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Jason Reynolds is the author of When I Was the Greatest, for which he won the Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award for New Talent. His debut middle grade book, As Brave As You, was awarded the 2016 Kirkus Prize for young readers'. His other works include Boy in the Black Suit, and All American afficher plus Boys. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins

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Œuvres de Jason Reynolds

Ghost (2016) 2,458 exemplaires, 132 critiques
Long Way Down (2017) 2,413 exemplaires, 142 critiques
All American Boys (2015) 1,895 exemplaires, 65 critiques
Patina (2017) 913 exemplaires, 19 critiques
Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks (2019) 865 exemplaires, 41 critiques
As Brave As You (2016) 851 exemplaires, 26 critiques
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (A Marvel YA Novel) (2017) 819 exemplaires, 32 critiques
The Boy in the Black Suit (2015) 754 exemplaires, 36 critiques
Sunny (2018) 698 exemplaires, 13 critiques
Lu (2018) 546 exemplaires, 10 critiques
When I Was the Greatest (2014) 507 exemplaires, 18 critiques
For Every One (2018) 474 exemplaires, 26 critiques
Long Way Down: The Graphic Novel (2020) — Auteur — 436 exemplaires, 17 critiques
Ain't Burned All the Bright (2022) 394 exemplaires, 31 critiques
Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Antiracism, and You (2021) 375 exemplaires, 13 critiques
Stuntboy, in the meantime (2021) 221 exemplaires, 12 critiques
There Was a Party for Langston (2023) — Narrateur, quelques éditions108 exemplaires, 5 critiques
My Name Is Jason. Mine Too. Our Story. Our Way. (2009) 84 exemplaires, 4 critiques
Miles Morales Suspended: A Spider-Man Novel (2023) 76 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Stuntboy, In-Between Time (2) (2023) 31 exemplaires
Jerk 3 exemplaires
Jacob's Ladder (2004) 3 exemplaires
Tornando a casa (2020) 2 exemplaires
Self (2005) 1 exemplaire
Untitled 1 exemplaire
Für alle (2022) 1 exemplaire
Niente paura Little Wood! (2018) 1 exemplaire
Stuntboy in between time (2023) 1 exemplaire
Our story. Our way (2009) 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story (2021) — Contributeur — 1,574 exemplaires, 26 critiques
Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America (2019) — Contributeur — 541 exemplaires, 12 critiques
Fresh Ink: An Anthology (2018) — Contributeur — 376 exemplaires, 10 critiques
You Are Your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience, and the Black Experience (2021) — Contributeur — 242 exemplaires, 4 critiques
We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices (2018) — Contributeur — 223 exemplaires, 6 critiques
Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood (2021) — Contributeur — 175 exemplaires, 4 critiques
How I Resist: Activism and Hope for a New Generation (2018) — Contributeur — 164 exemplaires, 3 critiques
Woke: A Young Poet's Call to Justice (2020) — Avant-propos, quelques éditions155 exemplaires, 12 critiques
Hope Nation: YA Authors Share Personal Moments of Inspiration (2018) — Contributeur — 148 exemplaires, 6 critiques
Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance (2019) — Contributeur — 113 exemplaires, 6 critiques
The Amazing Spider-Man (Penguin Classics Marvel Collection) (2022) — Avant-propos — 86 exemplaires, 1 critique
Anonymous Sex (2022) — Contributeur — 69 exemplaires, 5 critiques
The Collectors: Stories (2023) — Contributeur — 50 exemplaires, 2 critiques
Everyday People: The Color of Life--a Short Story Anthology (2018) — Contributeur — 41 exemplaires, 1 critique
This Is the Honey: An Anthology of Contemporary Black Poets (2024) — Contributeur — 32 exemplaires, 1 critique
Butterfly in the Sky [2022 film] (2022) — Self — 1 exemplaire


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Washington, D.C., USA
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Brooklyn, New York, USA
Washington, D.C., USA
University of Maryland (BA|English)
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Margaret A. Edwards Award (2023)
Elena Giovinazzo



Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds is a beautiful, powerful, painful story in verse. It takes place in the span of only 60 seconds, as the narrator, Will, considers making a violent, dangerous, life-changing decision to avenge the death of his brother. In the one-minute that Will is in an elevator, a gun tucked into his waistband, he "meets" others that he knows that have died to gun violence, and must consider the role of gun violence in his life, and his role in the violence.

This story is beautiful and compelling as it is, but because it is poetry, and it is written in free-verse, the words are especially chosen (and limited) to evoke feelings of fear, passion, triumph, and even revenge in the hearts of those who read it.

This book brings up so many issues that are relevant in the lives of children, especially children who live in communities affected by gun violence. Even those not affected by violence in any way can connect to the text through the poetry. One early line is "but if the blood / inside you is on the inside / of someone else, / you never want to / see it on the outside of / them." This idea of family bond is something most people either have or wish they had, and even if there hasn't been the loss of someone through violence, the relative idea is so powerful.

Because of its being written in verse, I think the story is more accessible, more intense, and more emotional; Reynolds has to be very precise with his language and style.

I think it's a very powerful book.
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hallaliciae | 141 autres critiques | Jul 10, 2024 |
“Dreams don't have timelines, deadlines, and aren't always in straight lines.” (page 76)

A favorite line from a favorite book!

This book is a poem that extends its message to every one, as the title implies. It is written as a letter to the dreamers, the young, the old, and the ones who are still holding out for their dreams. Jason Reynolds knows how to carefully craft his work, playing with words, using rich imagery, and connecting with the reader. This book is a poem of dreams and hope, inspiring the reader to hold onto their vision no matter where they are or how old they get. He reminds us that “our dreams could be as far away as forever or as close as lunchtime.” This is a book that I like to read with my high schoolers at the beginning of the school year to remind us all that we will make mistakes and fumble, but we need to hold onto our dreams.

If you'd like to listen/watch, the author, Jason Reynolds, also produced a short video where he reads/performs the poem!
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bevsmev | 25 autres critiques | Jul 8, 2024 |
An okay sequel to a great book.
LaPhenix | 18 autres critiques | Jul 8, 2024 |
WOW! To be honest i picked this book up at a book sale and never anticipated it being so good. I have to say i was pleasently shocked. Overall i would reccomend this book. I truely wish there was more to it.
AshleyPelletier | 25 autres critiques | Jun 29, 2024 |


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