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Evelyn Anthony (1928–2018)

Auteur de Anne boleyn

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Evelyn Bridget Patricia Stephens was born in London, England on July 3, 1928. As her writing career began in the early 1950s, she wrote under the pseudonym Evelyn Anthony. She began her career writing historical romances but switched to writing espionage thrillers in the late 1960s. Her romance afficher plus novels included Rebel Princess and Anne Boleyn: A Novel. Her espionage thrillers include The Defector, The Legend, The Assassin, and The Doll's House. The Tamarind Seed was adapted into a film released in 1974. She died from heart failure on September 25, 2018 at the age of 92. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins


Œuvres de Evelyn Anthony

Anne boleyn (1957) 284 exemplaires
Victoria and Albert (1958) 128 exemplaires
Voices on the Wind (1985) 119 exemplaires
Albatross (1982) 113 exemplaires
The Company of Saints (1983) 110 exemplaires
The Defector = Betrayal (1980) 107 exemplaires
The Avenue of the Dead (1981) 103 exemplaires
The Tamarind Seed (1971) 95 exemplaires
No Enemy But Time (1987) 89 exemplaires
The Scarlet Thread (1736) 87 exemplaires
The Silver Falcon (1977) 85 exemplaires
The Relic (1841) 82 exemplaires
The Doll's House (1992) 79 exemplaires
The House of Vandekar (1988) 77 exemplaires
Exposure (1993) 71 exemplaires
The Return (1978) 66 exemplaires
Bloodstones (1809) 55 exemplaires
The Assassin (1970) 50 exemplaires
Rebel Princess (1953) 46 exemplaires
The Rendezvous = No Resistance (1967) 45 exemplaires
The French Bride (1964) 39 exemplaires
The Legacy (1969) 34 exemplaires
The Legend (1969) 33 exemplaires
All the Queen's Men (1960) 32 exemplaires
Valentina (1966) 30 exemplaires
Clandara (1963) 21 exemplaires
Charles the King (1961) 19 exemplaires
Far Flies the Eagle (1955) 19 exemplaires
Curse Not the King (1954) 18 exemplaires
Codeword Janus (2003) 4 exemplaires
Falrig Frihet 2 exemplaires
Dödens Änglar 2 exemplaires
La cita 1 exemplaire
La Semilla del Tamarindo (1974) 1 exemplaire
The Simver Falcon 1 exemplaire
The Persian Ransome 1 exemplaire
A Herança do General 1 exemplaire
Generalens arv 1 exemplaire
Hopeahaukka 1 exemplaire
Hakaristin varjo 1 exemplaire
Die Straße der Toten. (1991) 1 exemplaire
Dø ikke, elskede (1972) 1 exemplaire
Gensyn med fortiden 1 exemplaire
Noidankeh: romaani (1982) 1 exemplaire
PYHÄT PAHOLAISET (1985) 1 exemplaire
Mind Games (2005) 1 exemplaire
Letzte Rache (1994) 1 exemplaire

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Six Gothic Tales [Readers Digest Condensed Books] (1979) — Contributeur — 145 exemplaires
The Tamarind Seed [1974 film] (1974) — Original book — 8 exemplaires


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Nom légal
Ward-Thomas, Evelyn Bridgett Patricia Stephens
Autres noms
Anthony, Evelyn (pseudonym)
Date de naissance
Date de décès
Lieu de naissance
London, England, UK
Lieu du décès
Essex, England, UK
Cause du décès
heart failure
Lieux de résidence
Kildare, County Kildare, Ireland
largely at home
convent school
spy novelist
Courte biographie
Evelyn Anthony was the pen name of Evelyn Bridgett Patricia Ward-Thomas, née Stephens. She was an avid reader as a child and was educated at home and at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Roehampton. She started writing in 1949. Her pen name came from Evelyn as a man's profile, as women were often not published during the years after World War II, and Saint Anthony, the Catholic patron saint of lost causes. She first produced short stories for periodicals, then gained fame and success with her well-researched historical novels. The first of these was Rebel Princess (1953), focused on Catherine the Great. Later she switched to writing contemporary thrillers, mysteries, and spy novels, many with strong female leads. She adapted well to the end of the Cold War and continued writing thrillers set in the post-1990 reality. Her books have been translated into no less than 19 languages. Many of her earlier works were reissued after 2000 under different titles. Her 1971 novel The Tamarind Seed was adapted into film in 1974.



I found it hard to like any of the book's characters.
The female lead is extremely naive and stupid, the male protagonist is a shifty character with hidden psychological disorders, and an alcoholic to boot.
Everyone smokes like chimneys. I don't know, the villain and the horse were the only genuine characters.
A very flat book indeed, some information value about horse-racing.

I have the massmarket paperback version.
moukayedr | Sep 5, 2021 |
Good, tense plotting. "Love story" gets in the way sometimes or maybe it's the weakness of the female protagonist.
SusanWallace | 1 autre critique | Jul 10, 2021 |
I believe the 1st time that I read a novel by Evelyn Anthony I was in high school and I've never forgotten her name as this author was my introduction to reading spine-tingling thrillers of intrigue and espionage. I haven't read a novel by Evelyn Anthony in several years so it felt like a treat to myself to purchase another title. I didn't realize until 2012, when I read "The Janus Imperative" that Evelyn Anthony was the pen name of Evelyn Ward Thomas, a British female writer. Her pen name is derived from the name of St. Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost things. I was also fascinated at that time to learn that one of my all-time favorite movies was actually written by Evelyn Anthony the year I graduated from high school. WoW! "...1971 The Tamarind Seed was adapted for film in 1974, starring Julie Andrews as Judith Farrow, a British Home Office functionary and Omar Sharif as Feodor, a Soviet air attaché- lovers involved in Cold War intrigue."

"Stranger at the Gates" is a story written about post-WWII. On an ordinary day in the de Bernard household there is a woman at the property gates that widow Louise de Bernard never expected to meet let alone invite her into her home. The stranger is the wife of a former SS Officer that is now on trial in Germany for wartime atrocities when he was billeted with the de Bernard family in Paris in 1944.

There are many secrets in wartime not only held by the military but also by civilians that live to preserve as much normalcy as possible for themselves but more importantly for their children. But sooner or later, everyone must decide what side they wish to follow, what side should prevail, what actions should they take during wartime so their consciences will allow them peace in all the days thereafter. This is one such riveting and page-turning story.
… (plus d'informations)
FerneMysteryReader | 1 autre critique | Jan 6, 2021 |
Not the most interesting novel about Anne Boleyn that I have read.
mari_reads | 2 autres critiques | Sep 7, 2019 |


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