The 2024 TinyCat Birthday Hunt is over. Check back next year.

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2024 TinyCat Birthday Hunt

April 8th was TinyCat's eighth birthday, and we're celebrating with a special catcentric treasure hunt!

We've scattered a clowder of TinyCats around the site. You’ll solve the clues below to find the TinyCats and gather them all together.

  • Decipher the clues below and visit the corresponding LibraryThing pages to find a TinyCat. Each clue points to a specific page right here on LibraryThing. Remember, they are not necessarily work pages!
  • If there's a TinyCat on a page, you’ll see a banner at the top of the page.
  • You have a little less than two weeks to find all the TinyCats (until 11:59pm EST, Tuesday April 30th).
  • Come brag about your clowder of TinyCats (and get hints) on Talk.

Win Prizes

  • Any member who finds at least two TinyCats will be awarded a TinyCat badge. Badge: ().
  • Members who find all 15 TinyCats will be entered into a drawing for some LibraryThing (or TinyCat) swag. We‘ll announce winners at the end of the hunt.

P.S. Thanks to conceptDawg for the catbird illustration!

ConceptDawg has made all of our treasure hunt graphics in the last couple of years. We like them, and hope you do, too!

Vous avez manqué celà

TinyCat 1

On this page you'll find, up-front,

the honoree of this month's Hunt.

Questions, suggestions, complaints? Look here!

Our helpful CATalog group is near. (Kristi)

TinyCat 2

Are these cats wizards, or these wizards, cats?

Either way, the feline form is where it’s at.

These New York City heroes save the day,

When dinosaurs invade and evil comes to play. (Abigail)

TinyCat 3

Cats: mischief-makers all, though this one may be chief—

His stories are well-known and loved, albeit a bit brief.

In movies and books, he’s quite famous, you see—

When not making a mess, you may find him at a haberdashery. (Lauren)

TinyCat 4

A tome in hand, a cat beside—

What better fate could e’er betide,

The members of this selfsame club,

Whose name calls out what most they love? (Abigail)

TinyCat 5

Namesake of Melvil, this feline friend,

Suffered a bitter start, but found a happy end,

In a true story set in the midwest,

A library cat left the town feeling blessed. (Lauren)

TinyCat 6

All true catalogers have a favorite tool,

But who could deny that this one’s a jewel?

A feline assistant as you add each book,

It “reads” each tome—knows where to look. (Abigail)

TinyCat 7

Where are our feline friends to be found?

(Their admirers wish they were always around).

This series of numbers is a handy guide,

To determine the books in which they reside. (Abigail)

TinyCat 8

Old Possum fans, rejoice!

A musical for you.

Not quite as strange as the movie rendition:

the original's much better. (Mew!) (Kristi)

TinyCat 9

These cat-clan rivals live out in the wild,

Their adventures told for the reading child,

In many a book in this long-running series,

Novels, guides and manga—all kinds of stories. (Abigail)

TinyCat 10

A kid’s book honored by Newbery,

Its story is just a bit scary,

Its promised cats are all so pretty,

But it ends with one single kitty. (Lucy)

TinyCat 11

In the 1970's, one cat started it all

for this cartoonist whose accomplishments stack tall.

His sarcastic orange feline loves lasagna and rest;

surely, you'll figure this one out, yes? (Kristi)

TinyCat 12

This series comprised of almost 100 books,

Follows the adventures of a famous blue cat,

Who never loses his cool,

And that’s about it for that. (Kate)

TinyCat 13

Muse, co-author, amanuensis?

It’s hard to reach a strong consensus.

What role does this feline author play?

What role her human…who can say?

Their writing process is a mystery,

Much like their stories—almost thirty-three! (Abigail)

TinyCat 14

There comes a time when your furry friends

must cross the rainbow bridge,

and when that time arrives, we grieve

and wonder how we'll manage.

My first experience with death was

that of our first cat, Scappy.

My mom was filled with worry and

wanted to make me happy.

So on she went to find a book

that would help me understand,

one with a child much like me

who was dealt a similar hand.

The story was sweet, and hit the mark to give me some relief:

you simply list 10 good things of the beloved pet you grieve.

So, rest in peace to mine and yours and the book's sweet Barney,

for every thing that walks this earth must go on in their journey. (Kristi)

TinyCat 15

This handsome Gentleman Cat About Town,

Enjoyed his freedom, and loved getting around.

Til age convinced him that this Tom Jones,

Could no longer afford to live on his own.

Then he found a human, an author of some repute,

Whose home and company he felt would suit. (Abigail)