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Mem Fox was born on March 5, 1946 in Melbourne, Australia. She attended a drama school in London. She returned to Australia where she was a college professor. She writes children's books including Possum Magic, Night Noises, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Time for Bed, Koala Lou, Wombat Divine, afficher plus Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, Hello Baby!, A Giraffe in the Bath (co-written with Olivia Rawson), Count Goats!, and The Little Dragon. She has also written several books for adults. She has received numerous awards including the 1990 Dromkeen Medal for distinguished services to children's literature, a 1991 Advance Australia Award for her outstanding contribution to Australian literature, and a medal in the 1993 Australia Day Honours awards for services to the cultural life of Australia. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
Crédit image: Mem Fox with her latest book, Let's Count Goats, at the 2010 Baltimore Book Festival. ©2010


Œuvres de Mem Fox

Whoever You Are (1997) 3,738 exemplaires
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984) 3,575 exemplaires
Time for Bed (1993) 3,188 exemplaires
Possum Magic (1983) 2,188 exemplaires
Koala Lou (1988) 2,151 exemplaires
Where Is the Green Sheep? (2004) 1,674 exemplaires
Hattie and the Fox (1986) 1,580 exemplaires
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (2008) 1,397 exemplaires
Tough Boris (1994) 1,230 exemplaires
The Magic Hat (2002) 1,128 exemplaires
Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild! (2003) 1,091 exemplaires
Shoes from Grandpa (1989) 839 exemplaires
Night Noises (1992) 753 exemplaires
Wombat Divine (1995) 712 exemplaires
Sleepy Bears (1999) 563 exemplaires
Hello Baby! (1800) 502 exemplaires
Zoo-Looking (1995) 487 exemplaires
Plumes et Prises de bec (1989) 333 exemplaires
Hunwick's Egg (2005) 289 exemplaires
Sophie (1997) 248 exemplaires
Boo to a Goose (1996) 241 exemplaires
Good Night, Sleep Tight (1988) 236 exemplaires
Guess What? (1988) 220 exemplaires
A Particular Cow (1789) 217 exemplaires
Let's count goats (2010) 214 exemplaires
Tell Me About Your Day Today (2011) 146 exemplaires
The Goblin and the Empty Chair (2009) 141 exemplaires
Two Little Monkeys (2012) 138 exemplaires
A Bedtime Story (1996) 130 exemplaires
Where the Giant Sleeps (2007) 130 exemplaires
Ducks Away! (2016) 126 exemplaires
This and That (2017) 115 exemplaires
The Straight Line Wonder (1987) 115 exemplaires
Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! (2013) 106 exemplaires
I'm Australian too (2017) 75 exemplaires
Baby Bedtime (2013) 68 exemplaires
A Giraffe in the Bath (2010) 54 exemplaires
I'm an Immigrant Too! (2018) 48 exemplaires
Cat Dog (2021) 46 exemplaires
The Tiny Star (2019) 39 exemplaires
Nellie Belle (2015) 37 exemplaires
Bonnie and Ben Rhyme Again (2018) 32 exemplaires
Roly Poly (2019) 31 exemplaires
Early One Morning (2016) 26 exemplaires
The little dragon (2011) 25 exemplaires
Cat Called Kite (1985) 19 exemplaires
With Love, at Christmas (1988) 17 exemplaires
The Little Book of Possum Magic (2006) 16 exemplaires
Our Dragon (2023) 13 exemplaires
Possum Magic: Numbers (2012) 10 exemplaires
Just Like That (1987) 8 exemplaires
Teaching Drama to Young Children (1990) 8 exemplaires
Possum Magic: Opposites (2014) 7 exemplaires
Possum Magic: Colours (2016) 7 exemplaires
The Possum Magic Cookbook (2015) 6 exemplaires
My First Possum Magic Collection (2018) 6 exemplaires
Possum Magic: Actions (2015) 3 exemplaires
Thereby hangs a tale 2 exemplaires
One World, Many Cultures (2004) 2 exemplaires
Time For Bed Bedtime 1 exemplaire
Mem Fox Magic (2002) 1 exemplaire
Mem Fox Reads (1992) 1 exemplaire
Was meinst Du? (1999) 1 exemplaire
Bear Play 1 exemplaire
Classic Magic: Possum Magic and Other Stories (2015) — Auteur; Narrateur — 1 exemplaire
Papers of Mem Fox 1 exemplaire
Whoever They Are 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

Confronting Our Discomfort: Clearing the Way for Anti-Bias in Early Childhood (2003) — Avant-propos, quelques éditions4 exemplaires
Possum Magic: The Musical — Original book — 1 exemplaire


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This book is appropriate for primary readers.
This book is about all of the different people who reside in Australia and where they hail from.
This book would be useful in teaching about Rhyming and diversity.
Kpasley | 6 autres critiques | Feb 19, 2024 |
Mx loved this book. Got this to promote using Spanish words; may have even been our first Spanish/bilingual book. Funny cute story about a lost sheep that includes lots of adjectives. Ms has been indifferent to it so far.
Mx2018 | 90 autres critiques | Feb 4, 2024 |
From stardust to stardust, the narrative of a life is spun out in Australian author/illustrator team Mem Fox and Freya Blackwood's picture book, The Tiny Star. Falling to earth one night, a star takes the shape of a tiny baby, is adopted by loving parents, leads a full, long and loving life surrounded by relatives and friends, before passing away—back into stardom. Shining from the celestial heavens, the star gives comfort to the loved ones left behind...

When I first happened upon this book at my public library, I mistook it for a Christmas title for some reason. I'm trying to recall whether it had been mistakenly placed on the Christmas display—I think it had been, but couldn't swear to it. In any case, being on the hunt for new and new-to-me Christmas books, and being a devoted admirer of Freya Blackwood's artwork, I immediately snatched it up and brought it home. I was not all that dismayed to find it wasn't a Christmas story (Freya Blackwood, after all), and was intrigued by the idea of a star living out the life of a human. It brought back memories of my college astronomy class, and the time my professor informed we students that the old hippie belief in humanity being nothing but stardust was in fact scientifically sound, as every atom that goes to make up our world, and us, comes from massive stellar explosions in the cosmic prehistory of our area of the universe.

In any case, I certainly didn't approach this one with anything other than a pleasant expectation of enjoyment, given my fondness for the illustrator, and the fact that author Mem Fox is a titan in children's literature, both Australian and global. Unfortunately, despite all this, The Tiny Star was a miss for me. I found the narrative unconvincing, and even unmoving. Many other online reviewers apparently found it emotionally resonant, and quite poignant, and I can certainly see that this narrative of the seasons of life might evoke such feelings. For me however, I kept expecting there to be something more meaningful, some insight that a star living as a human would give us—something more than just the idea of a long life well-lived, and well-loved. I found myself thinking of Kurt Vonnegut's most unusual Nativity Story, Sun Moon Star, in which the creator of the universe finds himself in a baby's body, and must see the universe in a different way. Here there is none of that—no sense of how the star perceives the world and the cosmos, now that it has become flesh. I also found myself thinking of Marion Dane Bauer's magisterial The Stuff of Stars, in which the author constructs a story beginning with the birth of the universe and concluding with the birth of a baby made of stardust. There the link to stars is deeply meaningful, tying the infinitesimal smallness of a human to the great scope of the cosmos, but here it feels incidental. The human who comes from a star in this story is referred to as "it" throughout, constantly reminding the reader that "it" is a star in human shape, rather than a human (a person, not an object) made of stars. As if to emphasize the star-ness of this person, "it" returns to the heavens after death, leaving no mortal remains, and resuming its status as a star. It is a reversal of the idea of people being made from stardust, and in turn making other stardust creatures and objects, when their bodies return to their constituent elements.

Reactions will vary of course, and some will (and have) found this one meaningful, where I have not. That said, I was so repelled by this book, so unexpectedly put off by the narrative, that I might have given it a two-star rating, were it not for Blackwood's lovely illustrations, which depict a loving, diverse family. Her artwork is always worth the price of entry, so I'm not sorry to have read this one, but I don't really recommend it. Seek out the Bauer, if you are looking for a truly meaningful cosmological baby book, and the Vonnegut, if you want a story about the ties between divinity and humanity.
… (plus d'informations)
AbigailAdams26 | Jan 11, 2024 |
This is one of those books where the real story is in the pictures and not the text, which is something that can work really well (e.g. in Rosie's Walk, right?). But there are so many things I dislike about this book. The plot in the pictures is weird and vaguely unsettling, the text is boring when it's trying to be deep. I would especially guard against doing this at a story time.
LibrarianDest | 87 autres critiques | Jan 3, 2024 |


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