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Utilisateur : szarka

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À mon sujetGeek, DJ, Once & Future Economist

I joined LibraryThing for the chicks.

À propos de ma bibliothèqueI've managed to catalog almost all my physical books, & most of the ebooks, too. I'm currently trying to scan all my print books to PDF, but I've reached the point where it's difficult to let go of more.

Special tags I'm using:
"____ library" (borrowed from ____ library),
"nae" ("not actual edition"),
"blewmymind" (books that gave my head a good shake at some point in my life), and
"BOX1", "BOX2", etc. (no room for these on the shelves).

Yes, I have that many books in progress at one time (sometimes for years); I like to nibble on a large buffet of books, and sometimes I just get stalled at some point. Fiction and poetry I tend to zoom right through, though. Most of my "Read but unowned" books are fairly recent; cataloging all the books I've ever read is a Sisyphean task even I'm not crazy enough to undertake!

Want to make a book cover mosaic like the one in my profile? Look here: http://www.librarything.com/blog/2007/01/you-are-what-you-read.php

GroupesBookCrossers, Books that made me think, Connecticut Nutmeggers, Ebook, Economics, Erotica, Evolve!, genderqueer, Hogwarts Express, I heart metadatavoir tous les groupes

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Bibliothèques préféréesConnecticut Judicial Branch Main Library, Edwin H. Land Library (Norwich Free Academy Library), Homer Babbidge Library (University of Connecticut Main Library), L. Eugene Smith Library - Eastern Connecticut State University, Otis Library

Page d'accueilhttp://szarka.org/

Membre du groupeER. Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing/Dons des utilisateurs

Également surAmazon, BookCrossing, Discogs, Distributed Proofrea, Facebook, Google, Last.fm, Rate Your Music, Twitter, Wikipedia

Vrai nomRob Szarka

Lieu (géographique)Lawrence, KS, US

Type de compteaccès public

Adresses Internet /profile/szarka (profil)
/catalog/szarka (bibliothèque)

Membre depuisOct 6, 2005

En cours de lectureJazz Cultures par David Andrew Ake
The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence par Ray Kurzweil
Selected Poems par Jorge Luis Borges
About Love : Reinventing Romance for Our Times par Robert C. Solomon
Popper Selections par Karl Raimund Popper
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