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Not Alone: A Graphic Novel par Sophocles…

Not Alone: A Graphic Novel (édition 2021)

par Sophocles Sapounas (Auteur)

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13101,228,182 (2.32)1
Titre:Not Alone: A Graphic Novel
Auteurs:Sophocles Sapounas (Auteur)
Info:BHC Press (2021), 186 pages
Collections:Lus mais non possédés (inactive)

Détails de l'œuvre

Not Alone: A Graphic Novel par Sophocles Sapounas


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Cette critique a été écrite dans le cadre des Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing.
A short zombie apocalyptic graphic novel. I was excited and intrigued but…The art and story just were not engaging enough to hold my attention. Hopefully, the author/artist will take heart and rework things. I do recommend investing time or money in this one. Pass. ( )
  KatoJustus | Jun 14, 2021 |
Cette critique a été écrite dans le cadre des Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing.
I received Not Alone as an (LibraryThing) ARC; and I really enjoyed it. I had to run through it a couple of times, because I don’t read a lot of graphic novels so I’m not used to the comics-y feel of speech bubbles and split frames. I love the cover illustration, and it was even cooler when I found it in the story.

I enjoyed the adventure of Not Alone, ha, on multiple levels; some of the drawings are very beautiful and strong—particularly the night scenes and the (artistic) depiction of shadow(s) and light; however, there are some drawings I felt could be stronger, that confused me; and that I felt could be clearer. Similarly, some of the speech bubbles read, confusingly, left to right, and were cut off or cut too close to the top bottom or side: one bubble I couldn’t even read though I’m not sure if that’s an anomaly of a pdf graphic novel.

I don’t know why, but I found the idea of an apocalyptic graphic novel pretty cool: they just seem to naturally go together. Combined with the multiple interpretations & implications of the title, Not Alone was a pretty cool experience. It has a very cult-classic feel to it, meaning it's unique stylistically and so won't be to everyone's taste. I felt it would've been stronger as a full story rather than a set up for a series. ( )
  The_Bubblegum_Review | Jun 11, 2021 |
Cette critique a été écrite dans le cadre des Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing.
2.5 / 5 I had high hopes going into this based on the premise and the cover, but unfortunately it just fell flat for me. I still enjoyed reading it and would give the next installment a shot in hopes of things improving.

A lot of people seem to have taken issue with the art. I actually enjoyed that aspect. My concerns were the weak story, characters, and particularly dialogue. I can appreciate that fitting character death into a graphic novel, particularly one as short as this, must be a challenge, but the overall maturity of both characters and their dialogue was simply lacking. The female character was caricature of the rough and tumble no-nonsense leader but with a cruel mean-streak in her that was not remotely likable, whereas the male companion was presented as the typical fool along for the ride and to be her verbal and physical punching bag. Not great.

I think the story had potential and I am curious to see where it’s going. I hope a bit more time can be put onto the characters and developing their relationship into something workable and sustainable moving forward.

*Thanks to LibraryThing and Sophocles for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. ( )
  KyJames | Jun 9, 2021 |
Cette critique a été écrite dans le cadre des Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing.
I'm a little disappointed by this. I thought it was going to be a post apocalyptic story with action and drama, but it ended up being... weak. It's weak in all aspects: graphics, dialogue, story, character....

This is the first volume in the comic, so I guess it's expected to not have fully developed characters, but the two main ones don't feel like they would *ever* have a good arc or deep. And the story lacked deepness too. It has potential, don't get me wrong, but here it doesn't give much hope to the reader that that potential will be fulfilled in the future.

I give it 2,5 stars because of the potential and because it seems that the idea is kind of good. ( )
  Merlucito | Jun 9, 2021 |
Cette critique a été écrite dans le cadre des Critiques en avant-première de LibraryThing.
This book was given to me as an Early Review copy.

I'll be honest, I was excited by the cover and synopsis of the story, but the first chapter quickly quelled the excitement, and continuing to read didn't do anything to renew the interest. I wasn't impressed by the art from the get-go, but as the book progresses, it feels like the artist got less and less inspired to do any detailed drawings. It looks more like the doodling on the back of a high school math worksheet rather than a published book, and the characters and story seem to have a maturity level on par with it. I wasn't expecting anything deep or inspiring, but the plot and characters felt like the author wasn't even trying. The main two characters were archetypes taken way past what the characteristics would call for: a female main character that's world-toughen and brash, but borders on spasmodic at best, and breaches well into controlling, downright abusive, and generally just a horrible person; and a male foil character meant to be the comedic relief, but comes off more as annoying, stupid, and just a body for the main character to talk at.

The art needs to be polished - not colored or digital necessarily - it could remain black and white, I would just want it to look as refined as the cover does. The story needs to be looked over a couple of times and revised since this feels more like a storyboard rather than any sort of draft. There's obviously talent here; writing comics is hard since you have to be well-versed in both art and writing, and there's nothing easy about either of those things, but again, it feels like there was no effort put into it. To the author, don't stop writing or drawing or creating. You're certainly on your way to something, I just think you need to remove yourself from archetypes and tired plots and really dig deep into some story or character you're passionate about and sit with them for a while before trying to write down their story. ( )
  apocalypsehunter | Jun 9, 2021 |
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