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The Girl from the Sea par Molly Knox…

The Girl from the Sea (édition 2021)

par Molly Knox Ostertag (Auteur)

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Titre:The Girl from the Sea
Auteurs:Molly Knox Ostertag (Auteur)
Info:Graphix (2021), 256 pages
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Mots-clés:graphic-novels, ya

Information sur l'oeuvre

The Girl from the Sea par Molly Knox Ostertag


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Morgan can't wait to escape the little island where she lives and get away from her sad, divorced mom, her angry young brother, and worst of all, her group of friends who don't understand her at all. Because, in all honesty, Morgan has the biggest of secrets... one about wanting to kiss a girl.

Then one night, after trying to clear her head, Morgan falls off from slippery rocks and into the ocean. She's saved from a mysterious girl named Keltie, who she's met once before. The duo become close and suddenly, life on the island doesn't seem so suffocating anymore. But Keltie has her own secrets. As the girls start to fall in love, everything hidden away finds its way to the surface... whether or not Morgan is ready for it.

Oh my goodness, I loved this so so so much! I'm going to be searching for my own copy of it for sure because of how much I enjoyed it!

The artwork of the novel is beautiful and visually appealing. I enjoyed the different styles everyone had. Keltie was probably my favorite to see as she never hid her expressions and was very animated (her seal eyes were beautiful!). Molly Knox Ostertag did a beautiful job at showing Morgan and her hidden emotions as well. Even if she would hide away and try to make herself small, you could still see her.

The storyline of this novel is super cute and adorable. Mythology, selkies, coming of age, coming out, LGBTQ+, divorced parents... it has quite a lot! The family dynamics will pull on your heartstrings, that's for sure! It's always nice to see a coming out scene where the family is supportive, Morgan's mom even cracked me up.

This is a great and adorable story that all can enjoy! I highly recommend this to anyone who would like a cutesy sapphic romance graphic novel.

Sometimes you have to let your life get messy. That's how you get to the good parts. ( )
1 voter oldandnewbooksmell | Nov 18, 2021 |
I honestly was super excited to read this book, but I found that the story didn't hit the mark for me. Morgan and Keltie's relationship was really rushed (as was pretty much everything else in the story) and I found Morgan to be a rather terrible girlfriend/friend in general. I completely understood wanting to hide her relationship as an lgbt teen who is afraid of coming out, but keeping Keltie completely in the dark while neglecting her friends was terrible to me (She could have at least tried to introduce Keltie to her friends and include everyone). And then she had the audacity to get angry at Keltie when she asked for help herself. And even after she came out to everyone, and everyone was understanding of it, she continued to neglect her friends. Honestly, it made me angry which is why this book ended up dropping to two stars (one for the rushed storyline and one for the character development (or lack of it)).

I loved Molly's book, The Witch Boy, but I found this one lacking a bit. However, don't let my opinion keep you from this book. The artwork is fantastic and who knows, you might love it! ( )
  klcarmack | Nov 12, 2021 |
there r a lot of good things abt this--mainly v cute makeout scenes--but it drops too many beats that couldve made it great. the two central conflicts r compelling--a fear of homophobia and family tension on the one hand, and risking relationships to prevent ecological destruction due to economic greed on the other. but ostertag fumbles the resolution to both.

it was a good move on ostertag's part to do away w homophobia within the family, but surely in such a rural area there might still b issues being out and proud in public at such a young age. also, the family tension was left vague, never investigated, and mostly dropped when it was time to focus on the other conflict.

it wouldve been fun if serena was revealed to have a crush on morgan, which morgan leveraged to prevent ecological destruction. instead, just ~telling the truth~ and appealing to the friendship of someone who the protagonist -DOES-NOT-EVEN-LIKE- is enough to sort of save the day. and in the end everyone is happy--even the capitalist polluters can still operate their ship w/ minimal environmental damage! such an everyone-wins compromise ending cheapens the stakes and undermines any potential commitment ostertag couldve taken wrt ecological conservation ( )
  sashame | Aug 16, 2021 |
Molly Knox Ostertag is creating the LGBT graphic novels I wish I had when I was a teenager. Having previously read “Witch Boy” I was already familiar with Ostertag’s works and I picked up a copy of “The Girl from the Sea” as soon as I was able. This book broke my heart in the best ways possible. I was crying bittersweet tears as I closed book and stepped out of the semi-fantastical world. Its such a cute awkward teenage romance that is beautifully illustrated, I personally really loved the way the eyes were drawn.

I can honestly say “The Girl from the Sea” is one of my favorite books I’ve read so far this year. Even with bookmark in hand I could not find a reason to put this beautifully Illustrated graphic novel down. As queer person from a small town I felt a strong connection to the main character, being queer and from a small town is hard and can be terrifying, even deadly. I say this as I’ve read several books that boasted about the queerness in their pages only to have their queer characters face homophobia with horrific consequences. There are too many authors writing queer stories about teenage romances that bank on homophobia as the main source of conflict.

However, Ostertag has shown in “The Girl from the Sea” that homophobia is not integral to queer stories. The book follows Morgan a normal 15 year old girl from a small island town with a broken family and a big secret and Keltie a selkie. Like many queer people Morgan dreams of moving away after high school and living as herself. (As I’ve mentioned her reason for not coming out is not fear of homophobia, but rather the fear of being other/ different. This is a fear nearly every teenager has because teenagers are ruthless it is not just a queer experience) Keltie on the other hand is very different from Morgan not just in the obvious way but also in that she is unafraid of being herself. By the end of the story both girls have grown into different but better people for having met each other.

And that is all I will say because I do not want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. ( )
1 voter EllielElf | Jul 10, 2021 |
Molly Knox Ostertag is pretty darn reliable at this point. This may not be her strongest book, with a few more clunks than clicks in the plot, but it has a little romance, a little adventure, and a whole lotta heart. A closeted teen is surprised by the reappearance of a mysterious girl she briefly met once seven years ago. A cute mysterious girl.

I really enjoyed the main characters (though the side characters were pretty stock) and hope there is a sequel in the future. ( )
  villemezbrown | Jun 12, 2021 |
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For my parents and the home they made on Wilneff Island. And for Noelle, who came into my life like a storm from the sea.
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Tue, June 11, 9:04 PM
ok ladies
now that summer vacation has officially begun . . . meet me in town tomorrow
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