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Ross Thomas (1926–1995)

Auteur de Briarpatch

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Writer Ross Thomas was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on February 19, 1926. During World War II, he served in the Philippines. Before becoming a writer in 1965, he worked as a pulic relations specialist and a reporter. He has written over twenty novels, including The Cold War Swap, which won the afficher plus 1967 Edgar Award for best first novel, and Briarpatch, which won the 1985 Edgar Award for best novel. He also wrote a series of novels under the pseudonym Oliver Bleeck. Besides writing novels, he worked on the following three screenplays: St. Ives, which was based on a character he created, Hammett, and Bad Company. He died in Santa Monica, California on December 18, 1995. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
Notice de désambiguation :

(eng) Oliver Bleeck was a pen name of Ross Thomas. Ross Thomas and Thomas Ross are two different names ( different surnames) please do not combine these.


Œuvres de Ross Thomas

Briarpatch (1984) 388 exemplaires
Chinaman's Chance (1978) 330 exemplaires
Les faisans des îles (1987) 263 exemplaires
Un petit coup de main (1966) 239 exemplaires
La quatrième Durango (1989) 230 exemplaires
Cast a Yellow Shadow (1967) 205 exemplaires
Twilight at Mac's Place (1990) 205 exemplaires
Voodoo Ltd (1993) 201 exemplaires
The Fools in Town Are on Our Side (1970) 188 exemplaires
Missionary Stew (1983) 156 exemplaires
The Eighth Dwarf (1979) 156 exemplaires
Ah, Treachery! (1994) 155 exemplaires
The Backup Men (1971) 117 exemplaires
The Singapore Wink (1969) 110 exemplaires
The Money Harvest (1975) 103 exemplaires
If You Can't Be Good (1973) 101 exemplaires
The Seersucker Whipsaw (1967) 97 exemplaires
Yellow-Dog Contract (1977) 91 exemplaires
The Mordida Man (1981) 89 exemplaires
The Porkchoppers (1972) 89 exemplaires
The Brass Go-Between (1969) 85 exemplaires
The Procane Chronicle (1971) 75 exemplaires
Protocol for a Kidnapping (1971) 74 exemplaires
The Highbinders (1974) 65 exemplaires
No Questions Asked (1976) 63 exemplaires
Teufels Küche (2010) 3 exemplaires
Bad Company [1995 film] (1995) — Writer — 3 exemplaires
Il mercato delle spie 2 exemplaires
Thief Who Painted Sunlight (1972) 2 exemplaires
Spies, Thumbsuckers, Etc. (1989) 2 exemplaires
Norgold '88 Cairns 1 exemplaire
chien de métier! 1 exemplaire
Chien de métier (1970) 1 exemplaire
Gli intermediari 1 exemplaire
Any 1 exemplaire
La madriguera (1984) 1 exemplaire
Spy in the Vodka 1 exemplaire
Maailman laidalla (1995) 1 exemplaire
Kibuvitsatihnik : [romaan] (2003) 1 exemplaire
Smlouva bez podpisu 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

D.C. Noir 2: The Classics (2008) — Contributeur — 63 exemplaires
Blood In, Blood Out [1993 film] (1993) — Original story — 26 exemplaires
The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold [2006 film] (2006) — Actor, quelques éditions17 exemplaires


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Partage des connaissances

Nom canonique
Thomas, Ross
Autres noms
Bleeck, Oliver (pseudonym)
Date de naissance
Date de décès
Lieu de naissance
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Lieu du décès
Santa Monica, California, USA
Lieux de résidence
California, USA
public relations specialist
political strategist
union spokesman
Prix et distinctions
Gumshoe Award (Lifetime Achievement, 2002)
Notice de désambigüisation
Oliver Bleeck was a pen name of Ross Thomas.

Ross Thomas and Thomas Ross are two different names ( different surnames) please do not combine these.



Welcome to the wold of Ross Thomas. I can't think of a better story teller than he was. The language is so deft and graceful, the characterization so perfectly etched even though much of the novel is the blackest of comedies, that you are swept away into a very believable world of government treachery, incompetence and viciousness all the more startling because of the ironic tone of the writing.
The novel was published in 1983 thus the U.S. government in power is quite Reaganesque and the dilemma it finds itself in not unlike (prescience on Thomas' part) Iran-Contra. The McGuffin here is intriguing--the incompeents of the CIA and the FBI want to silence anybody who can tell the tale of our goverment's atrocities. And "tell" is the correct word. None of the evidence is written down but there are a number of participants who can tell the story.
There is no other writer like Ross Thomas and no other novel like Missionary Stew (or most of his novels for that matter). Treat yourself to two nights of amazing reading. While he exposes the practices of our government with comedic effect, he also constructs a novel of inter-locking cliff hangers that keep you flipping pages long after you should have grabbed your teddy bear and gone to sleep. (extract from Ed Gorman's blog)
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