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Awful Reckoning: A Cade Chase and Simon Pack…

Awful Reckoning: A Cade Chase and Simon Pack Novel (édition 2021)

par John M. Vermillion (Auteur)

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13121,324,394 (4.58)Aucun
Titre:Awful Reckoning: A Cade Chase and Simon Pack Novel
Auteurs:John M. Vermillion (Auteur)
Info:(2021), 256 pages
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Awful Reckoning: A Cade Chase and Simon Pack Novel par John M. Vermillion

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Awful Reckoning: A Cade Chase and Simon Pack Novel by John M. Vermillion showcases the author's extensive talents. Cade Chase is a great character, this book being a continuation of his life while taking on the case of a missing young woman, Julie Chambers. Antifa has apparently kidnapped her, and Cade is on the case. Cade Chase himself is so well characterized, the author offering a well-thought-out overview of Cade and how he has developed over time. You learn about his inner workings and thought processes. He becomes a real person in this book with many challenges and dilemmas. There's also a helpful list of characters at the beginning of the book that proves to be highly useful. The writing itself is fast-paced, with alternating chapters that serve to move the story along well. You start to see both sides, this being an effective mechanism. While the author warns the reader beforehand of vigilantism, there's a finely drawn line in Awful Reckoning, one that poses a powerful question of whether or not it's okay to take the law into your own hands. Highly recommend it for a great read. ( )
  Cliffed | Nov 25, 2021 |
Awful Reckoning by John M. Vermillion combines two of his main characters from previous novels to complete a major mission. Cade Chase is in the little town of Rockledge, Virginia, when a close friend from LSU, Wil Chambers, contacts him for his help. Cade teams up with Simon Pack to rescue Julie from the Antifa terrorist who kidnapped her. What appeared as a random act soon proves to be a targeted attack on Julie's father. Cade and his team see to Julie but find the domestic terrorist attacks on our country are funded and run by whom? Can they save Julie and take down the leaders to end these attacks?

I found John M Vermillion delivers another amazing novel that will keep you glued to the pages. The team Cade Chase works within Awful Reckoning is professional. The takedown of the terrorist attacks was creative. I highly recommend this novel for action and adventure. ( )
  Saxenda | Nov 25, 2021 |
Awful Reckoning is book one of the Cade Chase and Simon Pack series, and starts with a tough undertaking for Cade. The kidnapping case is going to be a real challenge but the toughest threat for Case will be grappling with his emotions of what’s right and what’s wrong morally.

This crime-action adventure novel kept me turning the pages and on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The plot was compelling and suspenseful and was driven along with tight dialogue and high-octane action from the outset.
The diverse characters and the place descriptions are vivid and seemed true-to-life. Certainly they were easy to picture as each scene unfolded. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great edge-of-the-seat adventure thriller! ( )
  Ingolda | Nov 24, 2021 |
Book starts out with dedication page and preface about the theme of the book.
Special thanks and love the tribute to Leonard Cohen. Love his lyrics and music, so sad he's no longer with us and he left his music for us to enjoy.
List of other works with dates by the author and a list of characters so you won't be lost during the book.
Prologue is about the code the two who had served together use to summon help. Will's daughter had been taken and they pretty much know by who.
The team is assembled with NO detail forgotten.
Lots of travel, keeping safe, and so many small things that fall into place that they notice and lead them to other decisions in their movements.
So much action and mystery that are solved over time. Alternating chapters so you hear what's going on with the kidnappers holding Julie for ransom and at the same time you learn of where the team is with not only their background investigation but assembling the team, what they will need and where they will meet and who will team up with another.
Like how the teams change depending on what attributes the team need to accomplish their goal. Everything runs like clockwork with them.
Terrifying to learn of Juie's captivity and how one insubordinate is shot in front of her and she's forced to scrub the floor of all traces of DNA or the female leader will do the same to her.
Julie is smart and uses her body when she and just one other are left in the house. When she's able to she uses her knowledge: she knows what to look out for, stays hidden on the side of the road and follows as the cars leave so she knows which way to head to a city.
Being able to fight off a mean dog, wow she's got skills for sure and uses what she has on her to bandage herself.
Have read a bit about Antifa and I get chills because as the author states from the very start the US could be up against more then they've dealt with over the years with just this one group.
They are all highly trained and smart. Such a fascinating book the way the author tells his story. Can't wait to read more of his works.
Author has a way with his words that make the scenes visible to me due to the detailed descriptions. I sit on the edge of my seat and then have to pause for an hour to digest what I've read. ( )
  Dorlough | Nov 16, 2021 |
Cade Chase is back with another mission, this time to help his friend whose college-age daughter was kidnapped by antifa.
This is a military style thriller, and if you enjoy the intrigue of military thrillers you would enjoy this. There is a lot about tactical operations as Cade and his team try to recover the young woman.
In my opinion, this could be improved by tightening up the narrative, and laying off the heavy-handed political commentary. This is very heavily slanted in that direction, which didn’t appeal to me at all.
I also think that the ending seemed a bit abrupt.
Again, for those who enjoy military thrillers with vigilante justice, this is perfect for you. ( )
  Roman_ | Nov 12, 2021 |
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