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Photo de l'auteur. F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers, Manuscripts Division, <br>Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections, <br>Princeton University Library <br>(photo courtesy of Princeton University)

F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers, Manuscripts Division,
Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections,
Princeton University Library
(photo courtesy of Princeton University)

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F(rancis) Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24, 1896. He was educated at Princeton University and served in the U.S. Army from 1917 to 1919, attaining the rank of second lieutenant. In 1920 Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre, a young woman of the upper class, and they had a daughter, Frances. Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the finest American writers of the 20th Century. His most notable work was the novel, The Great Gatsby (1925). The novel focused on the themes of the Roaring Twenties and of the loss of innocence and ethics among the nouveau riche. He also made many contributions to American literature in the form of short stories, plays, poetry, music, and letters. Ernest Hemingway, who was greatly influenced by Fitzgerald's short stories, wrote that Fitzgerald's talent was "as fine as the dust on a butterfly's wing." Yet during his lifetime Fitzgerald never had a bestselling novel and, toward the end of his life, he worked sporadically as a screenwriter at motion picture studios in Los Angeles. There he contributed to scripts for such popular films as Winter Carnival and Gone with the Wind. Fitzgerald's work is inseparable from the Roaring 20s. Berenice Bobs Her Hair and A Diamond As Big As The Ritz, are two short stories included in his collections, Tales of the Jazz Age and Flappers and Philosophers. His first novel The Beautiful and Damned was flawed but set up Fitzgerald's major themes of the fleeting nature of youthfulness and innocence, unattainable love, and middle-class aspiration for wealth and respectability, derived from his own courtship of Zelda. This Side of Paradise (1920) was Fitzgerald's first unqualified success. Tender Is the Night, a mature look at the excesses of the exuberant 20s, was published in 1934. Much of Fitzgerald's work has been adapted for film, including Tender is the Night , The Great Gatsby, and Babylon Revisited which was adapted as The Last Time I Saw Paris by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1954. The Last Tycoon, adapted by Paramount in 1976, was a work in progress when Fitzgerald died of a heart attack on December 21, 1940, in Hollywood, California. Fitzgerald is buried in the historic St. Mary's Cemetery in Rockville, Maryland. (Bowker Author Biography) — biographie de Gatsby le magnifique… (plus d'informations)
Gatsby le magnifique 69,663 exemplaires, 1,134 critiques
L'envers du paradis 9,161 exemplaires, 84 critiques
Tendre est la nuit 8,874 exemplaires, 180 critiques
Les heureux et les damnés 5,959 exemplaires, 65 critiques
Tender Is the Night 2,586 exemplaires, 45 critiques
Le dernier nabab 2,493 exemplaires, 24 critiques
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 1,782 exemplaires, 87 critiques
The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald 1,761 exemplaires, 11 critiques
Babylon Revisited and Other Stories 1,264 exemplaires, 9 critiques
L'Effondrement 897 exemplaires, 10 critiques
Tender Is the Night 876 exemplaires, 13 critiques
The Love of The Last Tycoon: A Western 830 exemplaires, 8 critiques
Les enfants du jazz 792 exemplaires, 9 critiques
Flappers and Philosophers 719 exemplaires, 14 critiques
The Chosen and the Beautiful (Author of source material) 718 exemplaires, 25 critiques
Un diamant gros comme le Ritz 506 exemplaires, 1 critique
Histoires de Pat Hobby 431 exemplaires, 2 critiques
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Classic Works 306 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Basil and Josephine Stories 275 exemplaires, 1 critique
Lettres à Zelda et autres correspondances 269 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Six Tales of the Jazz Age 268 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz [novella] 258 exemplaires, 6 critiques
I'd Die For You: And Other Lost Stories 239 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Bernice Bobs Her Hair and Other Stories 229 exemplaires, 2 critiques
TENDER IS THE NIGHT 205 exemplaires
The Great Gatsby [and] The Last Tycoon 191 exemplaires, 2 critiques
On Booze 180 exemplaires, 6 critiques
The Crack-up with Other Pieces and Stories 173 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Collected Short Stories 171 exemplaires, 1 critique
Afternoon of an Author 161 exemplaires
Jazz Age Stories {12 stories} 159 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Fragments du paradis 152 exemplaires, 1 critique
Benjamin Button and Tales of the Jazz Age 130 exemplaires, 8 critiques
Collected Stories: Lost Decade and Other Stories v. 5 (Auteur) 103 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Magnetism 98 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Taps at Reveille 86 exemplaires, 1 critique
All the Sad Young Men 85 exemplaires
May Day 83 exemplaires, 1 critique
La ballade du rossignol roulant 75 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Rich Boy 73 exemplaires, 1 critique
Tales of the Jazz Age {18 stories} 71 exemplaires, 1 critique
Carnets 68 exemplaires
Gatsby Girls 67 exemplaires
Bernice Bobs Her Hair {short story} 67 exemplaires, 3 critiques
A Short Autobiography 65 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Fitzgerald Reader 63 exemplaires
De l'écriture 59 exemplaires, 1 critique
Stories for Summer 56 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Winter Dreams 53 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Love in the Night 49 exemplaires
St Paul Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald 37 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Great Gatsby [adapted] 22 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Popular Girl 21 exemplaires
21 Essential American Short Stories (Contributeur) 21 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Offshore Pirate 19 exemplaires
Romanzi 19 exemplaires
La Sorcière rousse 18 exemplaires
The Ice Palace (Auteur) 17 exemplaires
Love boat 17 exemplaires
Forgotten Fitzgerald 14 exemplaires, 1 critique
Benjamin Button'in Tuhaf Hikayesi (Auteur) 12 exemplaires
Poems 1911-1940 10 exemplaires
Love Stories (Macmillan Readers) 9 exemplaires, 1 critique
Een dag in mei 9 exemplaires
Selected Short Stories 8 exemplaires, 1 critique
Head And Shoulders 8 exemplaires
The Cut-Glass Bowl 7 exemplaires
Five by Fitzgerald 6 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Three Comrades [1938 film] (Screenwriter) 6 exemplaires
Meistererzählungen. 6 exemplaires
Parties 5 exemplaires
Crazy Sunday 5 exemplaires
The Camel's Back 5 exemplaires
A New Leaf 5 exemplaires
Los mejores cuentos 5 exemplaires
Gods of Darkness 5 exemplaires
Dalyrimple Goes Wrong 5 exemplaires
Thank You for the Light 5 exemplaires, 1 critique
Porcelain and Pink 4 exemplaires
Winterträume 4 exemplaires
I racconti 4 exemplaires
Short Stories 4 exemplaires
The Bedside Esquire 4 exemplaires
Die Romane. 5 Bde 4 exemplaires
Benediction 4 exemplaires
The Late Gatsby 4 exemplaires
"O Russet Witch!" 4 exemplaires
The I.O.U. 3 exemplaires
A change of class 3 exemplaires
The Sensible Thing 3 exemplaires
Cuentos reunidos 3 exemplaires
The Lees of Happiness (Auteur) 3 exemplaires
A Night At The Fair 3 exemplaires
Novels 3 exemplaires
El pagaré 2 exemplaires, 1 critique
Caz Cagi Öyküleri 2 exemplaires
Suave e a noite 2 exemplaires
Fuori dai giochi 2 exemplaires
Noveller 2 exemplaires
The Baby Party {short story} 2 exemplaires, 1 critique
Den sista skönheten 2 exemplaires
An Alcoholic Case 2 exemplaires, 1 critique
PLAZERAREN GAU ILUNEKOAK 2 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Four Fists 2 exemplaires
Festa da ballo 1 exemplaire
Velský Garsby 1 exemplaire
Ventotto racconti 1 exemplaire
Porcelain and Pink 1 exemplaire
The Great Gatsby 1 exemplaire
Tenera è la notte 1 exemplaire
GETSBI I MADH 1 exemplaire
Niño Bien 1 exemplaire
gli ultimi fuochi 1 exemplaire
"Une centaine de Faux départs" 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
La longue fuite 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Cuentos rebeldes 1 exemplaire
Sevecendir Gece 1 exemplaire
Mr. Icky 1 exemplaire
28 Racconti (Vol.1) 1 exemplaire
Takový Pěkný Par 1 exemplaire
Die besten Stories 1 exemplaire
Z tej strony raju 1 exemplaire
Entre trois et quatre 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
To Die For 1 exemplaire
The Hungry Ocean 1 exemplaire
El derrumbe 1 exemplaire
Tarquin of Cheapside (short story) 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Two Wrongs 1 exemplaire
Fyra amerikanska klassiker från Novellix (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Jacob's Ladder 1 exemplaire
Früher Erfolg 1 exemplaire
The Dial, Vol. 1. (owner) 1 exemplaire
A Short Trip Home 1 exemplaire
Đại Gia Gatsby 1 exemplaire
Cennetin Bu Yakasi 1 exemplaire
Aucun titre 1 exemplaire
Tender Is the Night 1 exemplaire
Az ólomkristály 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
F. Scott Fitzgerald : inscriptions 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Den sidste mogul 1 exemplaire
The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Contributeur) 1,530 exemplaires, 10 critiques
The Art of the Personal Essay (Contributeur) 1,332 exemplaires, 9 critiques
The Best American Essays of the Century (Contributeur) 753 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Oxford Book of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 722 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Fierce Pajamas: An Anthology of Humor Writing from The New Yorker (Contributeur) 692 exemplaires, 6 critiques
Short Story Masterpieces (Contributeur) 652 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Great American Short Stories: From Hawthorne to Hemingway (Contributeur) 555 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The World of the Short Story: A 20th Century Collection (Contributeur) 449 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Americans in Paris: A Literary Anthology (Contributeur) 292 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Writing New York: A Literary Anthology (Contributeur) 272 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Treasury of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 262 exemplaires, 1 critique
100 Years of The Best American Short Stories (Contributeur) 261 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Penguin Book of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 184 exemplaires, 1 critique
Black Water 2: More Tales of the Fantastic (Contributeur) 152 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Vampires, Wine, and Roses (Contributeur) 151 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Norton Book of Personal Essays (Contributeur) 142 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: A Graphic Novel (Auteur) 139 exemplaires, 9 critiques
The Pocket Book of Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 138 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Great Gatsby [1974 film] (Novel) 131 exemplaires
The Saturday Evening Post Treasury (Contributeur) 131 exemplaires, 1 critique
An Anthology of Famous American Stories (Contributeur) 130 exemplaires, 1 critique
American Wits: An Anthology of Light Verse (Contributeur) 130 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Read with Me (Contributeur) 127 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Bedtime Stories (Everyman's Pocket Classics) (Contributeur) 117 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Great Gatsby: The Graphic Novel (Contributeur) 115 exemplaires, 7 critiques
Great Modern Reading (Contributeur) 96 exemplaires, 2 critiques
More Stories to Remember, Volume II (Contributeur) 93 exemplaires, 1 critique
American Fantastic Tales: Boxed Set (Contributeur) 91 exemplaires, 2 critiques
American Short Stories (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 90 exemplaires
The Last Time I Saw Paris [1954 film] (Original book) 80 exemplaires
Stories My Mother Never Told Me [Random House, 25 stories] (Contributeur) 76 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Oxford Book of Travel Stories (Contributeur) 73 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Treasury of Science Fiction Classics (Contributeur) 73 exemplaires, 1 critique
A Treasury of Civil War Stories (Contributeur) 72 exemplaires
Great Esquire Fiction (Contributeur) 70 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Concise Edition (Contributeur) 66 exemplaires, 1 critique
Bedside Book of Famous American Stories (Contributeur) 65 exemplaires
200 Years of Great American Short Stories (Contributeur) 64 exemplaires, 1 critique
Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination (Contributeur) 54 exemplaires
More Stories to Remember, Volumes I & II (Contributeur) 54 exemplaires
The Platform Edge: Uncanny Tales of the Railways (Contributeur) 53 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Great Classic Stories: 22 Unabridged Classics (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 51 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Oxford Book of Sea Stories (Contributeur) 50 exemplaires, 1 critique
Art of Fiction (Contributeur) 50 exemplaires
Reading for Pleasure (Contributeur) 49 exemplaires
The Faber Book of Gardens (Contributeur) 45 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Bedside Tales: A Gay Collection (Contributeur) 43 exemplaires
The Signet Classic Book of Contemporary American Short Stories (Contributeur) 40 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Lucifer Society (Contributeur) 39 exemplaires, 1 critique
A Quarto of Modern Literature (Contributeur) 38 exemplaires
Fifty Best American Short Stories 1915-1965 (Contributeur) 35 exemplaires, 1 critique
Innocent Merriment: An Anthology of Light Verse (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 35 exemplaires
La mort du papillon 34 exemplaires
The Great Gatsby [2000 TV movie] (Original novel) 30 exemplaires, 1 critique
50 Best American Short Stories 1915-1939 (Contributeur) 26 exemplaires
American short stories, 1820 to the present (Contributeur) 26 exemplaires
The Best of Both Worlds: An Anthology of Stories for All Ages (Contributeur) 25 exemplaires, 1 critique
Short Stories of the Sea (Contributeur) 25 exemplaires
Studies in Fiction (Contributeur) 22 exemplaires, 1 critique
Love Stories (Contributeur) 18 exemplaires
The Girls from Esquire (Contributeur) 18 exemplaires
Oz-Story, No. 1 (Auteur) 18 exemplaires
Confederate Battle Stories (Civil War Series) (Contributeur) 15 exemplaires
Story to Anti-Story (Contributeur) 13 exemplaires
Love Stories: Classic Tales of Romance (Contributeur) 13 exemplaires
31 Stories (Contributeur) 12 exemplaires, 2 critiques
A Cavalcade of Collier's (Contributeur) 9 exemplaires
Moderne Amerikaanse verhalen (Contributeur) 9 exemplaires
A Treasury of Doctor Stories (Contributeur) 9 exemplaires
Great Tales of City Dwellers (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires
Amerika, Amerika bloemlezing (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires
More Stories to Remember, Volume IV (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires
The Caedmon Short Story Collection (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires, 1 critique
Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 7 exemplaires
Tender is the Night [1962 film] (Original book) 7 exemplaires
Bernice Bobs Her Hair [1976 film] (Original book) 6 exemplaires
The Fireside Treasury of Modern Humor (Contributeur) 5 exemplaires
The Best from Cosmopolitan (Contributeur) 4 exemplaires
Huivering wekken : 26 onthutsende verhalen (Contributeur) 4 exemplaires
Racconti di cinema (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires
Wives and Lovers (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Great Gatsby [1949 film] (Auteur) 3 exemplaires
Husbands and Lovers (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires, 1 critique
The College Short Story Reader (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Modern Short Stories (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Enjoying Stories (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Great Tales of the Far West (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Aces: A Collection of Short Stories (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Short Stories: The Nostalgia Collection (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (September 24, 1896 – December 21, 1940) was an American novelist, essayist, screenwriter, and short-story writer, although he was best known for his novels depicting the flamboyance and excess of the Jazz Age—a term which he coined. During his lifetime, he published four novels, four collections of short stories, and 164 short stories. Although he temporarily achieved popular success and fortune in the 1920s, Fitzgerald only received wide critical and popular acclaim after his death. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

Fitzgerald was born into an upper-middle-class family in St. Paul, Minnesota, but was primarily raised in New York. He attended Princeton University, but due to a failed relationship and a preoccupation with writing, he dropped out in 1917 to join the army. While stationed in Alabama, he fell in love with rich socialite Zelda Sayre. Although she initially rejected him due to his financial situation, Zelda agreed to marry Fitzgerald after he had published the commercially successful This Side of Paradise (1920).

In the 1920s, Fitzgerald frequented Europe, where he was influenced by the modernist writers and artists of the "Lost Generation" expatriate community, particularly Ernest Hemingway. His second novel, The Beautiful and Damned (1922), propelled him into the New York City elite. To maintain his lifestyle during this time, he also wrote several stories for magazines. His third novel, The Great Gatsby (1925), was inspired by his rise to fame and relationship with Zelda. Although it received mixed reviews, The Great Gatsby is now widely praised, with some even labeling it the "Great American Novel". While Zelda was placed at a mental institute for her schizophrenia, Fitzgerald completed his final novel, Tender Is the Night (1934).

Faced with financial difficulties due to the declining popularity of his works, Fitzgerald turned to Hollywood, writing and revising screenplays. After a long struggle with alcoholism, he died in 1940, at the age of 44. A fifth, unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon (1941), was completed by Edmund Wilson and published after Fitzgerald's death.
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