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Nov 25, 2008
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Donald and Mary Hyde
A propos de ma bibliothèque
Thanks to Harvard, our Samuel Johnson Collection is now cataloged on Library Thing. The collection itself is at the Houghton Library, Harvard University. This collection contains a number of books from the libraries of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell. It also contains books by and about Johnson's contemporaries, including James Boswell and Mrs. Thrale Piozzi.
Here's an online exhibit of the collection:
A Monument More Durable Than Brass: The Donald & Mary Hyde Collection of Dr. Samuel Johnson"

John Overholt had the pleasure of cataloging our Samuel Johnson Collection at Harvard. He shared his pleasure in a catablog about the treasures he cataloged.

Thanks to the British Library, our Oscar Wilde Collection is now cataloged on Library Thing . Although primarily pertaining to Oscar Wilde, the collection also includes a small number of books pertaining to George Bernard Shaw. The collection was bequeathed to the British Library in 2003. Andrea Lloyd,Cataloger, 19th Century British Material, had the pleasure of cataloging this collection at the British Library. Her splendid "500 field notes" can be viewed in the Comments Section of the Library Thing listings.

In addition to our Samuel Johnson and Oscar Wilde Collections, we also had a Henry Fielding Collection, a Japanese Collection, an English Drama Collection, including Shakespeare, a Fine Binding Collection, a Forgery Collection, a Sporting Books Collection, an Architecture Collection, and a variety of books from other miscellaneous genres. Some of the books from these collections are identified in Four Oaks Library, the book about our library which Gabriel Austin edited in 1967. Library Thing catalogers, moibibliomaniac and larxol, hope to catalog as many of our collections as they can. Who knows? Maybe they can recreate our Four Oaks Library online!

Our Japanese Collection was sold at auction at Christie's, New York in October, 1988 to benefit the Pierpont Morgan Library. larxol used his knowledge of the Japanese language to catalog this collection on Library Thing.

Our English Drama Collection, including Shakespeare, was sold at Christie's, New York in April, 2004. Total Prices Realized amounted to $1,867,092. Four lots went unsold, including the pride of the auction, the 1611 Third Edition of Hamlet, whose auction estimate was $1,500,000-2,000,000. A collector from the Midwest reportedly bought the unsold lots after the auction was over. I received a "belated" Christmas present when moibibliomaniac completed the cataloging of my Drama Collection on Library Thing on Christmas Eve, 2009. Thank you!

I had an extensive Forgery Collection which included the manuscript copies of many of W. H. Ireland's forgeries. All of the books in my Forgery Collection, except for the Thomas J. Wise forgeries, were included in the bequest of our Samuel Johnson Collection to Harvard, and thus were cataloged as part of that collection. For ease of viewing, moibibliomaniac researched and identified my forgery books, and cataloged them in the Forgery Collection.

Gabriel Austin, our librarian at Four Oaks Library, provided moibibliomaniac, with a short list of some of the books in our Architecture Collection. This collection has already been cataloged on Library Thing.

Don's Henry Fielding Collection was second to none, in Hugh Amory's words, "in the number and condition of textually significant editions and manuscripts." The collection, numbering over 200 items in all, contained first editions of all but 14 of Fielding's works, and a third of Fielding's manuscripts. I gave Don's Henry Fielding Collection to the Houghton Library at Harvard in 1987. The books were absorbed into the stacks with no record of provenance. But 35 of the books which were identified in Hugh Amory's catalogue covering the 1987 Houghton Library exhibition of this collection have been catalogued here on Library Thing.

Don had a small but choice collection of sporting books. In Four Oaks Library, Gabriel Austin said that the primary emphasis of this collection was "the first mentions of various games in printed books." Robert Harding, of Maggs Bros. provided moibibliomaniac with a list of Donald Hyde's Sporting Books Collection. This collection can now be viewed on Library Thing.

Additionally, moibibliomaniac has cataloged our books which are either in his library or listed in the bookseller catalogs of Brooklyn bookseller, Joe Maynard, and in Bob Fleck's Oak Knoll Catalogue 256.

If you have any questions, please contact moibibliomaniac.

A propos de moi
Someone once called me, "one of the world's great living collectors." My first husband, Donald Hyde, and I amassed one of the greatest collections of Samuel Johnson in private hands. This collection is now at Harvard. And thanks to Harvard, you can view this collection on Library Thing. Our other collections are included on Library Thing as well.
You can learn more about me by reading a talk about me that LTer moibibliomaniac presented before the Florida Bibliophile Society in 2006.

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