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Ayn Rand, 1905 - 1982 Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand was born Alice Rosenbaum on February 2, 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated with highest honors in history from the University of Petrograd in 1924, and she came to the United States in 1926 with dreams of becoming a screenwriter. In 1929, she married actor Charles "Frank" O'Connor. After arriving in Hollywood, Rand was spotted by Cecil B. DeMille standing at the gate of his studio and gave her a job as an extra in King of Kings. She also worked as a script reader and a wardrobe girl and, in 1932, she sold Red Pawn to Universal Studios. In the 1950's, she returned to New York City where she hosted a Saturday night group she called "the collective." It was also during this time that Rand received a fan letter from a young man, Nathaniel Branden. She was impressed with his letter, and she wrote him back. Her correspondence with him eventually led to an affair that lasted over a decade. He became her chief spokesperson and codified the principles of her novels into a strict philosophical system (objectivism) and founded an institute bearing his name. Their affair ended in 1968 when Branden got involved with another one of Rand's disciples. According to Rand, people are inherently selfish and act only out of personal interest making a selfish act, a rational one. It is from this belief that her characters play out their lives. Rand's first novel was "We the Living" (1936) and was followed by "Anthem" (1938), "The Fountainhead" (1943), and "Atlas Shrugged" (1957). All four of her novels made the top ten of the controversial list of the 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century. On March 6, 1982, Ayn Rand died in her New York City apartment. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biography from La grève
… (plus d'informations)
La grève 20,820 exemplaire(s), 363 critiques
LA SOURCE VIVE 17,982 exemplaire(s), 246 critiques
Anthem : (Hymne) 9,707 exemplaire(s), 200 critiques
We the Living 3,883 exemplaire(s), 42 critiques
La vertu d'égoîsme 2,331 exemplaire(s), 25 critiques
Philosophy: Who Needs It 951 exemplaire(s), 8 critiques
Night of January 16th 567 exemplaire(s), 7 critiques
The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z 373 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution 313 exemplaire(s), 4 critiques
The Journals of Ayn Rand 223 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Letters of Ayn Rand 165 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Ayn Rand Reader 156 exemplaire(s)
Ayn Rand Answers: The Best of Her Q & A 135 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Ideal 90 exemplaire(s)
Three Plays 88 exemplaire(s)
Atlas Shrugged: Part One (Auteur) 48 exemplaire(s)
The Objectivist Newsletter: 1962-1965 42 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Objectivist: 1966-1971 41 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Ayn Rand Letter 1971-1976 40 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Why Businessmen Need Philosophy 37 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Fountainhead [1949 film] (Screenwriter/Original novel; Original book) 35 exemplaire(s)
The Ayn Rand Sampler 31 exemplaire(s)
Atlas Shrugged (Volume 2 of 2) 22 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Hymn 11 exemplaire(s)
Textbook of Americanism 9 exemplaire(s)
We The Living and Anthem 9 exemplaire(s)
Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1 (Russian translation) 6 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
A Revolta de Atlas - V.2 5 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
כמעין המתגבר 5 exemplaire(s)
A Revolta de Atlas - V.3 5 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
The Objectivist Ethics 3 exemplaire(s)
Kildens utspring 2 3 exemplaire(s)
The End of the Road 3 exemplaire(s)
Global Balkanization 3 exemplaire(s)
The Moral Factor 3 exemplaire(s)
¡Vivir! 3 exemplaire(s)
Papers of Ayn Rand 3 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
Capitalism vs. Communism 2 exemplaire(s)
The Fascist New Frontier 2 exemplaire(s)
The Meaning of Money 2 exemplaire(s)
Los que vivimos, Vol I 2 exemplaire(s)
Is Atlas Shrugging? 2 exemplaire(s)
The Objectivist 2 exemplaire(s)
Cultural Update 2 exemplaire(s)
Ben 2 exemplaire(s)
Ayn Rand (Tapes) 2 exemplaire(s)
What is Capitalism? 2 exemplaire(s)
Meaning of Money 1 exemplaire
The Zurau Aphorisms 1 exemplaire
Apollo and Dionysis 1 exemplaire
源泉(下) 1 exemplaire
Ailenin Tarihi 1 exemplaire
Gimn: [: ] 1 exemplaire
源泉(上) 1 exemplaire
Ego 1 exemplaire
Red Pawn 1 exemplaire
Her Second Career 1 exemplaire
Escort 1 exemplaire
The Roots of War 1 exemplaire
Good Copy 1 exemplaire
Think Twice 1 exemplaire
Kildens utspring 1 1 exemplaire
The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature (Contributeur) 153 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Calumet "K" (Introduction, quelques éditions) 59 exemplaire(s), 1 critique
The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack (Contributeur) 58 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques
Ayn Rand's Anthem: The Graphic Novel (Original author) 50 exemplaire(s), 2 critiques

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