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Maya Angelou (1928–2014)

Auteur de Je sais pourquoi chante l'oiseau en cage

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Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Annie Johnson on April 4, 1928 in Saint Louis, Missouri. At the age of 16, she became not only the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco but the first woman conductor. In the mid-1950s, she toured Europe with a production of the opera Porgy and Bess. In afficher plus 1957, she recorded her first album, Calypso Lady. In 1958, she became a part of the Harlem Writers Guild in New York and played a queen in The Blacks, an off-Broadway production by French dramatist Jean Genet. In 1960, she moved to Cairo, where she edited The Arab Observer, an English-language weekly newspaper. The following year, she went to Ghana where she was features editor of The African Review and taught music and drama at the University of Ghana. In 1964, she moved back to the U.S. to become a civil rights activist by helping Malcolm X build his new coalition, the Organization of African American Unity, and became the northern coordinator of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Even though she never went to college, she taught American studies for years at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. In 1993, she became only the second poet in United States history to write and recite an original poem at a Presidential Inauguration when she read On the Pulse of Morning at President Bill Clinton's Inauguration Ceremony. She wrote numerous books during her lifetime including: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Die, All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now, and Mom and Me and Mom. In 2011, President Barack Obama gave her the Medal of Freedom, the country's highest civilian honor, for her collected works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. She appeared in the movie Roots and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1977 for her role in the movie. She also played a part in the movie, How to Make an American Quilt and wrote and produced Afro-Americans in the Arts, a PBS special for which she received a Golden Eagle Award. She was a three-time Grammy winner. She died on May 28, 2014 at the age of 86. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins


Œuvres de Maya Angelou

Je sais pourquoi chante l'oiseau en cage (1969) 14,858 exemplaires
Tant que je serai noire (1981) 2,505 exemplaires
Gather Together in My Name (1974) 1,500 exemplaires
Letter to My Daughter (2008) 1,213 exemplaires
Un billet d'avion pour l'Afrique (1986) 1,182 exemplaires
Maya Angelou: Poems (1986) 1,037 exemplaires
Even the Stars Look Lonesome (1997) 772 exemplaires
Mom & Me & Mom (2013) 657 exemplaires
A Song Flung Up to Heaven (2002) 649 exemplaires
Life Doesn't Frighten Me (1993) 544 exemplaires
And Still I Rise (1978) 529 exemplaires
On the Pulse of Morning (1993) 458 exemplaires
Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem (2005) 418 exemplaires
I Shall Not Be Moved (1990) — Auteur — 345 exemplaires
The Poetry of Maya Angelou (1990) 139 exemplaires
Kofi and His Magic (1996) 109 exemplaires
Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me (2006) 94 exemplaires
Now Sheba Sings the Song (1987) 81 exemplaires
A Brave and Startling Truth (1995) 69 exemplaires
Shaker, Why Don't You Sing? (1983) 61 exemplaires
Love's Exquisite Freedom (1900) 17 exemplaires
Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging (2000) 16 exemplaires
Maya Angelou Poetry Collection (1999) 12 exemplaires
Our Grandmothers 6 exemplaires
Maya Angelou 5 exemplaires
Down in the Delta (1999) 4 exemplaires
Phänomenale Frauen (2020) 4 exemplaires
Lady B (2014) 3 exemplaires
La vie ne me fait pas peur (2018) 3 exemplaires
Et pourtant je m'élève (2022) 2 exemplaires
Encontraos en mi nombre (2000) 2 exemplaires
The aristocrat 2 exemplaires
Graduation (Tale Blazers) (1989) 2 exemplaires
KADIN KALBİ 2 exemplaires
Maya Angelou 4C box set (2002) 2 exemplaires
They Came to Stay 1 exemplaire
Touched By An Angel 1 exemplaire
The Runaway 1 exemplaire
Angelou, Maya Archive 1 exemplaire
En toch heradem ik 1 exemplaire

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The Best American Essays of the Century (2000) — Contributeur — 780 exemplaires
Not Without Laughter (1930) — Introduction, quelques éditions646 exemplaires
Race, Class, and Gender in the United States: An Integrated Study (1992) — Contributeur — 516 exemplaires
Written by Herself, Volume I: Autobiographies of American Women (1992) — Contributeur — 429 exemplaires
The Norton Book of Women's Lives (1993) — Contributeur — 409 exemplaires
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Discovering the Other America: Radical Voices from the 1980s (2012) — Contributeur — 2 exemplaires
Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers: Black Poets Read Their Work — Narrateur, quelques éditions2 exemplaires


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Nom canonique
Angelou, Maya
Nom légal
Johnson, Marguerite Ann
Autres noms
Angelou, Maya
Date de naissance
Date de décès
Pays (pour la carte)
Lieu de naissance
St. Louis, Missouri, VS
Lieu du décès
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, VS
Lieux de résidence
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Stamps, Arkansas, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
New York, New York, USA
Sonoma, California, USA
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
George Washington High School, San Francisco
California Labor School, San Francisco
Reynolds Professorship of American Studies, Wake Forest University (tout afficher 8)
Johnson, Guy (son)
Wake Forest University
Prix et distinctions
Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature (1999)
National Medal of Arts (2000)
Grammy, Best Spoken Word Album (1993 ∙ 1995 ∙ 2002)
NAACP Spingarn Medal (1994)
Presidential Medal of Freedom (2011)
Coretta Scott King Award (1971) (tout afficher 39)
North Carolina Award in Literature (1987)
Golden Plate Award (1990)
Candace Award (1990)
Langston Hughes Medal (1991)
Horatio Alger Award (1992)
Distinguished Woman of North Carolina Award (1992)
Crystal Award (1992)
Crystal Award (1992)
Inauguration Poet (1993)
Arkansas Black Hall of Fame (1993)
Rollins College Walk of Fame (1994)
Frank G. Wells American Teachers Award (1995)
Homecoming Award (1997)
NAACP Image Award (1998 ∙ 2005 ∙ 2009)
Alston-Jones International Civil & Human Rights Award (1998)
National Women's Hall of Fame (1998)
Christopher Award (1999)
Shelia Award (1999)
EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award (2002)
Charles Evans Hughes Award (2004)
Mother Teresa Award (2006)
Martha Parker Legacy Award (2007)
Voice of Peace Award (2008)
Gracie Award (2008)
Marian Anderson Award (2008)
Lincoln Medal (2008)
ALA Literary Award (2009)
Black Cultural Society Award (2012)
Literarian Award (2013)
Norman Mailer Prize (2013)
Conference of Minority Transportation Officials Lifetime Achievement Award (2014)
Ladies' Home Journal "Woman of the Year in Communication" Award (1976)
Matrix Award (1983)
Courte biographie
Maya Angelou (pronounced /ˈmaɪ.ə ˈændʒəloʊ/;[1] born Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4, 1928)[2] is an American autobiographer and poet. Having been called "America's most visible black female autobiographer" by scholar Joanne M. Braxton, she is best known for her series of six autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adulthood experiences.[3] The first, best-known, and most highly acclaimed, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), focuses on the first seventeen years of her life, brought her international recognition, and was nominated for a National Book Award.

Angelou has had a long and varied career, holding jobs such as fry cook, dancer, actress, journalist, educator, television producer, and film director. She was a member of the Harlem Writers Guild in the late 1950s. She was active in the Civil Rights movement, and served as Northern Coordinator of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Angelou has been highly honored for her body of work, including being awarded over 30 honorary degrees and the nomination of a Pulitzer Prize for her 1971 volume of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Diiie.[4] Since the 1990s, she has had a busy career on the lecture circuit, making about 80 appearances a year. Since 1991, Angelou has taught at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as recipient of the first lifetime Reynolds Professorship of American Studies. In 1993, she recited her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at President Bill Clinton's inauguration, the first poet to make an inaugural recitation since Robert Frost at John F. Kennedy's inauguration in 1961. In 1995, she was recognized for having the longest-running record (two years) on The New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Bestseller List.

With the publication of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Angelou was heralded as a new kind of memoirist, one of the first African American women who was able to publicly discuss her personal life. She became recognized and highly respected as a spokesperson for blacks and women



Maya Angelou's Library à Legacy Libraries (Août 2015)


L'écriture est belle, mais ce roman biographique est déconcertant tellement la jeune femme qu'a été Maya Angelou est naïve, jusqu'à la bêtise. C'est comme ça que je l'ai ressenti, et ça m'a gâché la lecture, me posant toujours la question de savoir si l'auteure forçait le trait pour paraître aussi crédule face à des hommes qui la menait en bateau...
pangee | 16 autres critiques | Apr 17, 2023 |
Un très émouvant et fort témoignage de la vie de l'auteur, femme noire, autrice militante dans les années 60 aux Etats-Unis. Cette autobiographie retrace son parcours depuis son enfance jusqu'à ses 17 ans. Née en Californie, ses parents ne s'occupent pas d'elle ni de son petit frère Bailey. Ils sont donc emmenés chez leur grand-mère, "Momma" qui habite dans le Sud conservateur, en Géorgie, où le raciste est une réalité permanente. A l'âge de 7 ans elle retourne vivre avec sa mère et son compagnon ; elle sera violée par lui. Elle retourne alors chez sa grand-mère qui prendra soin d'elle malgré une certaine rigidité. Sa rencontre avec une femme lettrée, qui l'encouragera à lire et à étudier, à gagner sa liberté. De tout ça elle tirera une force inouïe, travaillera grâce à sa farouche volonté, et deviendra une grande écrivaine et militante pour les droits des femmes afro-américaines. Magnifique !… (plus d'informations)
fiestalire | 223 autres critiques | Mar 17, 2021 |
> Je reprendrais bien un peu de rêve de Maya ANGELOU (Traduit de l’américain par Ph. Bonnet et D. Lemann, Hachette littérature)
Se reporter au compte rendu de Michèle GAZIER
In: Revue Esprit Nouvelle série, No. 45 (9) (Septembre 1980), pp. 175-176… ; (en ligne),
URL : rel="nofollow" target="_top">… (plus d'informations)
Joop-le-philosophe | Oct 3, 2020 |


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