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Comprend les noms: Rusu, Meredith.

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Learning to Share (Peppa Pig) (2017) 172 exemplaires
Big Red School (Clifford) (2019) — Auteur — 138 exemplaires
The Story of Clifford (Clifford) (2020) 102 exemplaires
Emerson Is Mighty Girl! (2018) 85 exemplaires
Peppa Gives Thanks (Peppa Pig) (2018) 66 exemplaires
LEGO City: Police Pursuit! (2017) 54 exemplaires
Kendall's Snow Fort (2018) 44 exemplaires
Shopkins: The Secret Shopkin (8x8) (2016) 43 exemplaires
Official Guide (Yo-kai Watch) (2016) 38 exemplaires
Ashyln's Fall Fiesta (2018) 36 exemplaires
The School Play (Peppa Pig) (2017) 36 exemplaires
Pony Surprise (2019) 35 exemplaires
A Merry Shopkins Christma (2016) 23 exemplaires
A Kooky Easter Surprise (Shopkins) (2017) 22 exemplaires
Dinosaur disaster! (2018) 19 exemplaires
It's Pool Time! (Clifford) (2019) 17 exemplaires
Epic Showdowns (Yo-kai Watch) (2016) 8 exemplaires
Fun around town (2017) 7 exemplaires
The Mysterious Beat (Do Re & Mi) (2021) 5 exemplaires
There's a Yeti in My Tummy (2023) 3 exemplaires
The World of Tentacle Kitty (2022) 2 exemplaires
Peppa va en autobus (2016) 1 exemplaire
Spirit: A Wild Adventure (2021) 1 exemplaire
É Hoje o Dia! 1 exemplaire

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Baby Jack-Jack's family is incredible! His mom, his dad, his sister, and his brother all save the world from bad guys. But Jack-Jack doesn't have powers―or at least that's what they think!
BLTSbraille | 1 autre critique | Feb 1, 2024 |
My 2 year old granddaughter loved this story! We finished and she kept asking for more! This story explores lots of emotions, in a fun way. The illustrations were very interesting, with lots of silly Yetis.

This is just a pleasure to read and share!
bearlyr | 1 autre critique | Dec 27, 2023 |
Independent Reading Level: Grades 1 - 2
LisaCook14 | Dec 7, 2023 |
With a yeti constantly there to liven things up, not much can go wrong...maybe.

Matthew wakes up one morning, feeling that odd rumble in the tummy, which can only mean one thing. His yeti is ready to have some fun. Mom and Dad aren't extremely excited, but it's off to school before much can happen. There, Matthew's yeti peeks out more and more. Better yet, others are letting their yetis appear as well. Soon, silliness is everywhere...and maybe too much.

This is a cute read, which is sure to have listeners smiling most of the way through. The yeti's antics cause a little havoc, keeping the giggles high. It was fun to watch the yeti come out little by little and show up in various areas of the body depending on the situation. Sometimes, that itching to do something crazy does hit that way. The situations come across as familiar, while still holding tons of humor and fun.

This is said to be a book about big feelings...and seeing the yeti take over as ridiculousness hits does make that point loud and clear. But it doesn't come across as a bad thing, most of the time. Just a little naught. Matthew and the others are easy to empathize with. But this doesn't come across as a serious read. Rather, the yetis let silliness come out, and while these do need to get reigned in a little at times, it's the silliness of this read, which holds center stage and will keep readers coming back again and again.
… (plus d'informations)
tdrecker | 1 autre critique | Aug 25, 2023 |


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