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Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True…

Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession (original 2021; édition 2021)

par Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell (Auteur), Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell (Illustrateur)

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As I read this book, all I could keep thinking of was the Dirty Dancing DVD. Why, you ask? Well, back when audio commentary tracks were all the rage, Dirty Dancing writer Eleanor Bergstein did the best one I ever heard. I truly enjoyed listening to the sparkle in her voice as she excitedly raced to jam in years and years worth of her every thought about the film. Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, a fanatic about true crime stories, brings that same passion to the printed page as she pours all her energy and enthusiasm for the subject into this big thick book.

I found myself swept up in her musings and reflections about what this obsession means about her and people like her. I was drawn into her recaps of some of the cases that had the most impact on her. I smiled at the banter between her and her mother.

Keep in mind, this is more a fan rant than a scholarly work. I imagine you'll either immediately fall in love with her wit, humor, and candor in the first few pages or you'd best set the book aside because it's the same all the way through.

I'm not a true crime fan and I've never watched an episode of Law & Order, but thanks to Campbell's cheerleading, I'm tempted to at least try an Ann Rule book sometime in the near future and maybe a couple of the other books she mentions. ( )
  villemezbrown | Dec 4, 2021 |
Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell is a 2021 Andrews McMeel Publishing publication.

With just a few exceptions, this book could have been about me!

Well, to clear- I’d be the mother in this book- and I’ve made my daughter a true crime addict, too. (As you will discover- that’s not a bad thing, at all)

So, I could relate to this book quite a bit. I have watched the movies, read the books, watched all the crime shows and documentaries.

Two things I don’t do, though, are- Nancy Grace- and podcasts- but I have tried to add the podcasts in on occasion.

But alas, this story is not about me…

The story is about a woman, Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, who is obsessed with True Crime. She thinks she inherited this interest in crime from her mother, but wants to try and figure out the psychology behind why people find true crime so entertaining.

High profile cases like that of the Zodiac and Ted Bundy are profiled and analyzed, for starters, moving on to other cases, like Anne Marie Fahey.

Hilary lists the authors she loves, and crime shows she watches- both fiction and non-fiction and then of course, as her life progresses, she discovers the true crime podcast.

The author attempts to make her obsession sound not all that strange, while admitting there’s some weirdness about enjoying the genre.

Other than one warped religious remark, early on, I thought the book was hilarious, and so true. The author nails the obsessive behaviors of many true crime enthusiast, most of whom are women, and many of us can see ourselves in this book.

The illustrations are in black and white, perhaps more like something you might see in a newspaper or magazine, than the traditional graphic novel.

I enjoyed the criminal cases she chose to examine and got a kick out her defense of the true crime genre and understood her need to explain why she enjoys it and can relate to feeling a certain amount of guilt about that, as well, occasionally wondering what it said about me that got into what Hilary calls “all that murder s**t”.

As her investigation deepens her findings will give all us ladies who enjoy true crime a better understanding of what it is about the genre that attracts us, and we can all breathe a great big sigh of relief because I agree wholeheartedly with Hilary’s findings! No need to explain or feel guilty anymore!

Women really have made true crime better!

The Thanksgiving scene at the end was hilarious and brilliant and I loved, loved, loved the way the book ends!

Anyone up for an episode of Law & Order? Dun Dun! ( )
  gpangel | Nov 6, 2021 |
Disclaimer: I read this as a NetGalley ARC. I received no compensation other than the chance to read this work.

Murder Book is about the author's exploration of what attracts her, and other women, to the true-crime genre. Told from her viewpoint and interspersed with facts from infamous true-crime cases, this graphic novel covers what she tries to see as possible motivations for her true-crime fascination and if it really could be harmful to wallow in the details of other women's deaths.

This book was a good read, but the narrative style (as the author herself admits) is very meandering and circular. This may frustrate some readers to where they're willing to walk away from finishing the book, but it wasn't so much confusing as it was a feeling of wanting to say 'get to the point!'.

Recommended for fans of true-crime novels and podcasts. ( )
  TooLittleReading | Sep 21, 2021 |
3 sur 3
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This book is dedicated to my mother, who loves murder.
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Hello, and welcome to my book, my murder book! I assume you bought this book because . . .
A. You too love murder.
B. You're trying to understand why your wife/girlfriend/daughter/niece/aunt/partner loves murder.
Or maybe C. You're a murderer? If so, please go away!!!!!!
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