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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

SujetSujetMessagesDernier message 
top 1000 list3 non-lus / 3martensgirl, Hier 10:21pm
API doesn't work10 non-lus / 10fowlerjk04, Hier 4:07pm
MARC Export missing books?3 non-lus / 3legallypuzzled, Hier 7:50am
error using power edit on the "from where" field43 non-lus / 43al.vick, Dimanche 1:16pm
Series are getting uncombined/undeleted9 non-lus / 9SimoneA, Dimanche 12:49pm
combinaison pb / impossible (same work with 2 numbers)11 non-lus / 11JMK2020, Samedi 4:19pm
Wrong book description3 non-lus / 3MarthaJeanne, Samedi 11:44am
Finnish Book Source - National Library of Finland - Is Broken7 non-lus / 7Anneli, Samedi 8:38am
Remove a library - Java script2 non-lus / 2surbhijain, Samedi 12:51am
Series custom groups not saving1 non-lu / 1Nevov, Vendredi 8:55pm
Weird behavior of review flags8 non-lus / 8Crypto-Willobie, Vendredi 4:24pm
Member covers not loading9 non-lus / 9Bettesbooks, Vendredi 12:14pm
Quicklink not valid.10 non-lus / 10kristilabrie, Jeudi 10:35am
Series deleted when combining works28 non-lus / 28kristilabrie, Mercredi 8:49am
Hard to add won books to LibraryThing library7 non-lus / 7aspirit, Mardi 4:59pm
No results are showing up when I try to combine series, even though there are three identical series5 non-lus / 5Nevov, Mardi 2:59pm
Having trouble saving edited posts5 non-lus / 5humouress, Juin 27
Members with your Books7 non-lus / 7waltzmn, Juin 27
Facebook link2 non-lus / 2kristilabrie, Juin 27
CK items not showing on the Finnish LT "Your books" page15 non-lus / 15kristilabrie, Juin 24
App only showing 4 out of 15 John Le Carre novels9 non-lus / 9kristilabrie, Juin 24
Unable to read unreadable message8 non-lus / 8bnielsen, Juin 24
Automatic Recommendation for a work I have11 non-lus / 11waltzmn, Juin 23
Overcat having problems9 non-lus / 9MarthaJeanne, Juin 22
No new posts in Pro&Con Group5 non-lus / 5alco261, Juin 22
Harvard University returns search failed10 non-lus / 10bnielsen, Juin 22
Books are not sorting alphabetically by title8 non-lus / 8MarthaJeanne, Juin 22
BNF source for Universal Import11 non-lus / 11AFBIBLIOTECA, Juin 21
Series pages broken into two columns7 non-lus / 7waltzmn, Juin 21
Non-user profile images7 non-lus / 7rodneyvc, Juin 20
"Celebrate Valentine's Day with an penguin hunt!"3 non-lus / 3waltzmn, Juin 19
Author not associated to book5 non-lus / 5kristilabrie, Juin 19
‰ strange characters8 non-lus / 8Stevil2001, Juin 18
Rating recommendations badge not being awarded14 non-lus / 14rodneyvc, Juin 18
Amazon Add Books failures83 non-lus / 83cairoartsjp, Juin 18
Strange average rating7 non-lus / 7supersidvicious, Juin 17
Something odd is going on4 non-lus / 4kirstenlund, Juin 15
Nationalities bug5 non-lus / 5MarthaJeanne, Juin 15
Information for covers in Charts and Graphs not correct16 non-lus / 16kristilabrie, Juin 15
Inability to IMPORT ISBN13 records26 non-lus / 26r.orrison, Juin 14
Dead Link3 non-lus / 3knerd.knitter, Juin 14
Charts and Graphs Displaying Incorrect Books by Year Read9 non-lus / 9Michael.Rimmer, Juin 13
Touchstones3 non-lus / 3Micheller7, Juin 10
TinyCat - alphabetization occasionally wonky5 non-lus / 5kristilabrie, Juin 10
TinyCat - unable to see multiple pages of search results3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Juin 10
Site code visible in author biography4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Juin 8
Cannot scan bar codes4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Juin 8
cannot post reviews to Facebook3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Juin 6
Links from venue directory not working7 non-lus / 7JustinLey0, Juin 6
New tabs/pop-ups15 non-lus / 15dkhiggin, Juin 5
I can't get this wrong book out of the series9 non-lus / 9VicRML, Juin 4
Author link broken10 non-lus / 10kristilabrie, Juin 3
Links from venue directory not working.2 non-lus / 2gilroy, Juin 2
Saving " 3 source names" in UNIVERSAl IMPORT5 non-lus / 5AFBIBLIOTECA, Juin 2
remove series relationship doesn't work11 non-lus / 11knerd.knitter, Mai 30
OttoBib.com has stopped operation1 non-lu / 1ecureuil, Mai 27
Standard Deviation note on Zeitgeist > Members page2 non-lus / 2knerd.knitter, Mai 27
Missing Filters for Classifications Links in Charts/Graphs2 non-lus / 2knerd.knitter, Mai 27
updating books generating 500 Error5 non-lus / 5kristilabrie, Mai 27
Covers Disappearing21 non-lus / 21kristilabrie, Mai 27
Covers not Linking Properly on Publisher Pages4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Mai 27
Dutch LibraryThing (librarything.nl) is down12 non-lus / 12kristilabrie, Mai 27
Weird Author Display - Pipe instead of Comma7 non-lus / 7r.orrison, Mai 26
wrong description linked to book6 non-lus / 6YTArchives, Mai 24
Night or Dark Mode on LT2.02 non-lus / 2conceptDawg, Mai 24
Unable to post a reply7 non-lus / 7kristilabrie, Mai 24
Minor weird bug with Title sort3 non-lus / 3kristilabrie, Mai 22
Amazon India source link broken?2 non-lus / 2kristilabrie, Mai 22
Can't make previously-divided author a single author38 non-lus / 38Nevov, Mai 18
Can't flag author image16 non-lus / 16Nevov, Mai 18
Thumb no longer goes dark to show I gave a thumbs up to a book review11 non-lus / 11conceptDawg, Mai 18
Broken blog link in Edit Quick Links page2 non-lus / 2knerd.knitter, Mai 17
Translatable text on Post a Giveaway form3 non-lus / 3Nevov, Mai 16
cannot add a book any of the ways that I've tried10 non-lus / 10SandraArdnas, Mai 14
Bad URL generated in Helpers Log5 non-lus / 5Nevov, Mai 14
can't combine series?4 non-lus / 4amanda4242, Mai 13
Exporting MARC records13 non-lus / 13kristilabrie, Mai 13
Messed up format string in "Your Books Over Time"5 non-lus / 5lorax, Mai 13
no cover being displayed in list3 non-lus / 3knerd.knitter, Mai 13
Covers not displaying13 non-lus / 13MarthaJeanne, Mai 13
Unable to correct title as it was first entry for a new author6 non-lus / 6rmilne, Mai 12
Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently10 non-lus / 10amanda4242, Mai 11
Work author role overrides blank book role18 non-lus / 18kristilabrie, Mai 10
Disappearing thread3 non-lus / 3varielle, Mai 10
Badges Pages not working4 non-lus / 4MarthaJeanne, Mai 10
Distortion of Talk6 non-lus / 6kristilabrie, Mai 9
Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list21 non-lus / 21AnnieMod, Mai 4
checkmark color on series page, incorrectly shows green7 non-lus / 7EDK916, Mai 4
Author page update pushed a bio of Stephen King onto every author4 non-lus / 4timspalding, Mai 3
new author page - bio populated with Stephen King's bio2 non-lus / 2knerd.knitter, Mai 3
cover thumbnail and title not separated in search list4 non-lus / 4kristilabrie, Mai 2
Library Technology Profile links in Venue Profiles is not working12 non-lus / 12Nevov, Avril 30
used "from where" list is not updating?8 non-lus / 8norabelle414, Avril 29
Quick Links: Add button does not work3 non-lus / 3knerd.knitter, Avril 28
Missing Work ID110 non-lus / 110norabelle414, Avril 27
author's series incorrect, includes all anthology contents10 non-lus / 10Nevov, Avril 27
Problems assigning ER winners?10 non-lus / 10AbigailAdams26, Avril 27
Incorrect Book Description4 non-lus / 4RobertHay, Avril 27
Cannot load Covers4 non-lus / 4MarthaJeanne, Avril 27
Can't reorder collections17 non-lus / 17WurstOfLoathing, Avril 26
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