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Colleen McCullough (1937–2015)

Auteur de Les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir

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Colleen McCullough was born on June 1, 1937 in Wellington, New South Wales, Australia. She attended Holy Cross College and the University of Sydney. She wanted to pursue a career in medicine but had an allergic reaction to the antiseptic soap that surgeons use to scrub. She decided to study afficher plus neuroscience and established the department of neurophysiology at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney before working as a researcher and teacher at Yale Medical School for ten years. Her first novel, Tim, was published in 1974 and was adapted into a movie starring Mel Gibson. During her lifetime, she wrote 25 novels including The Thorn Birds, An Indecent Obsession, A Creed for the Third Millennium, The Ladies of Missalonghi, the Masters of Rome series, and Bittersweet. The Thorn Birds was adapted into a U.S. television mini-series in 1983, which won four Golden Globe awards. She died after a long illness on January 29, 2015 at the age of 77. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins


Œuvres de Colleen McCullough

Les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir (1977) 7,548 exemplaires
César et Cléopâtre (2002) 1,362 exemplaires
Antony and Cleopatra (2007) 1,114 exemplaires
Morgan's Run (2000) 996 exemplaires
Les Dames de Missalonghi (1987) 968 exemplaires
Le temps de l'amour (2003) 760 exemplaires
Un Autre Nom Pour l' Amour (1981) 684 exemplaires
Tim (1974) 630 exemplaires
The Song of Troy (1998) 628 exemplaires
Les caprices de Miss Mary (2008) 572 exemplaires
La Passion du Dr Christian (1985) 563 exemplaires
Corps manquants (2005) 451 exemplaires
Bittersweet: A Novel (2013) 417 exemplaires
La maison de l'Ange (2004) 246 exemplaires
Douze de trop (2009) 243 exemplaires
Naked Cruelty (2010) 87 exemplaires
The Prodigal Son (2012) 82 exemplaires
Sins of the Flesh (2013) 60 exemplaires
Roden Cutler, V.C: The Biography (1998) 58 exemplaires
Caesar's Women, Part 1/2 (1996) 22 exemplaires
Life without the boring bits (2011) 18 exemplaires
Caesar's Women, Part 2/2 (1996) 15 exemplaires
The Thorn Birds [Abridged Audio] (2007) 9 exemplaires
Fortune's Favorites, Vol. I (1997) 6 exemplaires
1996 6 exemplaires
Fortune's Favorites, Vol. II (1994) 5 exemplaires
The First Man in Rome, Vol. II (2000) 4 exemplaires
Anthony and Cleopatra, Vol. 1 (2009) 4 exemplaires
The Grass Crown, Vol. II (1992) 3 exemplaires
The First Man in Rome, Vol. I (2012) 3 exemplaires
Anthony and Cleopatra, Vol. 2 (2009) 3 exemplaires
A coroa de ervas (1991) 2 exemplaires
The Grasscrown 2 exemplaires
A Independência de Uma Mulher (2010) 2 exemplaires
LE IDI DI MARZO (2015) 1 exemplaire
Ceasar's Women (1996) 1 exemplaire
La morte in più 1 exemplaire
Poyuschie v ternovnike (2014) 1 exemplaire
Fűkoszorú (1994) 1 exemplaire
Morgan's Run, part 2 (2017) 1 exemplaire
The Birthday Present 1 exemplaire
Morgan's Run, part 1 (2017) 1 exemplaire
La Casa Degli Angeli 1 exemplaire
O Primeiro Homem de Roma (2013) 1 exemplaire
Tim 1 exemplaire
Pesem ptic trnovk 1 exemplaire
Gorkaia radost (2021) 1 exemplaire

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Nom canonique
McCullough, Colleen
Nom légal
McCullough, Colleen
McCullough-Robinson, Colleen
Autres noms
Makkalou, Kolin
MacCullough, Colleen
Date de naissance
Date de décès
Lieu de naissance
Wellington, New South Wales, Australië
Lieu du décès
Norfolk Island, Australia
Lieux de résidence
Wellington, Nieuw-Zuid-Wales, Australië
Sydney, Australië
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Connecticut VS
Norfolk Eiland
Lerares, Yale Afdeling Neurologie
Onderzoekster,Yale Afdeling Neurologie
1993: doctoraat in de letteren van de Macquarie Universiteit
Association for the Advancement of Science
Academy of Sciences
Prix et distinctions
Order of Australia (Officer)
Australian Living Treasure
Courte biographie
Colleen McCullough was born in Wellington, an outback town in Australia. Her family life was somewhat rough, her mother being rather aggressive toward her and burning any manuscripts of Colleen's she found. In adulthood, McCullough attempted to become a surgeon, but developed an allergic reaction to the surgical soap and switched to neuroscience. After several years working abroad, she received a position at the famed Yale University. It was during this time that she wrote Tim and her most famous novel, The Thorn Birds. Her success forced her to retire from teaching, and she eventually settled on the isolated Norfolk Island, where she lives with husband Ric Robinson, a descendant of the Bounty mutineers. 

In recent years, McCullough has completed numerous novels, including the controversial The Independence of Mis Mary Bennet, her Masters of Rome series, and several stand along works. She is a National Living Treasure of Australia and still uses a typewriter to complete her novels.




Un exercice inhabituel pour Colleen McCullough. Parfois surprenant mais au final pas grand intérêt.
Nikoz | 7 autres critiques | Oct 15, 2020 |
Une très bonne idée de "regards croisés" qui expose très bien le déroulé tout en le simplifiant. Un vrai exercice et une vraie réussite.
Nikoz | 9 autres critiques | Oct 3, 2019 |


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