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Oct 7, 2008
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My library consists of the books I have read in recent years, along with some of the books from longer ago that are favorites, and/or that I can remember. I especially love memoirs about people who have lived with meaning, dealt with challenges in inspiring ways, helped others, who have lived heartful and inspiring lives, lived outside the box, and/or lived in foreign lands. I enjoy wonderful characters, books set in other cultures, beautiful writing and books that make me laugh. I like great relationship books too.

My ratings:
5 stars - a lifetime favorite, an unforgettable book.
4.5 stars - an excellent book, a year's favorite.
4 stars - a great book I'd recommend. This seems a wide ranging category for me, and I give lots of books get 4 stars.
3.5 stars - An engaging, readable book.
Sometimes I don't finish a book, not necessarily because it wasn't good.
A propos de moi
I live in Portland, Oregon. It is a land of friendly progressive people, walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, off leash dog parks, great little restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops, gardening, and mild, if grey and rainy winters. I am an avid reader who also loves to garden, thrift shop, talk to friendly strangers as I go about my day, walk to every place that can be walked to, foster recue dogs, practice Bikram yoga, hike and backpack, budget travel in colorful foreign lands, take baths with elephants, and drive huge vehicles across the Antarctic ice shelf.
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Portland, Oregon
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