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La grève (1957)

par Ayn Rand

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22,490397172 (3.71)571
Pourquoi le monde semble-t-il se detraquer ?Pourquoi, sans raison apparente, un sentiment de desespoir et de frustration se repand-il partout ?Pourquoi, dans les pires moments, entend-on ce nom, sans visage et sans origine ? QUI EST JOHN GALT ? Atlas Shrugged a ete traduit en dix-sept langues et est le livre le plus influent aux Etats-Unis apres la Bible.Le voici enfin disponible en version poche.… (plus d'informations)
  1. 154
    LA SOURCE VIVE par Ayn Rand (PghDragonMan, bigtent21, thebookpile)
    PghDragonMan: This earlier work is more lyrical and is a milder, and more condensed, version of the philosophy expressed by this work.
    bigtent21: "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead" are becoming more relevant as we head into 2009. Large Government Buyouts and Regulation are the scourge of Atlas Shrugged and the outright sponsoring of mediocrity predominates The Fountainhead. Rand can be long-winded, but these two books are must reads regardless of your own personal beliefs.… (plus d'informations)
  2. 72
    Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la richesse de nations par Adam Smith (thebookpile)
  3. 73
    Essays on Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged par Robert Mayhew (mcaution)
    mcaution: Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Rand's magnum opus through this unique collection of scholarly criticism. See why after 50+ years in print it's selling better than when it was first published.
  4. 63
    Les dépossédés par Ursula K. Le Guin (lauranav)
  5. 74
    The Ayn Rand Cult par Jeff Walker (bertilak)
  6. 41
    La route de la servitude par F. A. Hayek (ljessen)
  7. 10
    Blood Republic par James Duncan (Utilisateur anonyme)
    Utilisateur anonyme: If you love books that try to push the envelope of philosophical thought, but do it within a rapid-fire plot, this is the book for you.
  8. 00
    Wiseguy par Nicholas Pileggi (kswolff)
    kswolff: Henry Hill, like Dagny Taggart, uses ingenuity and skill to avoid his income getting taxed by repressive moocher FBI agents and Narcs.
  9. 11
    The God of the Machine par Isabel Paterson (bertilak)
  10. 00
    The Probability Broach par L. Neil Smith (fulner)
    fulner: The probably broach is like Atlas Shrugged meets inter-dimensional time travel.
  11. 11
    Progress par Charles Stampul (PeerlessPress)
  12. 01
    The Leopard's Spots par Thomas Dixon Jr. (Utilisateur anonyme)
    Utilisateur anonyme: Both of these books are famous for being controversial, and are as hated by their detractors as they are loved by their fans. They also both have a long winded speech by a character who starts off not being a real part of the story and ends up being the full protagonist.… (plus d'informations)
  13. 01
    Ten Rallies par Pasquin (PghDragonMan)
    PghDragonMan: Do the needs of the many outweigh the value of the individual?
  14. 23
    Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right par Jennifer Burns (szarka)
  15. 12
    La Foi des Réprouvés par Terry Goodkind (Cecrow)
    Cecrow: Fans of both Ayn Rand and the fantasy genre will find affirmation in Goodkind's series, notably beginning with this entry.
  16. 23
    Le temps du déluge par Margaret Atwood (rratzlaff)
  17. 23
    La metaphysique par Aristotle (thebookpile)
  18. 03
    Prosperites du vice par D.A.F. de Sade (kswolff)
    kswolff: Like "Atlas Shrugged," it is an aspirational epic about a strong-minded, pleasure-seeking woman triumphing over adversity and the herd mentality of her fellow humans. Sade, like Rand, was also a strident atheist given to writing characters give long speeches.
  19. 29
    Le Fléau par Stephen King (missmaddie)
    missmaddie: Epic struggles of good vs. evil

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A staggering portrait of emptiness. If only someone had remembered to tell the author.

Atlas Shrugged is breathtaking empty. Devoid of morality, depleted of literary skill, deprived of sensible plot, deserted of dialogue. Philosophy textbooks disguised as novels are rarely appealing, but especially not when the underlying philosophy is so absurd. Like much throat-slitting libertarianism (which Rand chose to call "objectivism"), the views make minimal sense in regard to their actions, but make no sense whatsoever in regard to the consequences of those actions. Take a few logical steps down the line and see what kind of world you'll end up in if you follow these instructions.

(If you're reading this on the cusp of the 2020s, you won't have to do too much guessing; Rand's principles underwrite some of our most prominent world politicians and thinkers.)

Run. Take your children and your pets, grab that wad of cash from under grandma's mattress, and head for the hills. A world awaits you there of kindness and compassion, and - for that matter - genuine literature. Maybe you'll enjoy [a:Lawrence Durrell|8166|Lawrence Durrell|] or [a:Sally Rooney|15860970|Sally Rooney|]? Perhaps you're a [a:Toni Morrison|3534|Toni Morrison|] type, a [a:Kazuo Ishiguro|4280|Kazuo Ishiguro|] acolyte, mad for [a:John Barth|8113|John Barth|] or eager for [a:George Eliot|173|George Eliot|]. Whatever you choose, it's got to be better than this. As Robinson Jeffers famously said, "when the cities lie at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains". ( )
  therebelprince | Apr 21, 2024 |
I went into reading this book thinking I would love it. By the end, I found myself answering "who cares" every time the book spouted the mantra "who is John Gault."

I was able to read the whole book and did find it interesting enough to finish. I don't think I would be so disappointed if I hadn't gone in with such high expectations for my enjoyment level.
( )
  Loolaw-Reads | Apr 1, 2024 |
A fascinating world created by a self-hating author. I enjoyed what I read of it but quit halfway from overall annoyance at Rand's attitude. ( )
  trrpatton | Mar 20, 2024 |
One can not really write a short review on this book if it ended with 5 stars. But one also can not write everything about this book without writing another book. I have pages and pages of handwritten text that I someday will put to use...

...but for now everything is simple: this book is about ideas as clock is about time. There is no other use for clock except idea of time and everything that comes with it. So is the book. Really that simple. It objectifies everyone and everything. To the point of been mechanical. And it's about mechanics too! About that steel-cage concrete philosophical building that rises to the sky in one single move. Everything is definitive. Steel-cage of story structure, apartments of world scenes, furniture of characters... it's as beautiful as one construction can be. Almost blinding...

...and there is love.

The love... Love. There is no simple words describing love in this book. Except word "love". Very not for everyone love. It is mechanical and objectified of course. Also it is grand and steel strong. It is in the whole building, it is in the matter of the book.

And the characters, they are cogs and springs, they are movers and counters, they are parts that make whole, they unique and exist as one. There is absolutely no character development whatsoever, there is no need in one. There is no place for doubts, there is only certainty. There is just this sound of steel beams smashing together, there is this sound of big industrial hammers smashing ideas into matter. There is this sound of beating heart of the machine.

Imagine you sitting in Bugatti Veyron, imagine you pushing pedal and open throttle to release all that thousand wild horses into this world. There is a very clear line between people who going there with whole heart no mind technicalities, and the people who don't care because it's just a car.

There is no one side to this book. There is good. There is bad.

But personally I don't give a damn. I'm in love. ( )
  WorkLastDay | Dec 17, 2023 |
This was another reread for me and I had to bring it down a star. I still "sort of" agree with the message but the main reason though that I dropped it down to 4 stars is that as I have gotten older I no longer feel like being preached at. ( )
  everettroberts | Oct 20, 2023 |
Affichage de 1-5 de 385 (suivant | tout afficher)
"Despite laborious monologues, the reader will stay with this strange world, borne along by its story and eloquent flow of ideas."
ajouté par GYKM | modifierNewsweek
"to warn contemporary America against abandoning its factories, neglecting technological progress and abolishing the profit motive seems a little like admonishing water against running uphill."
"inspired" and "monumental" but "(t)o the Christian, everyone is redeemable. But Ayn Rand’s ethical hardness may repel those who most need her message: that charity should be voluntary…. She should not have tried to rewrite the Sermon on the Mount."
Atlas Shrugged represents a watershed in the history of world literature.
Read more at:

"We struggle to be just. For we cannot help feeling at least a sympathetic pain before the sheer labor, discipline, and patient craftsmanship that went to making this mountain of words. But the words keep shouting us down. In the end that tone dominates. But it should be its own antidote, warning us that anything it shouts is best taken with the usual reservations with which we might sip a patent medicine. Some may like the flavor. In any case, the brew is probably without lasting ill effects. But it is not a cure for anything. Nor would we, ordinarily, place much confidence in the diagnosis of a doctor who supposes that the Hippocratic Oath is a kind of curse."

"remarkably silly" and "can be called a novel only by devaluing the term" ... "From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: 'To the gas chambers — go!'"

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Amor, ClaudiaTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Çorakçı Dişbudak, BelkısTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Balbusso, AnnaIllustrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Balbusso, ElenaIllustrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Bastide-Foltz, SophieTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Brick, ScottNarrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
De Voogt, JanTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Dirda, MichaelIntroductionauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Erener, SerdarAvant-proposauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Freccero, MaudTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Herrmann, EdwardNarrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Hurt, ChristopherNarrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Iivonen, JyrkiTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Jakubeit, AliceTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Kais, LeilaTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Kofman, LuisTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Lyall, DennisIllustrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Mayo, FrankIllustrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Peikoff, LeonardIntroductionauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Reading, KateNarrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Salter, GeorgeIllustrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
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Yildiz, ŞerifTraducteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
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Pourquoi le monde semble-t-il se detraquer ?Pourquoi, sans raison apparente, un sentiment de desespoir et de frustration se repand-il partout ?Pourquoi, dans les pires moments, entend-on ce nom, sans visage et sans origine ? QUI EST JOHN GALT ? Atlas Shrugged a ete traduit en dix-sept langues et est le livre le plus influent aux Etats-Unis apres la Bible.Le voici enfin disponible en version poche.

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