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Stephen Chbosky wrote and directed the feature film adaptation of his award-winning novel, New York Times bestselling, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He has worked in film and television, on projects including the film version of the smash-hit musical Rent; the TV show Jericho; and others. He afficher plus also edited Pieces, a collection of short stories for Pocket Books. Chbosky graduated from the University of Southern California's Filmic Writing Program. His first film, The Four Corners of Nowhere, premiered at Sundance Film Festival. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
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Œuvres de Stephen Chbosky

Pas raccord (1999) 20,788 exemplaires
Imaginary Friend (2019) 1,539 exemplaires
Beauty and the Beast [2017 film] (2017) — Screenwriter — 543 exemplaires
Rent (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition) (1900) — Screenwriter — 406 exemplaires
The Perks of Being a Wallflower [2012 film] (2013) — Director & Screenplay — 392 exemplaires
Pieces (2000) — Directeur de publication — 212 exemplaires
Wonder [2017 film] (2017) — Director / Screenwriter — 186 exemplaires
Jericho: Season 1 [2006 TV Series] (2006) — Creator — 34 exemplaires
Dear Evan Hansen [2021 film] (2021) — Directeur — 26 exemplaires
Jericho: Season 2 [2006 TV Series] (2007) — Creator — 18 exemplaires
Jericho: The Complete Series [2006 TV Series] (2006) — Creator — 12 exemplaires
Den osynlige vännen. Del 1 (2020) 2 exemplaires
Wonder 1 exemplaire


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I really wanted to like this book. And it isn't that the story was bad. It really wasn't. But this is an epistolary novel - and the letters are written by a 15-year-old boy named Charlie who clearly has some issues socializing - like maybe he has Aspergers or something. And Charlie writes like he is about seven years old. It was, at times, painful to read. I've taught many children with autism spectrum disorder who are even younger than Charlie is, and my 11-year-old niece has Aspergers - but none of these kids writes the way Charlie writes in this novel. His writing is far too childlike. His teacher calls him gifted - tells him how bright he is - but Charlie can barely express himself, writing in clipped sentences too simple for anyone more than half his age to have written. He is supposed to be writing essays about all these novels he is reading - these are extra assignments given to him by the teacher who thinks Charlie is so brilliant - but Charlie's writing, as evidenced by his letters, is just awful. While I was interested in the story itself and determined to read the whole novel to find out what happened to all the characters, I have to admit that by the time I was a little past half-way through it, I couldn't wait for it to be over. I heard so many good things about this novel, but I just didn't happen to be as impressed with it as a lot of other people were. I hear the movie is very good - I have a feeling I may enjoy it more than the novel, which is not usually the case for me.… (plus d'informations)
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