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Jane Austen's life is striking for the contrast between the great works she wrote in secret and the outward appearance of being quite dull and ordinary. Austen was born in the small English town of Steventon in Hampshire, and educated at home by her clergyman father. She was deeply devoted to her afficher plus family. For a short time, the Austens lived in the resort city of Bath, but when her father died, they returned to Steventon, where Austen lived until her death at the age of 41. Austen was drawn to literature early, she began writing novels that satirized both the writers and the manners of the 1790's. Her sharp sense of humor and keen eye for the ridiculous in human behavior gave her works lasting appeal. She is at her best in such books as Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), and Emma (1816), in which she examines and often ridicules the behavior of small groups of middle-class characters. Austen relies heavily on conversations among her characters to reveal their personalities, and at times her novels read almost like plays. Several of them have, in fact, been made into films. She is considered to be one of the most beloved British authors. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
Notice de désambiguation :

(eng) While a number of works on this author page are modern works only partly based on the classic works of Jane Austen, the Jane Austen listed as (co-)author is the Jane Austen of the CK information, not a different Jane Austen, and therefore the author page should not be split. (However, Jane Austen's role should be author, editor, etc of the work, not a subject or reference of the work.)

Please be careful when combining editions of Austen's complete novels - some editions contain 7 novels, others 8. Still others add various novels that were not completed.


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Emma (1815) 37,894 exemplaires
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Mansfield Park (1814) 22,455 exemplaires
Northanger Abbey (1817) 21,592 exemplaires
Jane Austen: Seven Novels (1811) 5,373 exemplaires
Lady Susan ; Les Watson ; Sanditon (1925) 1,976 exemplaires
Lady Susan (1794) 1,956 exemplaires
Persuasion / A Memoir of Jane Austen (1817) 1,095 exemplaires
The Annotated Pride and Prejudice (2007) 1,043 exemplaires
Jane Austen's Letters (1884) 917 exemplaires
Persuasion [Norton Critical Edition] (1817) 725 exemplaires
Emma [Norton Critical Edition] (1815) 629 exemplaires
The History of England (1791) 586 exemplaires
Northanger Abbey / Persuasion (1817) 577 exemplaires
Juvenilia : Et autres textes (1993) 572 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Complete Novels (1994) 537 exemplaires
Love and Friendship (2003) 412 exemplaires
Jane Austen's Minor Works (1954) 410 exemplaires
Four Classic Novels: Jane Austen (2012) 391 exemplaires
Sanditon and Other Stories (1996) 379 exemplaires
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (1933) 352 exemplaires
The Beautifull Cassandra (1793) 267 exemplaires
The Complete Works of Jane Austen (1950) 255 exemplaires
The Annotated Persuasion (2010) 251 exemplaires
Emma / Northanger Abbey / Persuasion (1976) 234 exemplaires
Sanditon [unfinished] (1925) 216 exemplaires
The Annotated Sense and Sensibility (1811) 216 exemplaires
The Watsons: A Fragment (1871) — Auteur — 199 exemplaires
Folio Society Jane Austen Set (1962) 196 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Complete Collection (2010) 195 exemplaires
The Annotated Emma (2012) 173 exemplaires
Persuasion: An Annotated Edition (2011) 172 exemplaires
Lesley Castle (1998) 156 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Complete Works (2014) 156 exemplaires
The Annotated Northanger Abbey (2013) 147 exemplaires
Jane Austen - 8 Books In 1 (2005) 146 exemplaires
Shorter Works (1791) 131 exemplaires
Emma: An Audible Original Drama (2018) 123 exemplaires
The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen (2002) 121 exemplaires
Love and Friendship [short story] (1995) 121 exemplaires
Emma: An Annotated Edition (2012) 112 exemplaires
Catherine Moreland (1946) 108 exemplaires
Emma [2009 TV Mini-Series] (2009) — Screenwriter — 105 exemplaires
Love & Friendship [2016 film] (2016) — Auteur — 99 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Complete Novels (1811) 98 exemplaires
The Annotated Mansfield Park (2017) 96 exemplaires
Emma [Penguin Readers, level 4] (1998) 93 exemplaires
A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice (2015) 87 exemplaires
The Prayers of Jane Austen (2015) 80 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice and Kitties (2013) 77 exemplaires
Lady Susan / The Watsons (1871) 71 exemplaires
100 Eternal Masterpieces of Literature - volume 2 (2020) — Contributeur — 71 exemplaires
The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen (1996) 67 exemplaires
100 Eternal Masterpieces of Literature - volume 1 (2017) — Contributeur — 58 exemplaires
The Jane Austen Collection [BBC] (1998) — Auteur — 56 exemplaires
Persuasion / Lady Susan (1960) 54 exemplaires
Darcy Swipes Left (OMG Classics) (2016) 51 exemplaires
Sanditon/The Watsons (2005) 51 exemplaires
Sense and Sensibility (1997) 50 exemplaires
Great Writers Series: Jane Austen (1993) 43 exemplaires
The Beautifull Cassandra (1600) 41 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Complete Novels (2009) 38 exemplaires
Teenage writings (2017) 38 exemplaires
Emma [abridged - Dominoes] (2002) 36 exemplaires
Persuasion / Sense and Sensibility (1907) — Auteur — 35 exemplaires
Emma and the Werewolves (2009) 35 exemplaires
The Letters of Jane Austen (1997) 33 exemplaires
Juvenilia: Volume the First (1984) 32 exemplaires
Persuasion [1971 TV mini series] (1975) — Original book — 28 exemplaires
Sir Charles Grandison (1980) 28 exemplaires
Persuasion / Sanditon (1996) 28 exemplaires
Persuasion, the Coloring Book (2016) 25 exemplaires
Letters of Jane Austen (1871) 21 exemplaires
Emma and Pride & Prejudice (2006) 21 exemplaires
Emma [Dover Thrift Study Edition] (2011) 20 exemplaires
Later Manuscripts (2008) 19 exemplaires
Jane Austen Collection (2014) 19 exemplaires
Emma AND Lady Susan (1999) 18 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice: Volume 2 [1995 TV mini series] (2001) — Auteur — 18 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice: Volume 1 [1995 TV mini series] (1995) — Auteur — 18 exemplaires
Emma, Edited By Lionel Trilling; (1957) 18 exemplaires
Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters (2017) 17 exemplaires
The Watsons [completed - Williams] (2005) 17 exemplaires
James Fairfax (2009) 16 exemplaires
25 Favorite Novels I (2013) 16 exemplaires
Juvenilia: Volume the Third (2017) 16 exemplaires
Jack and Alice (2001) 16 exemplaires
Lady Susan AND Love and Friendship (2004) 14 exemplaires
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Juvenilia: Volume the Second (2017) 12 exemplaires
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In Her Own Hand series boxed set (2014) 10 exemplaires
Frederic and Elfrida (1987) 9 exemplaires
Emma [Dramatization - BBC Radio] (1994) 9 exemplaires
Lorna Doone / Pride and Prejudice (1952) 9 exemplaires
Seven novels = 8 exemplaires
A Collection of Letters (1999) 8 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice & Emojis (2017) 8 exemplaires
Sanditon: & Other Stories (2019) 8 exemplaires
Three nineteenth-century novels (1979) 8 exemplaires
Jane Austen In Manhattan [1980 film] (1980) — Writer — 7 exemplaires
Mansfield Park/Northanger Abbey (2007) 7 exemplaires
Evelyn (1999) 6 exemplaires
Pour Your Heart Out (Jane Austen) (2018) 6 exemplaires
Lady Susan y otras novelas (2017) 6 exemplaires
Emma: Leinen mit Goldprägung (2022) 5 exemplaires
Marriage (2018) — Auteur — 5 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice (Classics) (1967) 5 exemplaires
Northanger Abbey 5 exemplaires
Mansfield Park (Dramatized) (2014) 5 exemplaires
Jane Austen's fiction manuscripts (2018) 5 exemplaires
Classic Women's Literature (2001) 5 exemplaires
Henry and Eliza (1984) 5 exemplaires
Obras Selectas (2013) 4 exemplaires
The Letters of Jane Austen (1932) 4 exemplaires
Jane Austen - Œuvres complètes (2014) 4 exemplaires
Evlilik (2020) 4 exemplaires
De Corde & Mente (Latin Edition) (2020) 4 exemplaires
Emma (Longman Study Texts) (1984) 4 exemplaires
Mirth and Mischief 4 exemplaires
Els Watson (2024) 3 exemplaires
The Definitive (2016) 3 exemplaires
Quattro coppie (2014) 3 exemplaires
EMMA CD (2014) 3 exemplaires
Jane Austen : Lettres illustrées (1994) 3 exemplaires
Brev (2017) 3 exemplaires
Mansfield Park AND Lady Susan (2006) 3 exemplaires
Lejos de Cassandra (2021) 3 exemplaires
Jack e Alice . Amor e Amizade (2017) 3 exemplaires
La abadía de Northanger (2014) 3 exemplaires
Emma.(clasicos manga) (2019) 3 exemplaires
Lady Susan e le altre 3 exemplaires
Orgullo y prejuicio. Tomo II (2009) 3 exemplaires
Austen:Die Liebe der Anne Elliot (2022) 3 exemplaires
Tutti i romanzi (2015) 3 exemplaires
Jane Austen: About Love (2007) 3 exemplaires
Mansfield Park - Volume II — Auteur — 3 exemplaires
The Watsons (Complete Collection) (2016) 3 exemplaires
Hayata Gec Kalma (2016) 2 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice: 2 exemplaires
Ratiune Si Simtire. Rao Clasic (2020) 2 exemplaires
The three sisters (2004) 2 exemplaires
Orgullo Y Prejuicio Y Persuasion (2010) 2 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudicelevel 6 (2013) 2 exemplaires
Juvenilia. Ediz. integrale (2017) 2 exemplaires
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Mr Darcy's Letter 2 exemplaires
Northanger Abbey, & Persuasion, (1970) 2 exemplaires
Pride and Prejudice Volume 2 (1908) 2 exemplaires
Sentido y sensibilidad (1997) 2 exemplaires
Emma [abridged - Reed Audio] (1996) 2 exemplaires
Three evening prayers (1940) 2 exemplaires
KRENARI DHE PARAGJYKIME (2005) 2 exemplaires
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Emma (vol. II) 1 exemplaire
Ask ve Gurur - Klasik Kadinlar (2021) 1 exemplaire
A Jane Austen Miscellany (1996) 1 exemplaire
Darcy and Elizabeth 1 exemplaire
Persuasion. Édition collector (2023) 1 exemplaire
Sense and Sensibility Gift Pack (2019) 1 exemplaire
Leydi Susan (2021) 1 exemplaire
Watson Ailesi (2019) 1 exemplaire
إقناع 1 exemplaire
Jane Austen Mix'n'Match 30 (1981) 1 exemplaire
Lettere Sanditon 1 exemplaire
Geraldine McEwan's Jane Austen (1983) 1 exemplaire
Jane Austen 1 exemplaire
Four complete novels 1 exemplaire
Emma (amb cassette) (1998) 1 exemplaire
Pride & Predudice 1 exemplaire
Lydighed og ln̆gsel (1996) 1 exemplaire
Pride and Prejudice Volume I (2020) 1 exemplaire
אמה 1 exemplaire
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The Watsons 1 exemplaire
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A History of England 1 exemplaire
Northanger Abbey Annotated (2021) 1 exemplaire
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Jane Austen's Life 1 exemplaire
Jane Austen Postcards (1992) 1 exemplaire
Pride and Prejudice Compact (2016) 1 exemplaire
Lady Susan; Memoirs 1 exemplaire
Leikkiä ja totta 1 exemplaire
Persuasion 1 1 exemplaire
Überredung, Kapitel 31 (2016) 1 exemplaire
Mansfield Park. Cz. 2 1 exemplaire
Mansfield Park. Cz. 1 1 exemplaire
juvenalia 1 exemplaire
PACK JANE AUSTEN (7 TITULOS) (2015) 1 exemplaire
Austen, Jane Archive 1 exemplaire
EMMA (2008) 1 exemplaire

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1001 (657) 1001 livres (726) A lire (7,359) Amour (1,140) anglais (1,547) Angleterre (4,146) Austen (3,462) Britannique (3,230) Classique (10,652) Classiques (11,592) Famille (724) Favori (613) Favoris (831) femmes (880) Fiction (25,420) Fiction classique (833) Fiction historique (1,218) historique (925) Humour (1,092) Jane Austen (5,456) Kindle (1,281) Littérature (5,454) Littérature anglaise (3,365) Littérature britannique (3,464) Littérature classique (1,367) Littérature du 19ème siècle (687) Livre audio (618) Livre électronique (1,288) Lu (2,821) Mariage (819) Non lu (965) Possédé (1,435) Possédé (571) Roman (4,281) Romance (8,151) Régence (2,380) Satire (652) soeurs (629) XIXe siècle (6,030) zombies (716)

Partage des connaissances

Nom canonique
Austen, Jane
Nom légal
Austen, Jane
Autres noms
A Lady
Date de naissance
Date de décès
Lieu de sépulture
Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Pays (pour la carte)
Lieu de naissance
Steventon, Hampshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Lieu du décès
Winchester, Hampshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Cause du décès
Addison's disease
Lieux de résidence
Bath, Somerset, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Southampton, Hampshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Chawton, Hampshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Reading, Berkshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Steventon, Hampshire, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
Austen, Caroline (Nièce)
Austen-Leigh, James Edward (Neveu)
Austen-Leigh, Joan (great-great-grand neice)
Austen-Leigh, William (grand-nephew)
Hubback, Catherine Anne (Nièce)
Austen, Henry (Frère) (tout afficher 7)
Lefroy, Anna (Nièce)
Church of England
Henry Austen
Rev. George Austen
Courte biographie
From the Jane Austen Society of North America: Jane Austen, one of England’s foremost novelists, was never publicly acknowledged as a writer during her lifetime. Born at Steventon Rectory in Hampshire, the 7th child of a country clergyman and his wife, she was primarily educated at home, benefiting from her father’s extensive library and the schoolroom atmosphere created by Mr. Austen’s live-in pupils. Her closest friend was her only sister, Cassandra, almost three years her senior.

Though Austen lived a quiet life, she had unusual access to the greater world, primarily through her brothers. On extended visits to Godmersham, her brother Edward’s estate in Kent, Austen and her sister took part in the privileged life of the landed gentry, which is reflected in all her fiction. In 1811, at the age of 35, she published Sense and Sensibility, which identified the author only as "a Lady." Pride and Prejudice followed in 1813, Mansfield Park in 1814, and Emma in 1815. Jane Austen died at age 41 and was buried in Winchester Cathedral. Interestingly, her gravestone, which is visited by hundreds of admirers each year, does not even mention that she was an author.
Notice de désambigüisation
While a number of works on this author page are modern works only partly based on the classic works of Jane Austen, the Jane Austen listed as (co-)author is the Jane Austen of the CK information, not a different Jane Austen, and therefore the author page should not be split. (However, Jane Austen's role should be author, editor, etc of the work, not a subject or reference of the work.)

Please be careful when combining editions of Austen's complete novels - some editions contain 7 novels, others 8. Still others add various novels that were not completed.



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> À lire yeux baissés et genoux serrés pour goûter en secret le délicieux plaisir de la transgression des interdits.
—Anne Barbe, Libération
Joop-le-philosophe | 531 autres critiques | Jan 3, 2019 |
Pour moi une référence de livre romantique.
JORH | 1,364 autres critiques | Mar 31, 2018 |
C'est un livre qui est fait pour les apprenants en anglais (niveau B2.2) et qui, donc, résume les principales péripéties du livre de Jane Austen. Le problème est justement là puisque l'on perd l'ambiance si feutrée des romans de l'auteure. En plus, la lecture du livre n'est pas excellente car l'accent est surtout mis sur une excellente prononciation, claire et précise, et ne s'adapte donc pas forcément à ce que dit le texte (la manière dont Anne Elliot lit la lettre de Frederick Wentworth est affreuse).… (plus d'informations)
CecileB | Jun 23, 2012 |


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Anne Brontë Contributor
Arthur Machen Contributor
John Webster Contributor
Sir Walter Scott Contributor
Washington Irving Contributor
Emily Brontë Contributor
Henri Barbusse Contributor
Blaise Pascal Contributor
Homer Contributor
Dante Alighieri Contributor
Lewis Carroll Contributor
Oscar Wilde Contributor
Gustave Flaubert Contributor
Howard Baker Director
John Turvey Adaptor
Anthea Bell Abridged by
Guy Laprevotte Translator, Contributor
R. Brimley Johnson Introduction, Editor
John Wiltshire Preface, Foreword, Editor
Claudia L. Johnson Editor, Introduction
Emma Thompson Narrator
Emilia Fox Actor, Narrator
Lindsay Duncan Narrator, Actor
Patricia Meyer Spacks Editor, Afterword
Deirdre Le Faye Editor, Contributor
Susannah Harker Narrator, Actor
Kate Winslet Narrator
Janet Todd Editor
Deborah Forbes Author, Author of SparkNotes
Debra Grossman Author of SparkNotes
Carl Davis Composer
Jodhi May Actor
Tess Gammell Designer
Karl Freund Cinematographer
Deborah Guyol Photographer
Penny Reid Editor, Foreward
Kenneth Brodey Activities by
Elisabeth Gaskell Contributor
Nancy Timmins Adapted by
Edith Wharton Contributor
Willa Cather Contributor
Anne Brontë Contributor
Christopher Hall Adapted by
Amanda Root Narrator
Derek Sellen Adapted by
J. Compton Editor
Jane Cammack Activities by
Blanche Malvern Adapted by
Margaret Drabble Introduction, Editor
Richard Church Introduction
Ursula Grawe Translator, Übersetzer
Coralie Bickford-Smith Illustrator, Cover artist
Maggie Lane Preface, Foreword
Christian Grawe Translator
Joan Hassall Illustrator
Pierre Goubert Translator, Editor, Traduction
Eva Kondrysová Translator
Merete Alfsen Translator
Tony Tanner Editor, Introduction
Eva Mattes Sprecher, Narrator
Flo Gibson Narrator
Niroot Puttapipat Illustrator
Peter Conrad Introduction, Editor
Helga Schulz Translator, Übersetzer, Übersetzer
Mary Lascelles Editor, Introduction
Mark Schorer Introduction, Editor
Claire Lamont Editor, Preface
Karen Savage Narrator
W.A. Dorsman-Vos Translator
Attilio Bertolucci Introduction
Keith Carabine Series editor, Introduction
Jenny Agutter Narrator
Marjolein Bastin Illustrator
Sara Singh Illustrator
Robert Mathias Cover designer
Elke Meiborg Translator
Henry Hitchings Afterword
Austin Dobson Introduction
Andrea Ott Translator, Übersetzer
Charles E. Brock Illustrator
Deborah Lutz Introduction, Editor
Margaret Anne Doody Introduction, Editor
Deirdre Le Faye Introduction, Editor
David Pinching Afterword
Sarah S. G. Frantz Introduction
Max Wildi Afterword, Nachwort
Anna Luisa Zazo Editor, Translator
Ann Kronheimer Illustrator
Marilyn Butler Introduction, Editor
Kersti Juva Translator
Helen Sewell Illustrator
Rosamund Pike Narrator
Margret Stevens Translator
A. Walton Litz Introduction, Editor
M.C. Frank Editor, Designer
Pat Rogers Editor
Ian Littlewood Introduction
Riccardo Reim Introduction, Editor
Germano Facetti Cover designer
Marta Salís Translator
Gill Tavner Adapter
J. B. Priestley Contributor
John Davie Editor
Hélène Seyrès Révision de la traduction française, Foreword
Stella Gibbons Introduction
Paul Montazzoli Introduction
Aune Brotherus Translator
Christine Jordis Preface, Préface
Audrey Niffenegger Illustrator
Michael Page Narrator
John Dennis Duffy Introduction
Ornella De Zordo Introduction, Editor
Ilse Leisi Translator
H. M. Daleski Introduction
G. B. Stern Introduction
Hélène Seyrès Translator
Klaus Udo Szudra Afterword, Editor
Anne Rowe Introduction
C.E. Brock Illustrator
Maximilien Vox Illustrator
Terry Castle Introduction
Philip Gough Illustrator
Pierre Arnaud Translator, Contributor
Marvin Mudrick Afterword
Maria Ekman Translator
Ewa Partyga Translator
Anna Massey Narrator
Sabine Roth Translator
Cassinari Illustrator
Gene Sparkman Illustrator
Joanna David Narrator
L. Corsini Translator
Doris Lessing Introduction
Meg Cabot Foreword
Sandra Archibald Illustrator
Brigid Brophy Introduction
Henno Rajandi Translator
Norbert Kohl Contributor
Melania La Russa Traduttore
Henry Raeburn Cover artist
Werner Beyer Translator
O. A. Joutsen Translator
Jo Ann Morse Afterword
Robert Deas Illustrator
Kate Reading Narrator
V. S. Pritchett Introduction
Anna Quindlen Introduction
Robert Daniel Introduction
Nancy Moser Foreword
Chris Duke Illustrator
Eloisa James Afterword
Elfi Bettinger Afterword
Elizabeth Bowen Introduction
Dàlia Adillon Illustrator
William Trevor Introduction
Miklós Szenczi Translator
Sebastian Faulks Introduction
Deidre Le Faye Introduction
Isobel Armstrong Introduction
Laurent Bury Translator
Susannah York Narrator
Carol Fahy Introduction
Klasyka Powiesci Translator
Brikt Jensen Translator
Eivind Hauge Translator
Isabel Bishop Illustrator
Alice Pattullo Illustrator
Lisette Jonkman Translator
Isa Maranesi Translator
Anneli Navi Illustrator
Alex Struik Cover Design
Helen Binyon Illustrator
John Seelye Introduction
Lex de Renault Illustrator
Ruben Toledo Illustrator
Julie Downing Illustrator
M. Edmund Speare Introduction
Anna Balbusso Illustrator
Barbara Heller Translator
Cogancherry Helen Illustrator
Nuno Castro Translator
Béatrice Vierne Translator
Elena Balbusso Illustrator
Elisabeth Hauge Translator
Gösta Olzon Translator
Edgard Cirlin Illustrator
Jessica Hische Illustrator
Carol Howard Introduction
Barbara Placido Translator
Costa Clavell Translator
Giulio Caprin Translator
Ginevra Bompiani Introduction
Robert Ball Illustrator
Fiona Shaw Reader, Narrator
Clare West Editor
Greta Scacchi Narrator
Linda Gaia Translator
Sinead Dixon Narrator
Sara Poledrelli Introduction
Jennifer C. Garlen Introduction
Philip Bannister Illustrator
Duke Schirmer Introduction
Xavier Pàmies Translator
Arthur A. Dixon Illustrator
Francesca Segal Introduction
Eva Pope Narrator
Augusta Talbot Illustrator
Emőke Sillár Translator
Erika Gröger Translator
Jean Privat Translator
Luis Magrinyà Translator
Phoebe Judge Narrator
Monica Luciano Translator
Sarah Badel Narrator
Ruth Schirmer Übersetzer
Laura Engel Introduction
Chris Hammond Illustrator
Stephen Arkin Introduction
Katharine Reeve Introduction
Julie Klassen Foreword
Beth Lau Editor
Joseph Jacobs Introduction
Elena Ferrante Introduction
Naomi Royde-Smith Introduction
David Gates Introduction
Mary Balogh Afterword
Rick Ellis Cover Design
Beatrice Masini Translator
Pietro Citati Introduction
Joanna Trollope Introduction
Jane Millgate Introduction
Helene Henze Translator
Mario Praz Translator
Carlos Pujol Translator
Urmas Rattus Translator
Robert Clark Contributor
Carroll Moulton Afterword
Steven Marcus Introduction
Pierre Nordon Translator
Louis Kronenberger Introduction
Tiina Tammetalu Illustrator
William Beechey Cover artist
Nicola Bown Introduction
Sam Wolfe Connelly Illustrator
Victoria Blake Contributor
Nicola Bradbury Introduction
Eva Kondrysová Translator
Alison Fraser Introduction
Mart Kangur Translator
Alba Dedeu Translator
J.A, Schröeder Translator
Dóra Csanak, F. Translator
E. V. Lucas Introduction
Andrew Lycett Foreword
Andrew Motion Foreword
William Sewell Illustrator
Fay Weldon Introduction
Penelope Fitzgerald Introduction
Akkie de Jong Translator
Jillian Tamaki Cover artist
Fritz Kredel Illustrator
Adolf Born Illustrator
Monica Dickens Introduction
Mary Stolz Introduction
Sonja Bergvall Translator
Adela Pinch Introduction
David Lodge Introduction
Linda Bree Editor
Made Balbat Illustrator
Deanna Staffo Illustrator
Gisela Reichel Translator
Deidre Lynch Introduction
W. A Craik Introduction
Tony Buonpastore Illustrator
André BELAMICH Translator
Luciana Pozzi Translator
Bjørn Tysdahl Afterword
Anne Flosnik Narrator
David Daiches Introduction
Judith Terry Introduction
Juan Jesús Zaro Translator
Diane Johnson Afterword
Jordi Arbonès Translator
Amy Bloom Introduction
Colm Tóibín Introduction
Angela Thirkell Introduction
Siri Hustvedt Introduction
Louis Auchincloss Introduction
Uzma Jalaluddin Introduction
Jane Lundblad Translator
Róna Ilona Translator
Peeter Villmann Translator
Nicola Humble Introduction
Forrest Reid Introduction
Claude Rawson Introduction
Mary Sarah Narrator
Amanda Svensson Afterword
O. De Zordo a cura di
Tomori Gábor Translator
Colm Tóibín Introduction
Elaine Jordan Introduction
Dan Abramson Foreword
Kornelia Boje Narrator
Julia Quinn Afterword
Carol Shields Introduction
Lucy Worsley Introduction
Darya Shnykina Illustrator
Nigel Cliff Afterword
Amanda Claybaugh Introduction
John Lucas Contributor
A. R. Koskimies (KÄÄnt.)
Thomas Lawrence Cover artist
P.B. Hickling Illustrator
Ádám Réz Translator
Trude Fein Übersetzer
Mary M. Threapleton Introduction
Roberto Mares Translator
Jane Stabler Introduction
Johanna Ward Narrator
Anne Bridge Introduction
Enrico Groppali Introduction
Kari Jalonen Foreword
Ben Zuidema Translator
Denise Getzler Traduction
Tõnu Lember Toimetaja
Margit Meyer Translator
Laura De Palma Translator
Bas Peeters Translator
Olivia Manning Introduction
Maria Drevs Translator
Robert Kiely Introduction
Ágnes Latorre Translator
Michael Sadleir Introduction
Anna Banti Translator
Henry Ehrenpreis Introduction
Joanna Lumley Narrator
Ivo Barroso Foreword
Val McDermid Introduction
Lisbeth Larsson Afterword
Lisa M. Dresner Introduction
Rodrigo Breunig Translator
M. E. Day Editor
A. C. Ward Editor
Joel Jise Illustrator
Elena Grillo Translator
Gianna Lonza Foreword
Alfred MacAdam Introduction
Michel Laporte Translator
Paula Merjamaa Translator
William Lyon Phelps Introduction
Timmo Niesner Narrator
Lynn Redgrave Narrator
Erja Manto Narrator
Rachel Atkins Narrator
Jonathan Burton Illustrator
Robert Austin Illustrator
Daphne Du Maurier Introduction
Félix Fénéon Translator
Eila Pennanen Translator
Jordi Arbon Translator
Judith John Contributor
David Blair Introduction
Caroline Levander Introduction
Clarke Hutton Illustrator
Merike Tamm Illustrator
Henry M Brock Illustrator
Baldry. G. Cover artist
Allison Saltzman Cover designer
Kelly Blair Cover designer
Elizabeth Traynor Cover artist
Karen Joy Fowler Introduction
Robert Scott Narrator
Simon Taylor Narrator
Jim Milles Narrator
Brenda Dayne Narrator
Kevin Cade Narrator
Sage Tyrtle Narrator
Dreama Lynn Narrator
Reed Cover artist
A.S. Byatt Introduction
Cassandra Austen Illustrator
Jean-Paul Pichardie Contributor, Translator
Geraldine Killalea Introduction
Suzanne Perkins Illustrator
Kate Atkinson Foreword
Cori Samuel Narrator
Anna Bentinck Narrator
Eve Best Narrator
David Tennant Narrator
Leon Steinmetz Illustrator
Inkeri Koskinen Translator
Erica Collins Narrator
Sean Murphy Narrator
Claire Walsh Narrator
Nadia May Narrator
Brian Kelly Narrator
Eva Leipprand Translator


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