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I'm so delighted to have found a spot where I can catalogue my library, which is so incredibly precious to me. My father encouraged me to read the books published under the Penguin Classics imprint when I was younger - Jane Austen, Emile Zola, Honore de Balzac etc. I continue to own those and will get around to cataloguing them eventually. He had something of a penchant too for those Sci Fi-ish authors one quite commonly hears referred to as 'prophetic' these days - Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Isacc Asimov etc. - and I continue to have a lot of those on my shelves too. I've also managed to accumulate plenty of prize winners - Mann Booker, Whitbread, Nobel, you name it. More recently, I've started to read more or less anything I can lay my hands on that's set in India, and am committed to improving my acquaitence with those classics my father didn't go so far as to recommend, probably because, until he retired a few years ago, he wasn't able to devote as much time to reading as he might have liked. I'm committed to working my way through a boxed set of Ernest Hemingway novels that arrived as a free gift when I first joined the Folio Society in aruond 2001. I've recently invested in a boxed set of Paul Scott from the same source and have promised my husband and kids I won't buy anything else until I've finished them.
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I wish I'd discovered this site earlier and the chances are my library would be in considerably better order than it is right now! Amongst other things, I am fairly recently re-married to one of the most wonderful men in all the world who just happens to work as a teacher of English Literature. We are very gradually eliminating various duplicates from our freshly combined book collections, as well as introducing one another to authors we might not have come across before. I'm from the UK; he's from Singapore and we live in Singapore with two kids who for all that they might be most accurately described as mine from a previous marriage are quite definitely ours by now, at least as far as we're concerned.
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