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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

SujetSujetMessagesDernier message 
"Lending" page memory fatal error for member4 non-lus / 4knerd.knitter, Hier 1:44pm
Whitespace handling issues with local venue search11 non-lus / 11knerd.knitter, Hier 9:16am
Search of collection from home page producing error2 non-lus / 2ccatalfo, Mardi 9:06am
Searching for a Street Address or Venue Name on the Local Page is Broken1 non-lu / 1AbigailAdams26, Lundi 11:43am
Recent Member Recommendations6 non-lus / 6kirstenlund, Samedi 3:54pm
Recent Member Recommendation not working properly8 non-lus / 8chwiggy, Samedi 10:26am
'Change collections for books tagged' unresponsive5 non-lus / 5aspirit, Vendredi 8:48pm
When was a bug reported?7 non-lus / 7kristilabrie, Vendredi 1:09pm
Hebrew links on people/character page lead to blank pages1 non-lu / 1DuncanHill, Vendredi 10:45am
Page Counts Not Loading Into Collection10 non-lus / 10knerd.knitter, Vendredi 9:17am
Information for covers in Charts and Graphs not correct9 non-lus / 9DuncanHill, Jeudi 7:52am
Zeitgeist - Helpers not updated41 non-lus / 41bergs47, Jeudi 6:16am
Cannot save changes to 'All translated texts'18 non-lus / 18timspalding, Octobre 13
Group zeitgeist is missing books in Characteristic works3 non-lus / 3timspalding, Octobre 13
Wrong order of popups when setting reading dates11 non-lus / 11AnnieMod, Octobre 13
Charts and Graphs Nationality5 non-lus / 5MarthaJeanne, Octobre 13
Awards and Honors field looks very strange50 non-lus / 50conceptDawg, Octobre 13
Recommendations - "Remove authors held" not working7 non-lus / 7kristilabrie, Octobre 13
Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently7 non-lus / 7hipdeep, Octobre 13
A phantom member6 non-lus / 6GraemeLyall, Octobre 12
Dewey Decimal "next page" doesn't work properly4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Octobre 11
Checkmarks not showing up on new entries8 non-lus / 8kristilabrie, Octobre 11
"Search this library" bug on Chrome1 non-lu / 1kristilabrie, Octobre 11
Calendar Function Problem4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Octobre 11
Link to "Groups and Posts" goes to Home Page instead5 non-lus / 5lesmel, Octobre 9
Martha Carr vs Martha Randolph Carr5 non-lus / 5AnnieMod, Octobre 8
Goodreads profile link broken?3 non-lus / 3SandraArdnas, Octobre 7
Error adding a book to List4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Octobre 7
Never Mind6 non-lus / 6bnielsen, Octobre 7
Export from LibraryThing file, reimporting and date read13 non-lus / 13lorax, Octobre 6
Book search3 non-lus / 3gilroy, Octobre 6
Sharing reviews to Facebook not working.5 non-lus / 5kristilabrie, Octobre 5
Certificate problem7 non-lus / 7Ms.LibraryCat, Octobre 4
LT App bug for username changes1 non-lu / 1kristilabrie, Octobre 4
Length of collections name issue on home page10 non-lus / 10SandraArdnas, Octobre 4
Newly entered book is automatically combined with completely different work by same author5 non-lus / 5-pilgrim-, Octobre 4
Data disappearing when entering Common Knowledge fields35 non-lus / 35karenb, Octobre 2
405 error on Cataloging page10 non-lus / 10kristilabrie, Octobre 1
Can't make previously-divided author a single author26 non-lus / 26Michael.Rimmer, Septembre 29
Work detail linking to a different book?4 non-lus / 4deslivres5, Septembre 29
Bad Data Message When Looking at Authors in Android App1 non-lu / 1AbigailAdams26, Septembre 29
ER box missing from work pages9 non-lus / 9amanda4242, Septembre 28
Old ER offerings showing as currently available on work pages44 non-lus / 44amanda4242, Septembre 28
MDS Dewey/Melvile mismatch mixup3 non-lus / 3CtrSacredSciences, Septembre 27
Most Cataloged Books Dead Link4 non-lus / 4artturnerjr, Septembre 27
Tags - Where did they go?7 non-lus / 7BananaSquirrel, Septembre 27
Charts and Graphs not talking to Common Knowledge?5 non-lus / 5timspalding, Septembre 27
Genre & LC Classification "see in your library" gives error message & no books3 non-lus / 3timspalding, Septembre 27
Work combination results in works showing as "zero copy" on list pages3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Septembre 27
LC Classification subheads inaccurately captured4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Septembre 27
Strange reaction for tag filters with more than one word10 non-lus / 10ScarletBea, Septembre 27
Incorrect member count on list item2 non-lus / 2r.orrison, Septembre 26
If a tag has special characters, books associated with it are not found from your books' tag page2 non-lus / 2MarthaJeanne, Septembre 26
Broken blog link in Venue Directory3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Septembre 23
Display catalogued books by tags weirdness10 non-lus / 10kristilabrie, Septembre 23
Tag Names with an Ampersand (&) Malfunctioning29 non-lus / 29kristilabrie, Septembre 23
Tags using Pipes /8 non-lus / 8kristilabrie, Septembre 23
Android app keeps crashing5 non-lus / 5conceptDawg, Septembre 22
Can't find book in my library12 non-lus / 12susanbooks, Septembre 22
Entry date +/- a day?7 non-lus / 7bnielsen, Septembre 22
Link to a member's "Books" goes to "Profile" instead2 non-lus / 2timspalding, Septembre 22
Covers in "Recently Added" on home page not honoring size19 non-lus / 19Ennas, Septembre 22
JSON export read date fields don't always match catalog view7 non-lus / 7kristilabrie, Septembre 21
Marc import not working4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Septembre 21
Question about posts in Talk14 non-lus / 14aspirit, Septembre 20
Common Knowledge Edits doing something weird19 non-lus / 19DuncanHill, Septembre 20
Maybe not a bug but weird. Autolinks in reviews.2 non-lus / 2bnielsen, Septembre 20
Cannot change time frame in Helpers Log4 non-lus / 4lilithcat, Septembre 20
Bad URL generated in Helpers Log3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Septembre 20
Zeitgeist helpers log not showing15 non-lus / 15kristilabrie, Septembre 20
"other call number system" and "call number" is the same - bug or feature?5 non-lus / 5AnnieMod, Septembre 19
Disambiguation zone setting (author sepration)3 non-lus / 3JMK2020, Septembre 19
Home Page Recent News Not Always in Descending Chronological Order4 non-lus / 4surly, Septembre 18
Old style links to personal wiki-pages redirects to librarything.com6 non-lus / 6bnielsen, Septembre 18
Touchstone not working7 non-lus / 7lesmel, Septembre 17
Ignore/Unignore button has a mind of its own2 non-lus / 2kristilabrie, Septembre 17
cover upload not working?11 non-lus / 11conceptDawg, Septembre 17
Trying to expand book summary is false8 non-lus / 8kristilabrie, Septembre 17
"More" link on list pages is broken10 non-lus / 10spiphany, Septembre 17
Tags not combined, after combination proposal met threshold and was closed5 non-lus / 5SandraArdnas, Septembre 16
Cannot add "warning/disambiguation" to proposed tag combinations5 non-lus / 5kristilabrie, Septembre 16
Issue with list explanations4 non-lus / 4conceptDawg, Septembre 16
MDS Links broken5 non-lus / 5conceptDawg, Septembre 16
Home Page Not Loading3 non-lus / 3conceptDawg, Septembre 16
More authors link, Firefox3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Septembre 16
Missing Series in Author page3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Septembre 16
Touchstone not saving - works now1 non-lu / 1MarthaJeanne, Septembre 15
Unable to add new titles4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Septembre 15
On this Day - see all events shows wrong date2 non-lus / 2kristilabrie, Septembre 15
Problem with count author's sex (stat) ??27 non-lus / 27JMK2020, Septembre 14
Issues with MacBook25 non-lus / 25kristilabrie, Septembre 14
member profile confusion17 non-lus / 17knerd.knitter, Septembre 14
Typo on CK search page4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Septembre 14
Talk has reordered itself on my homepage4 non-lus / 4aspirit, Septembre 13
missing book covers8 non-lus / 8kristilabrie, Septembre 13
Error "Problem We are unable to process that as an image."26 non-lus / 26kristilabrie, Septembre 10
Export not working31 non-lus / 31kristilabrie, Septembre 9
Series deleted when combining works22 non-lus / 22supersidvicious, Septembre 9
New works not showing up in search7 non-lus / 7zottel, Septembre 9
LT autocombines works by different authors20 non-lus / 20bnielsen, Septembre 9
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