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Boris Pasternak (1890–1960)

Auteur de Le Docteur Jivago

Comprend les noms: Pasternak B, B. Pasternak, B.Pasternaik, Boris Pastenak, Boris Pasternk, Bois Pasternak, Pasternak B.L., Boris Paternak, Boris Pasternek, Boris Pasternal ... (voir la liste complète), Boris Pastrenak, Boris Basternak, Borys Pasternak, Boris Pasrernak, Boris Pasternah, Boris Pasternak, Pasternak Boris, Boris Rasternak, Boris Pasterbak, Boris Pasternak, Borís Pasternak, Boris Pasaternak, Borris Pasternak, Boris Pasternick, Boris Pasternack, Boriss Pasternak, Boris Pasternàk, Boriss Pasternaks, Borís Pasternàk, Boris L. Pasternak, Boris L. Pasternak, Borís L. Pasternak, Б. Пастернак, בוריס פסטרנק, Pasternak Boris Leonidovich, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, Boris Leonodowitsj Pasternak, Борис Пастeрнак, Borís Leonidovitx Pasternak, Борис Пастернак, Борис Пастернак, БОРИС ПАСТЕРНАК, Borís Leonídovič Pasternàk, Бори́с Пастерна́к, Boris and Junahi Konkka (trans.) Pasternak, David (transl) Boris / Magarshack Pasternak, George (translator) Boris; Reavey Pasternak, בוריס לאונידוביץ פסטרנק, Borís Leonídovič Pasternàk, Sowjetunion Boris Leonid Schriftsteller Pasternak, Пастерна Борис Леонидович, БОРИС ЛЕОНИДОВИЧ ПАСТЕРНАК, Борис Леонидович Пастернак, Boris Pasternak - Translated from the Russian by M

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Pasternak was acclaimed as a major poet some 30 years before Doctor Zhivago (1955) made him world famous. After first pursuing promising careers in music and philosophy, he started to write around 1909 and published his first collection of verse in 1914. His first genuine triumph came with the collection My Sister, Life (1917), in which a love affair stimulates a rapturous celebration of nature. The splendid imagery and difficult syntax of this volume are a hallmark of the early Pasternak. During the 1920s, Pasternak tried to accept the reality of the new society and moved from the lyric to the epic, taking up historical and contemporary subjects. The long poem The Year 1905 (1926) is an example. While tolerated by the literary establishment, Pasternak turned increasingly in the 1930s to translation rather than original verse. He was a prolific translator; his versions of major Shakespeare plays are the standard texts used in Soviet theaters. From the start, however, prose was an important focus for Pasternak. The most notable early work is the story "Zhenia's Childhood," written in 1918, which explored a girl's developing consciousness of her surroundings. There is also his artistic and intellectual autobiography Safe Conduct (1931). But Pasternak's greatest prose achievement came later with the novel Doctor Zhivago, written over a number of years and completed in 1955. Its hero, a physician and poet, confronts the great changes of the early twentieth century including world war, revolution, and civil war, and travels a path through life that creates a parallel between his fate and that of Christ. (The theme of preordained sacrifice is strengthened by the cycle of poems included as the last section of the book.) Doctor Zhivago was rejected for publication but appeared in 1957 in the West and won its author worldwide acclaim. A Nobel Prize followed in 1958. This led the Soviet authorities to launch a major public campaign against Pasternak and to make his personal life even more difficult. So successful were they that the poet officially turned down the award. After that, he was left in relative peace and died two years later. He was but the first of many writers in the post-Stalin period to challenge the Soviet state. During the 1970s and 1980s, Pasternak's heritage was cautiously brought into public purview in the Soviet Union. The Gorbachev period saw the removal of all restrictions on his work, and publication of Doctor Zhivago followed at long last. Several major editions of Pasternak's writings have appeared. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biographie de Le Docteur Jivago
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Le Docteur Jivago 10,411 exemplaire(s), 137 critiques
Sauf-conduit 241 exemplaire(s), 5 critiques
The Poems of Dr. Zhivago 223 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Last Summer 200 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
My Sister — Life 89 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Essai d'autobiographie 68 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Letters to Georgian Friends 52 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Dr. Zhivago: Volume 2 38 exemplaire(s)
Fifty Poems 36 exemplaire(s)
Dr. Zhivago: Volume 1 36 exemplaire(s)
The Blind Beauty 31 exemplaire(s)
Vier verhalen 19 exemplaire(s)
Prose and Poems 15 exemplaire(s)
Verhalen 15 exemplaire(s)
Selected Writings 13 exemplaire(s)
En berättelse 11 exemplaire(s)
Year Nineteen-five 11 exemplaire(s)
Collected short prose 10 exemplaire(s)
The Voice of Prose 10 exemplaire(s)
Stihotvorenija i poemy 9 exemplaire(s)
Pasternak : Oeuvres 9 exemplaire(s)
Brieven 8 exemplaire(s)
Poesie d'amore 7 exemplaire(s)
Días únicos 7 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Dikter 6 exemplaire(s)
Relatos 6 exemplaire(s)
Selected Poems 5 exemplaire(s)
Lieutenant Schmidt 5 exemplaire(s)
Poesie inedite 4 exemplaire(s)
Poesie 4 exemplaire(s)
Gedichten 4 exemplaire(s)
Peredelkino 4 exemplaire(s)
Trentatré poesie 3 exemplaire(s)
Prosa und Essays 3 exemplaire(s)
Cartas a Renata 3 exemplaire(s)
Свеча горела 3 exemplaire(s)
Insanlar ve Haller 3 exemplaire(s)
Le opere: poesia, prosa 3 exemplaire(s)
Poèmes 3 exemplaire(s)
Poèmes: На фр.яз. 3 exemplaire(s)
Stikhi 3 exemplaire(s)
Son Yaz 2 exemplaire(s)
Temy i variatsii 2 exemplaire(s)
Vysokaia bolezn' 2 exemplaire(s)
Poems 1955-1959. 2 exemplaire(s)
Poems 1955-1959 2 exemplaire(s)
Boris Pasternak: Poems 2 exemplaire(s)
Tutti i poemi 2 exemplaire(s)
Rusia. Volumen 2 (Contributeur) 2 exemplaire(s)
Ma sœur la vie. Et autres poèmes (Auteur) 2 exemplaire(s)
Les voies aériennes 2 exemplaire(s)
Borìs Pasternàk 2 exemplaire(s)
Selected Poems 2 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Drømmen om en sommer 2 exemplaire(s)
Opere narrative 2 exemplaire(s)
/Poesie! 2 exemplaire(s)
Versek 2 exemplaire(s)
Doktor Zjivago 2 exemplaire(s)
Vida y poesía 1 exemplaire
Pasternak 1 exemplaire
Stikhotvorenija 1 exemplaire
Poems 1955-1959. 1 exemplaire
Izbrannoe 1 exemplaire
Dr. Chivago 1 exemplaire
Doctor Zivago 1 exemplaire
Quan escampi 1 exemplaire
O günler 1 exemplaire
Childhood 1 exemplaire
Doktor Schiwago 1 exemplaire
Světlohra 1 exemplaire
Lyrika 1 exemplaire
Поезия 1 exemplaire
Okhrannaia gramota 1 exemplaire
Gruzinskie liriki 1 exemplaire
Doctor Zhivago 1 exemplaire
Gedichte und Poeme 1 exemplaire
Lirika 1 exemplaire
DOKTOR ZIVAGO 1-2 1 exemplaire
1958 1 exemplaire
Poemes 1 exemplaire
Poetry 1 exemplaire
Boris Pasternak 1 exemplaire
Poemas 1 exemplaire
RELATO. 1 exemplaire
Olas y otros poemas 1 exemplaire
Stikhotvoreniya 1 exemplaire
Poemas 1 exemplaire
Opere 1 exemplaire
Pesmi 1 exemplaire
Relatos 1 exemplaire
Život s istominom 1 exemplaire
Eseji i članci 1 exemplaire
Poesie 1 exemplaire
Poems, 1955-1959 1 exemplaire
Môj život 1 exemplaire
Bir Hikaye 1 exemplaire
Yo recuerdo 1 exemplaire
Poetry 1 exemplaire
Liriche e prose 1 exemplaire
Faust (Traducteur, quelques éditions) 4,775 exemplaire(s), 36 critiques
World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse from Antiquity to Our Time (Contributeur) 417 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness (Contributeur) 312 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Le Docteur Jivago (Doctor Zhivago) (Original novel) 280 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Correspondance à trois, été 1926 196 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Stray Dog Cabaret (Contributeur) 108 exemplaire(s), 6 critiques
The Poet's Work: 29 Poets on the Origins and Practice of Their Art (Contributeur) 80 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Penguin book of Russian poetry (Contributeur) 77 exemplaire(s)
Great Soviet Short Stories (Contributeur) 73 exemplaire(s)
Great Stories by Nobel Prize Winners (Contributeur) 62 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Russian Poets (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets) (Contributeur) 53 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
1917: Stories and Poems from the Russian Revolution (Contributeur) 29 exemplaire(s), 3 critiques
Poems of Boris Pasternak (Associated Name) 16 exemplaire(s)
14 Great Short Stories By Soviet Authors (Contributeur) 15 exemplaire(s)
The Penguin New Writing No. 30 (Contributeur) 14 exemplaire(s)
Russische verhalen (Contributeur) 11 exemplaire(s)
Dr. Zhivago [2002 TV mini series] (Original book) 10 exemplaire(s)
Noonday 1: Stories, Articles, Poetry (Contributeur) 8 exemplaire(s)
Kaksikymmentäyksi Nobel-runoilijaa 6 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
New World Writing : 15 (Contributeur) 4 exemplaire(s)
Pasternak par lui-même (Contributeur) 3 exemplaire(s)
Russland das große Lesebuch (Contributeur) 2 exemplaire(s)

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