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Born in an old Mississippi family, William Faulkner made his home in Oxford, seat of the University of Mississippi. After the fifth grade he went to school only off and on-lived, read, and wrote much as he pleased. In 1918, refusing to enlist with the "Yankees," he joined the Canadian Air Force, and was transferred to the British Royal Air Force. After the war he studied a little at the University, did house painting, worked as a night superintendent at a power plant, went to New Orleans and became a friend of Sherwood Anderson, then to Europe and back home to Oxford. By this time he had written two novels. The Sound and the Fury followed in 1929. Financial success came with Sanctuary in 1931, which he assisted in filming. Faulkner 's novels are intense in their character portrayals of disintegrating Southern aristocrats, poor whites, and African Americans. A complex stream-of-consciousness rhetoric often involves Faulkner in lengthy sentences of anguished power. Most of his tales are set in the mythical Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, and are characterized by the use of many recurring characters from families of different social levels spanning more than a century. His best subjects are the old, dying South and the newer materialistic South. As I Lay Dying (1930), is a grotesquely tragicomic story about a family of poor southern whites. With Absalom, Absalom! (1936); the difficult parts of his famous short novel "The Bear" (published in Go Down, Moses, 1942); and the allegorical A Fable (1954), a non-Yoknapatawpha novel set in France during World War I; Faulkner returned to an innovative and difficult style that most readers have trouble with. Yet, interspersed among such works are collections of easily read stories originally published in popular magazines. There seems to be a growing sentiment among critics that the Snopes trilogy-The Hamlet (1940), The Town (1957), and The Mansion (1959)-for the most part an example of Faulkner's "moderate" style, could well be among his most important works. Faulkner was awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize for literature "for his powerful and artistically independent contribution to the new American novel," but it would appear now that he also deserved to win that honor for his contribution to world literature. When reporting his death, the Boston Globe quoted Faulkner's having once told an interviewer: "Since man is mortal, the only immortality for him is to leave something behind him that is immortal since it will always move. That is the artist's way of scribbling "Kilroy was here" on the wall of the final and irrevocable oblivion through which he must some day pass." In addition to the Nobel Prize, Faulkner received the Howells Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1950, and in 1951 he was given the National Book Award for his Collected Stories Collected Stories. For his novel A Fable he received the National Book Award for the second time, as well as the Pulitzer Prize in 1955. The Reivers (1962) was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1963. In 1957 and 1958, he was the University of Virginia's first writer-in-residence, and in January 1959 he accepted an appointment as consultant on contemporary literature to the Alderman Library of that university. Although Faulkner was not without honors in his lifetime and has received world recognition since then, it is surprising to learn that, when Malcolm Cowley edited The Portable Faulkner in 1946, he found that almost all of Faulkner's books were out of print. By arranging selections from the works to form a continuous chronicle, Cowley deserves much of the credit for making readers aware of the way in which Faulkner was creating a fictive world on a scale grander than that of any novelist since Balzac. William Faulkner died in Oxford, Mississippi, in 1962. (Bowker Author Biography) — biographie de Le Bruit et la Fureur… (plus d'informations)
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(eng)This is not the same person as William Falkner (d. 1682), English theologian. Do not combine the two.

Le Bruit et la Fureur 16,773 exemplaires, 221 critiques
Tandis que j'agonise 14,367 exemplaires, 212 critiques
Lumière d'août 8,971 exemplaires, 101 critiques
Absalon, Absalon! 7,448 exemplaires, 107 critiques
Sanctuaire 3,643 exemplaires, 41 critiques
Descends, Moïse 3,235 exemplaires, 35 critiques
Les Larrons 2,236 exemplaires, 31 critiques
L'Intrus 2,036 exemplaires, 32 critiques
L'invaincu (Auteur) 1,912 exemplaires, 15 critiques
Collected Stories of William Faulkner 1,852 exemplaires, 8 critiques
The Sound and the Fury [Norton Critical Edition] 1,824 exemplaires, 21 critiques
Le Hameau 1,769 exemplaires, 18 critiques
Si je t'oublie, Jérusalem 1,262 exemplaires, 14 critiques
Parabole 829 exemplaires, 9 critiques
La ville (Auteur) 692 exemplaires, 6 critiques
The Mansion (Auteur) 691 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Monnaie de singe 675 exemplaires, 12 critiques
Requiem pour une nonne 619 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Sartoris 606 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Selected Short Stories of William Faulkner 605 exemplaires, 2 critiques
As I Lay Dying [Norton Critical Edition] 534 exemplaires, 6 critiques
Mosquitoes 534 exemplaires, 9 critiques
The Sound and the Fury / As I Lay Dying 499 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Pylône 498 exemplaires, 6 critiques
As I Lay Dying / The Sound and the Fury / Light in August (Auteur) 489 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Le gambit du cavalier 454 exemplaires, 8 critiques
Flags in the Dust (Auteur) 412 exemplaires, 11 critiques
Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner 381 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Novels, 1957-1962: The Town / The Mansion / The Reivers (Auteur) 365 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Portable Faulkner (Auteur) 269 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Stories of New Orleans 203 exemplaires, 1 critique
Big Woods: The Hunting Stories 196 exemplaires, 2 critiques
A Rose for Emily {Tale Blazers} 160 exemplaires, 5 critiques
L'Arbre aux souhaits 151 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Bear 123 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Sanctuary and Requiem for a Nun (Auteur) 121 exemplaires, 1 critique
These Thirteen 71 exemplaires
The Old Man 65 exemplaires, 5 critiques
A Rose for Emily and Other Stories 57 exemplaires, 1 critique
Barn Burning 57 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Long, Hot Summer [1958 film] (Auteur) 46 exemplaires
A Rose for Emily {story} 42 exemplaires, 1 critique
Vision in Spring 38 exemplaires
Smoke [short story] 35 exemplaires
Mayday 35 exemplaires
Father Abraham 31 exemplaires
William Faulkner: early prose and poetry 25 exemplaires, 1 critique
A Rose for Emily {book} 25 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Faulkner : Oeuvres romanesques, tome 1 (Auteur) 23 exemplaires, 1 critique
Dry September 23 exemplaires, 12 critiques
21 Essential American Short Stories (Contributeur) 21 exemplaires, 1 critique
Helen: A Courtship and Mississippi Poems 21 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Long Hot Summer 20 exemplaires
The Essential Faulkner (Auteur) 16 exemplaires, 1 critique
Una rosa per Emily (Auteur) 15 exemplaires, 1 critique
William Faulkner 14 exemplaires
Barn Burning {story} (Auteur) 14 exemplaires
Le rameau vert 13 exemplaires
The William Faulkner Audio Collection (Auteur) 13 exemplaires, 1 critique
Eine Rose für Emily 13 exemplaires
That Evening Sun {story} 12 exemplaires, 2 critiques
All the Dead Pilots 12 exemplaires
Miss Zilphia Gant 11 exemplaires
Noveller 11 exemplaires
Faulkner. Oeuvres romanesques. Tome 2/5 (La Pléiade) (Auteur) 11 exemplaires, 1 critique
Stories from six authors (Contributeur) 11 exemplaires, 1 critique
Barn Burning and Other Stories (Auteur) 10 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Marionettes 10 exemplaires
Red Leaves: Stories (Auteur) 10 exemplaires, 1 critique
Land of the Pharaohs [1955 film] (Screenwriter) 9 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Best of Faulkner 9 exemplaires
Sanctuary / Light in August (Auteur) 8 exemplaires, 1 critique
Two Soldiers 8 exemplaires
Turnabout 8 exemplaires
Privacy 8 exemplaires
Obras completas 8 exemplaires
Meistererzählungen 8 exemplaires
Spotted Horses 8 exemplaires, 1 critique
Schwarze Musik. 8 exemplaires
As I Lay Dying [2013 film] (Auteur) 7 exemplaires
Lo! 7 exemplaires
Wash 7 exemplaires
Obras Completas 1 6 exemplaires
Mountain Victory 6 exemplaires
Oeuvres romanesques : Tome 4 (Auteur) 5 exemplaires
Red Leaves {story} (Auteur) 5 exemplaires
Faulkner at Nagano 5 exemplaires
romanzi 5 exemplaires
Rose for Emily and Wash (Auteur) 5 exemplaires
Shimgles for the Lord 5 exemplaires
Obras escogidas 5 exemplaires
Cartas escogidas 4 exemplaires
Ad Astra 4 exemplaires
Obras Completas V 4 exemplaires
A Justice 4 exemplaires
Hell Creek Crossing 4 exemplaires
The Modern Library 4 exemplaires
Nouvelles 4 exemplaires
Strange Love 3 exemplaires
Obras Completas VII 3 exemplaires
Honor 3 exemplaires
CUENTOS REUNIDOS 3 exemplaires
Mule in the Yard 3 exemplaires
Mirrors of Chartres Street 3 exemplaires, 1 critique
A Bear Hunt 3 exemplaires
Centaur in Brass 3 exemplaires
That Will Be Fine 3 exemplaires
A Courtship 3 exemplaires
2 3 exemplaires
Mississippi Poems 3 exemplaires
Yenilmeyenler 3 exemplaires
The Broach 3 exemplaires
Elly 3 exemplaires
Stary 3 exemplaires
Artist at Home 2 exemplaires
Faulkner 2 exemplaires
Obras completas . VI 2 exemplaires
Koy 2 exemplaires
A Aldeia 2 exemplaires
Ensayos Y Discursos 2 exemplaires
The Hill 2 exemplaires
Shall Not Perish 2 exemplaires
Divorce in Naples 2 exemplaires
Mistral 2 exemplaires
The Leg 2 exemplaires
There Was a Queen 2 exemplaires
Golden Land 2 exemplaires
Victory 2 exemplaires
Fox Hunt 2 exemplaires
Crevasse 2 exemplaires
Het vuur en de haard 2 exemplaires
The Tall Men 2 exemplaires
Beyond 2 exemplaires
Tomorrow 2 exemplaires
Hair 2 exemplaires
Carcassonne (Auteur) 2 exemplaires
I negri e gli indiani 2 exemplaires
Mississippi 2 exemplaires
Salmagundi 2 exemplaires
Death Drag 2 exemplaires
Evangeline (Auteur) 2 exemplaires
Amerikaanse verhalen (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Descends, Moise 1 exemplaire
Dilek Agaci 1 exemplaire
Wielki las 1 exemplaire
Rezydencja 1 exemplaire
Smasogur 1 exemplaire
Snobovi 1 exemplaire
Obras Completas VI 1 exemplaire
“The Tall Men” 1 exemplaire
"A Bear Hunt" 1 exemplaire
Svetloba v avgustu 1 exemplaire
"Shall Not Perish" 1 exemplaire
"Hair" 1 exemplaire
"Two Soldiers" 1 exemplaire
Smásögur 1 exemplaire
Copacul Dorintelor 1 exemplaire
DUMAN 1 exemplaire
TYMI 1 exemplaire
The Waifs 1 exemplaire
Obras escogidas I 1 exemplaire
Obras Completas III 1 exemplaire
Folklore of the Air 1 exemplaire
A Point of Law 1 exemplaire
Fumo 1 exemplaire
Obras Completas II 1 exemplaire
Histoires diverses 1 exemplaire
Old Man [1997 TV movie] (Auteur) 1 exemplaire
Zascianek 1 exemplaire
2003 1 exemplaire
A Cosmos of My Own 1 exemplaire
The Road to Glory 1 exemplaire
Country Lawyer 1 exemplaire
Rose of Lebanon 1 exemplaire
Cavalli pezzati 1 exemplaire
12 סיפורים 1 exemplaire
The Evening Sun 1 exemplaire
Elmer 1 exemplaire
Obras Completas III 1 exemplaire
Welcome to USA 1 exemplaire
Erzählungen II 1 exemplaire
Opere scelte 1 exemplaire
El villorrio 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Extrait - L'Intrus 1 exemplaire
Byn roman 1 exemplaire
Monk [short story] 1 exemplaire
Mektuplar 1 exemplaire
Fable 1ST Edition 1 exemplaire
البعوض 1 exemplaire
Zstąp, Mojżeszu 1 exemplaire
Duman 1 exemplaire
This earth : a poem 1 exemplaire
TRE RÖVARE 1 exemplaire
Collected Storeies Vol. II 1 exemplaire, 1 critique
Delta Autumn 1 exemplaire
The Hound 1 exemplaire
Opere 1 exemplaire
Aşk ve Ölüm 1 exemplaire
The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Contributeur) 1,530 exemplaires, 10 critiques
50 Great Short Stories (Contributeur) 1,197 exemplaires, 7 critiques
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 897 exemplaires, 7 critiques
My Mistress's Sparrow Is Dead (Contributeur) 748 exemplaires, 20 critiques
The Oxford Book of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 722 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Dark Descent (Contributeur) 694 exemplaires, 13 critiques
Short Story Masterpieces (Contributeur) 652 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales (Contributeur) 524 exemplaires, 6 critiques
The Oxford Book of Short Stories (Contributeur) 501 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Great American Short Stories (Contributeur) 483 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The World of the Short Story: A 20th Century Collection (Contributeur) 449 exemplaires, 4 critiques
The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century (Contributeur) 441 exemplaires, 7 critiques
American Gothic Tales (Contributeur) 434 exemplaires, 5 critiques
Fifty Great American Short Stories (Contributeur) 414 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Best Short Stories of the Modern Age (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 333 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Americans in Paris: A Literary Anthology (Contributeur) 292 exemplaires, 3 critiques
A Treasury of Short Stories (Contributeur) 286 exemplaires
Men at War: The Best War Stories of All Time (Contributeur) 280 exemplaires
Six Great Modern Short Novels (Contributeur) 270 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Treasury of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 262 exemplaires, 1 critique
100 Years of The Best American Short Stories (Contributeur) 261 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Big Sleep (Screenwriter) 257 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural (Contributeur) 193 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Penguin Book of American Short Stories (Contributeur) 184 exemplaires, 1 critique
To Have and Have Not [1944 film] (Writer, quelques éditions) 179 exemplaires, 7 critiques
This Is My Best (Contributeur) 177 exemplaires
In Another Part of the Forest: An Anthology of Gay Short Fiction (Contributeur) 173 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (Contributeur) 172 exemplaires
Sixteen Short Novels (Contributeur) 171 exemplaires
Murder & Other Acts of Literature (Contributeur) 144 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Penguin Book of Horror Stories (Contributeur) 139 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Pocket Book of Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 138 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Saturday Evening Post Treasury (Contributeur) 131 exemplaires, 1 critique
An Anthology of Famous American Stories (Contributeur) 130 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Signet Classic Book of Southern Short Stories (Contributeur) 120 exemplaires, 1 critique
Magical Realist Fiction: An Anthology (Contributeur) 109 exemplaires, 1 critique
Norton Introduction to the Short Novel (Contributeur) 97 exemplaires, 1 critique
Great Modern Reading (Contributeur) 96 exemplaires, 2 critiques
More Stories to Remember, Volume II (Contributeur) 93 exemplaires, 1 critique
American Short Stories (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 90 exemplaires
A Treasury of Civil War Stories (Contributeur) 72 exemplaires
Great Stories by Nobel Prize Winners (Contributeur) 70 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Concise Edition (Contributeur) 66 exemplaires, 1 critique
Bedside Book of Famous American Stories (Contributeur) 65 exemplaires
200 Years of Great American Short Stories (Contributeur) 64 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Medusa In The Shield (Dark Descent) (Contributeur) 63 exemplaires, 1 critique
Dark Arrows: Great Stories of Revenge (Contributeur) 60 exemplaires
Gunga Din (Contributeur) 57 exemplaires, 1 critique
65 great tales of horror (Contributeur) 56 exemplaires
More Stories to Remember, Volumes I & II (Contributeur) 54 exemplaires
The Penguin Classic Crime Omnibus (Contributeur) 53 exemplaires
Art of Fiction (Contributeur) 50 exemplaires
The Oxford Book of Sea Stories (Contributeur) 50 exemplaires, 1 critique
Reading for Pleasure (Contributeur) 49 exemplaires
Eleven Modern Short Novels (Contributeur) 49 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Experience of the American Woman (Contributeur) 46 exemplaires
Masters of the Modern Short Story (Contributeur) 44 exemplaires
The Random House Book of Sports Stories (Contributeur) 43 exemplaires
The Bedside Tales: A Gay Collection (Contributeur) 43 exemplaires
The Signet Classic Book of Contemporary American Short Stories (Contributeur) 40 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Oxford Book of Historical Stories (Contributeur) 40 exemplaires
The Lucifer Society (Contributeur) 39 exemplaires, 1 critique
A Quarto of Modern Literature (Contributeur) 38 exemplaires
Southern Dogs and Their People (Contributeur) 38 exemplaires
Fifty Best American Short Stories 1915-1965 (Contributeur) 35 exemplaires, 1 critique
Tales of Terror (Contributeur) 34 exemplaires, 1 critique
The Vintage Book of Classic Crime (Contributeur) 33 exemplaires
Ten Modern Short Novels (Contributeur) 26 exemplaires
American short stories, 1820 to the present (Contributeur) 26 exemplaires
50 Best American Short Stories 1915-1939 (Contributeur) 26 exemplaires
Short Stories of the Sea (Contributeur) 25 exemplaires
Great Short Stories of the World (Contributeur) 23 exemplaires
Studies in Fiction (Contributeur) 22 exemplaires, 1 critique
Tales of Dungeons and Dragons (Contributeur) 22 exemplaires
The Best Horror Stories (Contributeur; Contributeur) 21 exemplaires
Short Stories II (Contributeur) 18 exemplaires
A Treasury of Sea Stories (Contributeur) 18 exemplaires
The Best American Short Stories 1966 (Contributeur) 16 exemplaires
Nine Short Novels (Contributeur) 16 exemplaires
The Tarnished Angels [1957 film] (Original book) 15 exemplaires, 1 critique
All verdens fortellere (Contributeur, quelques éditions) 15 exemplaires, 1 critique
Air Force [1943 film] (Screenwriter) 15 exemplaires, 1 critique
Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 15 exemplaires
Mississippi Writers: An Anthology (Contributeur) 14 exemplaires
Nobel Writers on Writing (Contributeur) 14 exemplaires
Twenty-Nine Stories (Contributeur) 13 exemplaires
The Story Pocket Book (Contributeur) 13 exemplaires
31 Stories (Contributeur) 12 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Best American Short Stories 1943 (Contributeur) 11 exemplaires
A New Southern Harvest (Contributeur) 10 exemplaires
Favourite Scary Stories from Graveside Al (Contributeur) 9 exemplaires
More Stories to Remember, Volume IV (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires
Fiction Goes to Court (Contributeur) 8 exemplaires
Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 7 exemplaires
Modern American Short Stories (Contributeur) 7 exemplaires
The Story Survey (Contributeur) 6 exemplaires
The Fireside Treasury of Modern Humor (Contributeur) 5 exemplaires
Strange Desires (Contributeur) 5 exemplaires
Huivering wekken : 26 onthutsende verhalen (Contributeur) 4 exemplaires
Breakdown and Other Thrillers (Contributeur) 4 exemplaires
Twenty-Three Modern Stories (Contributeur) 4 exemplaires
American Short Stories (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires, 1 critique
Daughters of Eve (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires
Best Crime Stories (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires
Short Fiction: Shape and Substance (Contributeur) 3 exemplaires
Strange Barriers (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Modern Short Stories (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Enjoying Stories (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
El cuento literario (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
A Magnum of Mysteries (Contributeur) 2 exemplaires
Sanctuary [1961 film] (Original novel) 1 exemplaire
Modern Short Stories (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Modern American short stories (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
The Saturday Evening Post Stories 1957 (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
Introduction to Fiction (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire
15 Great Stories of Today (Contributeur) 1 exemplaire

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William Cuthbert Faulkner (September 25, 1897 – July 6, 1962) was an American writer and Nobel Prize laureate from Oxford, Mississippi. Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, essays, and a play. He is primarily known for his novels and short stories set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County, based on Lafayette County, Mississippi, where he spent most of his life.

Faulkner is one of the most celebrated writers in American literature generally and Southern literature specifically. Though his work was published as early as 1919 and largely during the 1920s and 1930s, Faulkner's renown reached its peak upon the publication of Malcolm Cowley's The Portable Faulkner and his 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the only Mississippi-born Nobel winner. Two of his works, A Fable (1954) and his last novel The Reivers (1962), each won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked his 1929 novel The Sound and the Fury sixth on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century; also on the list were As I Lay Dying (1930) and Light in August (1932). Absalom, Absalom! (1936) appears on similar lists.
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This is not the same person as William Falkner (d. 1682), English theologian. Do not combine the two.

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