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A way to keep track of the books I have read for pleasure since the beginning of 2006, the catalogue does not include any of the publications I read or use professionally, like the hundreds of field guides at home. Some of the volumes are on my shelves, but I prefer to recycle what I can. I like to enjoy books pushed into my hands by friends, borrow those that jump off their shelves or use public libraries, used bookstores and charity shops. I only keep hold of reference books, poetry and anything that I am sure I will want to read again.
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Caracas, Venezuela
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Librairies: Bosorne Books - The Cook Book, ENTRElibros, Foyles (old Charing Cross branch), G. David, Galloway and Porter, Heffers Bookshop, J C Books, Librería Estudios, Librería Lectura - C.C. Chacaíto, Libroria

Bibliothèques: Cambridge University Library, Central Library, Plymouth, Moor Allerton library, Norfolk & Norwich Millenium Library

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