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Photo de l'auteur(-trice). Photo by Robert Birnbaum (courtesy of the photographer)

Photo by Robert Birnbaum (courtesy of the photographer)

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Isabel Allende was born in 1942 in Lima, Peru, the daughter of a Chilean diplomat. When her parents separated, young Isabel moved with her mother to Chile, where she spent the rest of her childhood. She married at the age of 19 and had two children, Paula and Nicolas. Her uncle was Salvador Allende, the president of Chile. When he was overthrown in the coup of 1973, she fled Chile, moving to Caracas, Venezuela. While living in Venezuela, Allende began writing her novels, many of them exploring the close family bonds between women. Her first novel, The House of the Spirits, has been translated into 27 languages, and was later made into a film. She then wrote Of Love and Shadows, Eva Luna, and The Stories of Eva Luna, all set in Latin America. The Infinite Plan was her first novel to take place in the United States. She explores the issues of human rights and the plight of immigrants and refugees in her novel, In The Midst of Winter. In Paula, Allende wrote her memoirs in connection with her daughter's illness and death. She delved into the erotic connections between food and love in Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses. In addition to writing books, Allende has worked as a TV interviewer, magazine writer, school administrator, and a secretary at a U.N. office in Chile. She received the 1996 Harold Washington Literacy Award. She lives in California. Her title Maya's Notebook made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2013. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from La Maison aux esprits
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(eng)Isabel Allende Llona (b. 1942), Chilean born novelist (US citizen since 2003). Do not confuse with María Isabel Allende Bussi (b. 1945), daughter of former Chilean president Salvador Allende; cousin of the novelist.

La Maison aux esprits 12,522 exemplaire(s), 220 critiques
Fille du destin 7,961 exemplaire(s), 174 critiques
Eva Luna 4,592 exemplaire(s), 64 critiques
Portrait sépia 3,817 exemplaire(s), 63 critiques
Paula 3,601 exemplaire(s), 83 critiques
Zorro 3,124 exemplaire(s), 111 critiques
La cité des dieux sauvages 3,116 exemplaire(s), 65 critiques
D'amour et d'ombre 2,930 exemplaire(s), 47 critiques
Les Contes d'Eva Luna 2,634 exemplaire(s), 27 critiques
Ines of My Soul: A Novel 2,402 exemplaire(s), 80 critiques
L'Ile sous la mer 2,194 exemplaire(s), 107 critiques
Le Plan infini 2,169 exemplaire(s), 37 critiques
Mon pays réinventé 1,721 exemplaire(s), 40 critiques
The Japanese Lover 1,637 exemplaire(s), 98 critiques
Le Royaume du Dragon d'or 1,562 exemplaire(s), 20 critiques
The Sum of Our Days: A Memoir 1,156 exemplaire(s), 35 critiques
La Forêt des Pygmées 1,153 exemplaire(s), 12 critiques
A Long Petal of the Sea 1,101 exemplaire(s), 56 critiques
Ripper 882 exemplaire(s), 66 critiques
Plus loin que l'hiver 874 exemplaire(s), 45 critiques
Violeta 281 exemplaire(s), 16 critiques
The Soul of a Woman 178 exemplaire(s), 8 critiques
Journeys of Jaguar and Eagle 59 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Isabel Allende: Life and Spirits 52 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Cartas de Paula (Directeur de publication) 37 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Paths of Resistance: The Art and Craft of the Political Novel (Contributeur) 22 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Guggenheim Lovers 21 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
La ninfa de porcelana 14 exemplaire(s)
[unidentified works] 13 exemplaire(s)
Sargasso 11 exemplaire(s)
Als je mijn hart beroert (Auteur) 10 exemplaire(s)
Relatos de amor 5 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Nina perversa 5 exemplaire(s)
Two Words 4 exemplaire(s)
Paula | Cartas de Paula 2 exemplaire(s)
Lauchas, Lauchones, Ratas y Ratones 2 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
El sexo y yo 2 exemplaire(s)
Tosca [short story] 2 exemplaire(s)
The Girls 1 exemplaire
La suma de los das 1 exemplaire
Um lugar sem nome 1 exemplaire
Paula, Part 2 1 exemplaire
Paula, Part 1 1 exemplaire
Passie en liefde 1 exemplaire
Impunity 1 exemplaire
Cuentos Selectos 1 exemplaire
Les veines ouvertes de l'Amérique latine. Une contre-histoire (Avant-propos, quelques éditions) 2,093 exemplaire(s), 37 critiques
This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women (Contributeur) 1,040 exemplaire(s), 31 critiques
The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction (Contributeur) 1,019 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales (Contributeur) 492 exemplaire(s), 6 critiques
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Nineteenth Annual Collection (Contributeur) 224 exemplaire(s), 4 critiques
I Should Have Stayed Home: The Worst Trips of the Great Writers (Contributeur) 169 exemplaire(s), 4 critiques
Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do (Contributeur) 154 exemplaire(s), 10 critiques
Black Water 2: More Tales of the Fantastic (Contributeur) 141 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
A Hammock Beneath the Mangoes: Stories from Latin America (Contributeur) 135 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Murder & Other Acts of Literature (Contributeur) 135 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Granta 21: The Story-Teller (Contributeur) 128 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Short Stories by Latin American Women: The Magic and the Real (Avant-propos; Contributeur) 121 exemplaire(s)
Granta 33: What Went Wrong? (Contributeur) 120 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Other Fires: Short Fiction by Latin American Women (Avant-propos) 110 exemplaire(s), 5 critiques
The Penguin Book of International Women's Stories (Contributeur) 102 exemplaire(s)
The Gates of Paradise (Contributeur) 101 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Sweet Breathing of Plants: Women Writing on the Green World (Contributeur) 80 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Penguin Book of Erotic Stories by Women (Contributeur) 74 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Living with Shakespeare: Essays by Writers, Actors, and Directors (Contributeur) 72 exemplaire(s), 4 critiques
Huellas de las literaturas hispanoamericanas (Contributeur) 48 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature (Contributeur) 44 exemplaire(s)
Face to Face: Women Writers on Faith, Mysticism, and Awakening (Contributeur) 29 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
In Praise of Women (Avant-propos) 15 exemplaire(s)
Tales of Zorro (Postface) 14 exemplaire(s)
Elders : interviews with Andrew Denton (Contributeur) 5 exemplaire(s)
Of Love and Shadows [1994 film] (Original novel) 3 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
A Fierce Green Fire [2012 film] (Narrateur) 2 exemplaire(s)

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Born in Peru and raised in Chile, Isabel Allende is the author of eight novels, including, most recently, Violeta, Zorro, Portrait in Sepia, and Daughter of Fortune. She has also written a collection of stories; three memoirs, including My Invented Country and Paula; and a trilogy of children's novels. Her books have been translated into more than twenty-seven languages and have become bestsellers across four continents. In 2004 she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Isabel Allende lives in California.
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Isabel Allende Llona (b. 1942), Chilean born novelist (US citizen since 2003).
Do not confuse with María Isabel Allende Bussi (b. 1945), daughter of former Chilean president Salvador Allende; cousin of the novelist.

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