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Candace Fleming

Auteur de Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

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Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! (2002) 924 exemplaires
Boxes for Katje (2003) 559 exemplaires
Oh, No! (2012) 449 exemplaires
Clever Jack Takes the Cake (2010) 365 exemplaires
The Hatmaker's Sign (1998) 342 exemplaires
Fatal Throne: The Wives of Henry VIII Tell All (2018) — Contributeur; Contributeur — 311 exemplaires
Giant Squid (2016) 285 exemplaires
Imogene's Last Stand (2009) 285 exemplaires
Papa's Mechanical Fish (2013) 222 exemplaires
Bulldozer's Big Day (2015) 208 exemplaires
Lowji discovers America (2005) 141 exemplaires
Gabriella's Song (1997) 131 exemplaires
Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide! (2007) 115 exemplaires
Gator Gumbo: A Spicy-Hot Tale (2004) 113 exemplaires
When Agnes Caws (1818) 82 exemplaires
Bulldozer Helps Out (2017) 76 exemplaires
Seven Hungry Babies (2010) 67 exemplaires
Go Sleep in Your Own Bed (2017) 67 exemplaires
Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom! (2017) 59 exemplaires
Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Splash! (2014) 58 exemplaires
Mine! (2023) 40 exemplaires
The Tide Pool Waits (2022) 36 exemplaires
Smile, Lily! (2004) 35 exemplaires
This Is the Baby (2004) 34 exemplaires
Who Invited You? (2001) 33 exemplaires
Westward Ho, Carlotta! (1998) 25 exemplaires
Penny & Pip (2023) 23 exemplaires
Women of the Lights (1865) 21 exemplaires
Polar Bear (2022) 21 exemplaires
Eleanor Roosevelt's in My Garage! (2018) 21 exemplaires
Bulldozer's Christmas Dig (2021) 17 exemplaires
Emma's Circus (2017) 13 exemplaires
La collezione di Joey (2019) 2 exemplaires

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In the spring of 1941, hundreds of young women from across the British Isles were instructed to report to Bletchley Park. Amidst brilliant cryptographers and absent-minded professors, it was the teenaged girls who ran the unwieldy bombe machines, made sense of wireless sound waves, and sorted the decoded messages, playing a crucial role in the wartime effort. Courageous young women played a vital role in turning the tides of World War II for the Allies at Bletchley Park and these are their stories.

Ciphers and codes have always been fascinating to me, mostly because even when the solution is spelled out I find it difficult to read! The fact that young women were thrown into the task of solving ciphers and codes caught my attention. Given the description of the conditions they worked in and the grueling task in front of them, I was astonished that more of them didn’t have a mental breakdown from the stress!

The author details different young women who performed different tasks at Bletchley Park and what it took to accomplish the task. Interspersed throughout are examples of the kinds of ciphers and codes and some of the methods used to solve them. Also included are a few of the pictures that survived the record purging that happened after the war.

I would recommend this to readers interested in ciphers and the work that went on in Bletchley Park. I received an advance copy through NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own.
… (plus d'informations)
TheQuietReader | Feb 6, 2024 |
Fred and Helen Martini longed for a baby, and they ended up with dozens of lion and tiger cubs! Helen begins her Bronx Zoo career by raising a single lion cub whose mothers is unable to care for it. After raising others in her home, she insists that she accompany them to the zoo. She soon develops nursery, and the zoo hires her to care for baby animals.
AnnesLibrary | 5 autres critiques | Jan 28, 2024 |
Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann describe the life cycle of the hard-working honeybee in this poetically written, thoroughly researched picture book. They follow the life of one bee – birth to death. The illustrations give the reader a closeup, accurate look at the life of this bee and the many jobs she performs for the hive. Suspense builds for the reader as he/she waits for this bee (Apis) to take her first flight. This event is marked by a stunning gatefold illustration.

Back matter includes a detailed diagram of the honeybee and an essay on the plight of honeybees. The goal of this nonfiction book is to inform readers, but also encourage children to understand the importance of the honeybee and to serve as an advocate for this threatened species.
… (plus d'informations)
AnnesLibrary | 17 autres critiques | Jan 28, 2024 |
I like our heroine’s quiet strength in this one. She didn’t set out to smash the patriarchy - she just let love and kindness guide her actions, and followed that instinct where it lead, unconventional or not.
sloth852 | 5 autres critiques | Jan 17, 2024 |


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