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Christine Lauber
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I have a ton of four or five star ratings because i generally know what I'm going to like before I read it. If I hate a book, I stop reading early on. Mainly I love what I read. it's simply a question of minor degrees of love.
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Fiction lover, bird lover, grandchildren and my children lover. Doer of NYT crosswords and acrostics. The outdoors are splendid...often I am actually there. Which was a joke. I welcome any book suggestions fiction or not, from anyone. Reading saves lives, I'm convinced. Souls. Who knows, marriages?

I adore Library Thing for the ease of remembering what I've read. I also love knowing what others have read and recommend.

i read a lot of fiction--probably too much--and do the nytimes crosswords & acrostics. love bach and birds. dogs and cats too, but have no pets currently. always open to books-to-read suggestions.
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Orient, New York
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