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Annie's Adventures (Sisters 8, Book #1) par…

Annie's Adventures (Sisters 8, Book #1) (édition 2008)

par Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Auteur), Lisa K. Weber (Illustrateur), Greg Logsted (Auteur), Jackie Logsted (Auteur)

Séries: Sisters Eight (Book 1)

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1667129,623 (3.6)2
On New Year's Eve, the octuplets Huit--Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia--discover that their parents are missing, and then uncover a mysterious note instructing them that each must find her power and her gift if they want to know what happened to their parents.
Titre:Annie's Adventures (Sisters 8, Book #1)
Auteurs:Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Auteur)
Autres auteurs:Lisa K. Weber (Illustrateur), Greg Logsted (Auteur), Jackie Logsted (Auteur)
Info:Sandpiper (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Mots-clés:JUVENILE FICTION, Chapter Books, Girls, Siblings, Fantasy & Magic

Détails de l'œuvre

Annie's Adventures par Lauren Baratz-Logsted


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What do the 8 year-old Huit octuplets do when they find out their parents are missing? Learn to drive, cook, and pay bills of course! They are, however, left with an anonymous note that states that each sister must determine what their powers is and find their gift before their parents can return. In this first book of the series, Annie, the oldest and tallest of the octuplets, must discover her talent and gift before time runs out. The author uses a mixture of humor, mystery, and fantasy to create a worthy transitional chapter book that both children 7-11 and adults will enjoying reading together. While overall a simple read with its short chapters, it may be difficult to distinguish the different personalities of each sister since there are so many and they overlap some; therefore, one must pay close attention to the dialog in order to follow it. The reader will wish to continue with the rest of this adventurous series in order to find out each sister’s power and gift. Recommend. ( )
  nicoally | Nov 25, 2011 |
I was disappointed when I first got this book and started it. It seemed unbelievable that eight young girls (Octuplets) could realistically be left alone and take care of themselves. As I read through the book it took on a little more charm. This is the first book in the series about eight young girls whose parents suddenly disappear. They decide not to call the police because they would probably be split up. They received a mysterious message telling them they each need to find their power and their gift and then they will be able to solve the problem of what happened to their parents. This was cute. I don’t really think my middle school students will be interested in this series. I felt it was more for the upper elementary age. It was not a book I would necessarily recommend to my students or put on my shelf. ( )
  skstiles612 | Nov 1, 2009 |
The Huit octuplets find themselves sans parents and receiving mysterious notes that encourage them to each find a power and a gift in order to figure out what's happened to their parents. The gimmicky setup might have appeal with some kids, but the story wasn't funny or compelling enough to encourage me to sift through the conversations of all the interchangeable sisters. ( )
  abbylibrarian | Oct 24, 2009 |
Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for

Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia are octuplets. They were born on August 8th and will be celebrating their 8th birthday and they have eight cats.

On New Year's Eve, Mommy went to get eggnog, and Daddy went to get firewood, but they didn't come back. The Sisters 8 find an anonymous note that says each girl has a power and a gift. Each sister must discover her power and find her gift in order to learn what happened to Mommy and Daddy.

But with no Mommy and Daddy around, the girls have more than a mystery to solve. Who will cook them food? Or drive them to school? And how will they pay the bills?

The adventures for these octuplets are just beginning!

ANNIE'S ADVENTURES is the start to a great new series by authors Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Greg Logsted, along with their daughter, Jackie. The entire family helped write the story and come up with ideas, and there's definitely something in the story for everyone. Each of the Sisters 8 has a unique personality and each one is clever and funny. I can't wait to find out what each of their powers will turn out to be!

THE SISTERS 8 would make a great read-aloud for families to share together. Readers of all ages will enjoy the mystery mixed with humor and will be eagerly waiting to read about the next sister in line. (I know I am!) ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 13, 2009 |
Annie's Adventures is the first in the new series The Sisters 8 by Laruren Baratz-Logsted. It's the story of octuplets (far more lovable than the infamous real-life octuplets). Our heroines were born on August 8th, 2000. They each have a cat. Their last name is Huit (French for 8). It's a numerology bonanza. They were born one minute apart, and the total difference in their height is one inch (meaning the oldest, Annie, is eight inches taller than her eight minutes younger sister).

Our story begins on New Year's Eve, when our beloved octuplets notice their father went out to get more wood for the fire quite a while ago, and their mother went to get eggnog quite a while ago. The girls soon discover a note, telling them they each have a gift, and they each much find a present to uncover the secret to where their parents are.

The story is a mix of reality (how the not-yet-eight-year-olds must learn to function as adults so as not alarm neighbors, teachers, etc. that there parents are missing) and humor (their mother, a scientist, has a dimwitted robot maid who doesn't follow directions well) and fantasy (they're smart enough to fool adults). The overall affect is a delightful combination of realism, fantasy and humor sure to delight the intended audience, but clever enough to satisfy their parents.

There are eight girls with eight cats, which means there are sixteen names to learn and try to keep straight in the 130-odd page text. There are occasional pictures (see the gorgeous cover) that are beautifully done. It seems the series will be at least eight parts, one devoted to each of the Huit sisters. I will warn you: I am enamored by this series, and I don't want to wait for all eight to be published. Start reading at your own peril; we won't find out where the parents are for quite a few more books. In the meantime though, enjoy. ( )
  nomadreader | Sep 22, 2009 |
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Sisters Eight (Book 1)
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On New Year's Eve, the octuplets Huit--Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia--discover that their parents are missing, and then uncover a mysterious note instructing them that each must find her power and her gift if they want to know what happened to their parents.

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