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A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus…

A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story (original 1991; édition 1991)

par Berke Breathed (Auteur)

Séries: Bloom County

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Opus the penguin makes a Christmas wish that he might fly.
Titre:A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story
Auteurs:Berke Breathed (Auteur)
Info:Little Brown & Co (1991), Edition: 1st, 32 pages
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Détails de l'œuvre

A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story par Berkeley Breathed (1991)


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This book and the movie are a family tradition in our household since the movie first appeared on TV so many years ago. It was a favorite first of the adults and later the kids too. Every year we laugh like it's the first time hearing the story and who doesn't love Bill the Cat? This is a very clever and "original" tale that will surely become a classic. The book is simplified and directed toward the children. The movie is more complex and some of the humor may not be understood by the children but they seem to enjoy it anyway. Both the movie and book will be a part of my permanent collection. ( )
  ShariOH | Oct 13, 2020 |
  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
This book was amazing. I decided to read stories about the holiday and this was my favorite. It had an amazing plot, great descriptive language, and illustrations that really enhanced the story. The plot starred a young penguin that really wanted wings that would allow him to fly. The story followed him through the quest to get wings, and ended with Santa giving him the ability to fly but not wings. It was so cute to see how the lot developed and Opus the penguin was eventually able to fly with the ducks. The plot can teach children that perseverance can lead to getting what you want. The descriptive language was definitely my favorite part of the book. The language made the reader feel like they were standing beside Opus in the arctic and experiencing all his feelings. I particularly loved page 2 where it said, “…even if it had come late and slow and so cold that a penguin feared his nose might freeze and drop off like one of the icicles hanging over the porch.” This complex, descriptive sentence helped me as a reader really feel like the penguin felt. This sentence and many other use descriptive language to enhance the story and I loved it. Lastly, the illustrations were amazing and really helped to develop the story. The illustrations told a story of their own while also mirroring the text. The red bow that Opus wore was never discussed in the text but as the story developed the reader noticed every character was wearing a red bow like Opus. This helped the reader realize that everybody was finally on Opus’ side and wanted to help him. The main idea of this story was that good deeds and perseverance would lead to success. I thought this book was adorable and great for young children. ( )
  CasieProdoehl | Nov 27, 2015 |
Summary: All Opus wanted was to fly, but penguins cannot fly. He did everything from order TV ads to writing Santa a letter. He wishes so very hard to have wings that could fly and new that Santa would be able to grant him this wish. On Christmas Eve Opus was woken up by a duck who needed him to come help. Opus could not believe his eyes, Santa's sleigh has crashed and he was in the water, so Opus flew down the hill and into the water and brought Santa to safety. Santa told Opus that he flew that night. Courage allowed Opus to fly through the night to save Santa.

Review: A great book for children to read because it circles around the central message of acceptance and courage. It is very easy for children to get caught up in the lives of others and to care what others think. Opus wanted to be accepted by the other birds that could fly and he wanted to change himself to do this. He wished so hard to change himself and then Santa came along and helped Opus realize that he did not have to change. When Opus saved Santa, he [Opus] allowed himself to fly. His courage flew himself into the situation and saved a life. Children can learn that you need to have courage in yourself in order to truly get what you want. ( )
  Kweber8 | Oct 28, 2014 |
I've read and loved this book for as long as I can remember. It's probably one of the finest Christmas stories ever written, with the whole unlikely hero angle being worked to a frenzy. It's not something I can say I expect when I read Mr. Breathed's work, though I'm coming to realize that maybe I should. Of the books that I've read by him lately, each one has cleverly fused a story with some moral theme. A lot of his work seems to be focused on the loneliness of modern life, and his characters usually are on a quest to overcome that. This one is no different. Opus longs for acceptance among his bird peers and believes that proper wings will provide him with that. Of course, he eventually begins to see the value he has as a penguin and in fact does get his wish to fly with the birds in his own way, but the fact that this is a moral tale kind of hides behind the irony and humor most of the time. Wonderful book. Brilliantly funny and heartfelt all the way through. ( )
  matthewbloome | May 19, 2013 |
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Opus the penguin makes a Christmas wish that he might fly.

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