local education and was particularly influenced by one of her teachers, an extremely religious woman whom the novelist would later use as a model for various characters. Eliot read extensively, and was particularly drawn to the romantic poets and German literature. In 1849, after the death of her father, she went to London and became assistant editor of the Westminster Review, a radical magazine. She soon began publishing sketches of country life in London magazines. At about his time Eliot began her lifelong relationship with George Henry Lewes. A married man, Lewes could not marry Eliot, but they lived together until Lewes's death. Eliot's sketches were well received, and soon after she followed with her first novel, Adam Bede (1859). She took the pen name "George Eliot" because she believed the public would take a male author more seriously. Like all of Eliot's best work, The Mill on the Floss (1860), is based in large part on her own life and her relationship with her brother. In it she begins to explore male-female relations and the way people's personalities determine their relationships with others. She returns to this theme in Silas Mariner (1861), in which she examines the changes brought about in life and personality of a miser through the love of a little girl. In 1863, Eliot published Romola. Set against the political intrigue of Florence, Italy, of the 1490's, the book chronicles the spiritual journey of a passionate young woman. Eliot's greatest achievement is almost certainly Middlemarch (1871). Here she paints her most detailed picture of English country life, and explores most deeply the frustrations of an intelligent woman with no outlet for her aspirations. This novel is now regarded as one of the major works of the Victorian era and one of the greatest works of fiction in English. Eliot's last work was Daniel Deronda. In that work, Daniel, the adopted son of an aristocratic Englishman, gradually becomes interested in Jewish culture and then discovers his own Jewish heritage. He eventually goes to live in Palestine. Because of the way in which she explored character and extended the range of subject matter to include simple country life, Eliot is now considered to be a major figure in the development of the novel. She is buried in Highgate Cemetery, North London, England, next to her common-law husband, George Henry Lewes. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from Middlemarch
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Middlemarch 16,100 exemplaire(s), 306 critiques
Le Moulin sur la Floss 7,998 exemplaire(s), 112 critiques
Adam Bede 4,019 exemplaire(s), 65 critiques
Daniel Deronda. 3,451 exemplaire(s), 44 critiques
Romola, ou Florence et Savonarole. 2 tomes 1,316 exemplaire(s), 18 critiques
Felix Holt, the Radical 967 exemplaire(s), 7 critiques
Scènes de la vie du clerge 798 exemplaire(s), 16 critiques
Le Voile soulevé 620 exemplaire(s), 22 critiques
Middlemarch [Norton Critical Edition] 553 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Silas Marner and Two Short Stories 271 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
The Lifted Veil / Brother Jacob 232 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Brother Jacob 132 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Selected Essays, Poems and Other Writings (Traducteur) 116 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Middlemarch (1/2) 102 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Impressions of Theophrastus Such 85 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Collected poems 64 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Middlemarch (2/2) 60 exemplaire(s)
Amos Barton 46 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Daniel Deronda : Volume 1 37 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner [Penguin Readers] 33 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Janet's Repentance 28 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Daniel Deronda : Volume 2 26 exemplaire(s)
The Essays of "George Eliot": Complete 22 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Romola (1/2) (Auteur) 20 exemplaire(s)
Romola / Theophrastus Such (Auteur) 20 exemplaire(s)
Adam Bede, Volume 2 of 2 19 exemplaire(s)
Adam Bede, Volume 1 of 2 18 exemplaire(s)
The Spanish Gypsy 18 exemplaire(s)
Romola (2/2) (Auteur) 16 exemplaire(s)
How Lisa Loved the King 16 exemplaire(s)
The Mill on the Floss (1/2) (Auteur) 15 exemplaire(s)
The Mill on the Floss (2/2) (Auteur) 14 exemplaire(s)
Scenes of Clerical Life (1/2) (Auteur) 12 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Middlemarch (3/3) (Auteur) 11 exemplaire(s)
The Works of George Eliot 10 exemplaire(s)
Romola (1/3) 9 exemplaire(s)
Romola / Silas Marner (Auteur) 9 exemplaire(s)
Works of George Eliot 9 exemplaire(s)
Felix Holt / Theophrastus Such (Auteur) 9 exemplaire(s)
Romola (3/3) 8 exemplaire(s)
Tom and Maggie Tulliver 8 exemplaire(s)
Romola (2/3) 8 exemplaire(s)
Miscellaneous Essays 7 exemplaire(s)
[unidentified works] 7 exemplaire(s)
Scenes of Clerical Life (2/2) (Auteur) 7 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner / Middlemarch (Auteur) 6 exemplaire(s)
Middlemarch (1/3) (Auteur) 6 exemplaire(s)
Middlemarch (2/3) (Auteur) 6 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner / Brother Jacob (Auteur) 5 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner (2/2) 4 exemplaire(s)
Edward Neville 4 exemplaire(s)
Eliot's works 4 exemplaire(s)
Novels of George Eliot 3 exemplaire(s)
Middlemarch / Adam Bede / Silas Marner 3 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Mill on the Floss / Romola (Auteur) 3 exemplaire(s)
Gems from George Eliot 3 exemplaire(s)
Middlemarch 3 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Felix Holt; Poems 3 exemplaire(s)
Adam Bede - Felix Holt 3 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner (1/2) 3 exemplaire(s)
Middlemarch (Advanced) 3 exemplaire(s)
Works 2 exemplaire(s)
Two Lovers 2 exemplaire(s)
George Eliot's Works 2 exemplaire(s)
Theophrastus Such / The Spanish Gypsy (Auteur) 2 exemplaire(s)
Zu Gast in Weimar 1 exemplaire
Middlemarch 1. nide 1 exemplaire
The Life of Jesus 1 exemplaire
Romola , Vol 1 1 exemplaire
Il ‰velo strappato 1 exemplaire
Romola - Vols 1 & 2 1 exemplaire
Essays, Volume I 1 exemplaire
Essays, Volume II 1 exemplaire
Famous Women 1 exemplaire
Biographie 1 exemplaire
Early essays 1 exemplaire
Golden grain 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Middlemarch Vol 1 1 exemplaire
Les quatre filles du docteur March (quelques éditions) 24,931 exemplaire(s), 400 critiques
Ethics (Traducteur, quelques éditions) 2,608 exemplaire(s), 34 critiques
One Hundred and One Famous Poems (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 1,777 exemplaire(s), 17 critiques
L'essence du christianisme (Traducteur, quelques éditions; Traducteur, quelques éditions) 813 exemplaire(s), 10 critiques
The Treasure Chest (My Book House) (Contributeur) 284 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Wise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women (Contributeur) 185 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Atheism: A Reader (Contributeur) 175 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
The Portable Victorian Reader (Contributeur) 171 exemplaire(s)
Aurora Leigh [Norton Critical Edition] (Contributeur) 165 exemplaire(s)
The Penguin Book of Women's Humour (Contributeur) 108 exemplaire(s)
A Literary Christmas: An Anthology (Contributeur) 107 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Life of Jesus Critically Examined (Traducteur, quelques éditions) 107 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Lifted Veil: Women's 19th Century Stories (Contributeur) 104 exemplaire(s)
The Standard Book of British and American Verse (Contributeur) 100 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Silas Marner (Radio Theatre) (Original novel) 34 exemplaire(s)
Great English Short Stories (Contributeur) 19 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Ghosts and Marvels (Contributeur) 17 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner | The Pearl 11 exemplaire(s)
Silas Marner [1985 film] (Original novel) 8 exemplaire(s)
An Adult's Garden of Bloomers (Contributeur) 7 exemplaire(s)
Great Love Scenes from Famous Novels (Contributeur) 4 exemplaire(s)
Famous Stories of Five Centuries (Contributeur) 3 exemplaire(s)
A Book of Narratives (Contributeur) 2 exemplaire(s)
A Reader for Writers (Contributeur) 2 exemplaire(s)
Maestros Ingleses, Tomo III (Contributeur) 2 exemplaire(s)
Klassisia kauhukertomuksia (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Adam Bede: A Play (Auteur) 1 exemplaire

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Mary Ann Evans (22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880; alternatively Mary Anne or Marian, known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. She wrote seven novels, Adam Bede (1859), The Mill on the Floss (1860), Silas Marner (1861), Romola (1862–63), Felix Holt, the Radical (1866), Middlemarch (1871–72) and Daniel Deronda (1876), most of which are set in provincial England and known for their realism and psychological insight.

Although female authors were published under their own names during her lifetime, she wanted to escape the stereotype of women's writing being limited to lighthearted romances. She also wanted to have her fiction judged separately from her already extensive and widely known work as an editor and critic. Another factor in her use of a pen name may have been a desire to shield her private life from public scrutiny, thus avoiding the scandal that would have arisen because of her relationship with the married George Henry Lewes.

Middlemarch has been described by the novelists Martin Amis[3] and Julian Barnes as the greatest novel in the English language. Published under the name J. T. Colgan.
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