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Wendy Mass was born in Livingston, New Jersey on January 17, 1967. She received a B. A. in English from Tufts University. She worked as a book editor at numerous publishing houses in New York City and Connecticut and co-created a teenage literary magazine called Writes of Passage. She has written afficher plus several nonfiction books for teenagers including Stonehenge, Readings on Night, John Cabot: Early Explorer, and Ray Bradbury: Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Her fiction books include Leap Day, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall, Every Soul a Star, 11 Birthdays, Finally, and The Candymakers. A Mango-Shaped Space won the American Library Association Schneider Family Book Award in 2004. She wrote the storyline for an episode of the television show Monk, entitled "Mr. Monk Goes to the Theatre," which aired during the show's second season. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins

Comprend les noms: Wendy Maas, Wendy Mass, by Wendy Mass


Œuvres de Wendy Mass

A Mango-Shaped Space (2003) 1,784 exemplaires
11 Birthdays (2009) 1,589 exemplaires
Every Soul A Star (2008) 1,530 exemplaires
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (2008) 1,509 exemplaires
The Candymakers (2010) 1,332 exemplaires
Finally (2010) 859 exemplaires
13 Gifts (2011) 678 exemplaires
Bob (2018) 602 exemplaires
Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall (2007) 373 exemplaires
Leap Day (2004) 318 exemplaires
The Last Present (2013) 302 exemplaires
Pi in the Sky (2013) 230 exemplaires
Graceful (2015) 192 exemplaires
Stealing the Sword (2018) 189 exemplaires
Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight (2014) 116 exemplaires
Escape from Egypt (2018) 68 exemplaires
Fast-Forward to the Future (2019) 59 exemplaires
Space Taxi: Water Planet Rescue (2014) 52 exemplaires
Lo and behold (2023) 43 exemplaires
The Seventh Element (2016) 33 exemplaires
Dodging Dinosaurs (2019) 33 exemplaires
Autumn : poems, songs, prayers (2001) 23 exemplaires
Winter : poems, songs, prayers (2001) 17 exemplaires
Space Taxi: The Galactic B.U.R.P. (2016) 16 exemplaires
Fantasy (2001) — Directeur de publication — 13 exemplaires
Space Taxi: B.U.R.P. Strikes Back (2017) 13 exemplaires
Spring : poems, songs, prayers (2001) 12 exemplaires
Summer : poems, songs, prayers (2001) 12 exemplaires
Readings on Night (2000) — Directeur de publication — 11 exemplaires
Space Taxi: Aliens on Earth (2017) 10 exemplaires
Children's literature (2001) — Directeur de publication — 8 exemplaires
Celebrate Halloween (2006) 5 exemplaires
Teen Drug Abuse (Teen Issues) (1998) 5 exemplaires
John Cabot : early explorer (2004) 3 exemplaires
Getting A Clue: Tammy (1995) 2 exemplaires
Women's rights (1998) 1 exemplaire
Gentle lion (Little lambs) (1996) 1 exemplaire
The 1920s (2004) 1 exemplaire
Books 1 exemplaire

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Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd (2009) — Contributeur — 1,143 exemplaires
Unidentified Funny Objects 8 (2020) — Auteur — 13 exemplaires


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New Jersey, USA
Tufts University



2 children Finding the right key that fits à Name that Book (Janvier 2013)


11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

This Book is about Amanda and Leo they were born on the same day have celebrated the birthdays together, Until age Amanda and Leo have a fight on the tenth birthday apart, but then wake up the next day to find that they must repeat the day until they get it right
Rini55 | 78 autres critiques | Feb 28, 2024 |
Livy and her family have not visited her grandmother in Australia for almost 5 years. Once arriving, Livy feels like she has left something, like something is missing. She goes for a search in her old room. There she finds Bob, a short green creature dressed in a hand made chicken suit Livy told him she would be back, and 5 years later he was still waiting for her in her closet. But where did he come from? Who really is Bob? Livy helps Bob try to find his way home and following different clues and past memories they embark on a magical journey together!

This book was the perfect intermediate fantasy read! It was a light hearted fun story that brings up the magic of childhood. It talks about imaginary friends and a very realistic magical well dwelling creature. It reminds me of a make believe or imaginary friend story young children have.
I originally chose to read this book because it was co-written by both Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead. I had recently read their book, The Lost Library, which was another adorable magical collaboration. I wanted to see similarities and difference between their two writing collaborations. I notice similarities between the character development overtime as well as their chapter pacing and writing style. The stories themselves were quite different. I preferred this one to the Lost Library! It would definitely please many audiences!
… (plus d'informations)
Booksonthehammock | 33 autres critiques | Feb 11, 2024 |
This was very endearing. I think it will be a crowd-pleaser. It felt more Wendy Mass than Rebecca Stead to me, mostly because I imagine a younger audience for it. I think it would work as a read-aloud for kids as young as seven, maybe even a precocious six-year-old.

I also had a feeling like I was watching a heartwarming family movie, which is not a feeling I generally get from Stead's books. I know I've seen comparisons between this book and E.T. but I'm thinking of any movie where a child befriends a creature and has to hide the creature from adults. When I was a kid I watched Pete's Dragon like a million times and loooooved the idea of having a secret magical pet/friend.

… (plus d'informations)
LibrarianDest | 33 autres critiques | Jan 3, 2024 |
I picked this up at ALA with much excitement. It was described to me as "Willy Wonka meets Mysterious Benedict Society" and I liked at least one of Wendy Mass's previous books. As I started in on it, I was pleased to find decent jokes, a quick-ish pace, and lots of mouth-watering candy descriptions. The structure of the book is interesting too: Each of the four main characters (Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip) narrate separate sections of the book. So after we've read Logan's POV, we go back in time and see the day through Miles' eyes, then Daisy's, etc. So it's a slow reveal of what's really going on, which definitely keeps the pages a-turnin'.

The mystery is very Wonka-esque. Three kids are invited to a candy factory to learn about candymaking so they can enter a candymaking contest (Logan, the fourth contestant, is the candymaker's son and lives at the factory). It seems as though someone is after the factory's secret ingredient and may be trying to close it down. But who's the bad guy? Why do these kids have so many secrets? Who can be trusted? Will the four kids end up best friends or bitter enemies?

I was with this book right up until the end. The finale could have really popped, but instead it fizzled. And it got pretty cheesy, too. Still, 90% enjoyable isn't bad. I always think the toughest part of writing a mystery/adventure story is coming up with a satisfying ending. Maybe it's enough that the journey is exciting, even if the destination leaves something to be desired. I think I'll still recommend this one. The premise alone will make it an easy sell.
… (plus d'informations)
LibrarianDest | 43 autres critiques | Jan 3, 2024 |


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