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The Lie: Evolution

par Ken Ham

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An eye-opening look at the harmful effects of evolutionary thought on modern culture and religion. Author Ken Ham uses his years of teaching and ministry experience to expose false teaching that is destroying children and families.

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This book reminds me that Faith is the basis of everything in this life. Ken Ham does a masterful job of reminding us of that fact. Mr. Ham points out to the reader that you have to have more faith to believe in evolution, which has no genetic support for its basis, then you do you creation.

At present, there is no "scientific "evidence of genetic change from one kind to another. Evolutionists continue to struggle with that fact. Evolutionists continue to lead astray those that accept the religion of evolution as science.

This work by Mr. Ham is refreshing and enlightning! Bravo Mr. Ham! ( )
  doc70gs | Feb 14, 2016 |
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  TMBClibrary | Sep 9, 2014 |
NO OF PAGES: 185 SUB CAT I: Creation Science SUB CAT II: SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: The Bible prophetically warns?that in the last days false teachers will introduce destructive lies among the people. Their purpose is to bring God's truth into disrepute and to exploit believers by telling them made-up and imagined stories (see 2 Pet. 2:1-3). Such a lie is among us - that lie is evolution! Today many laypeople, ministers, and Christian educators are powerless in their presentation of the gospel. They have rejected Genesis, the foundation of biblical doctrine. They have believed the modern origins myth - evolution. An eye-opening look at the harmful effects of evolutionary thought on modern culture and religion. Author Ken Ham uses his years of teaching and ministry experience to expose false teaching that is destroying children and families.NOTES: Donated by Spike and Teri Psarris. SUBTITLE: Genesis - The Key to Defending Your Faith
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2 voter | BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
(posted on my blog:

In preparation for my upcoming trip with folks from the Secular Student Alliance to the Creation "Museum", I picked up a thrift store copy of Ken Ham's book which laid the foundation for the "museum's" "science". I expected to, at minimum, read about evidence which appeared to contradict evolution, scientific arguments in favor of creationism, or some sort of rational reason to ignore or 'interpret differently' the mountains of evidence available which support evolution. I found none of this, and worse, this entire book could have been contained in the following sentence: "Genesis says God did it, fossils are explained by Noah's flood, and anyone who says otherwise is clearly God's enemy." Seriously, that is all this book has to say.

No science, no arguments, no rational reason to ignore the overwhelming evidence for evolution provided by dozens of scientific disciplines. God did it. Noah's flood explains fossils. You're evil if you say otherwise.

Ham himself sums up the entire rationale for creationism on the first page of the Introduction: "If Genesis was not literally true, then what part of the Bible could I trust?" Here, Ken and I are completely in agreement. He spends the rest of the book relating anecdotes from his ministering, chiding anyone who believes the Bible is not to be interpreted literally, and demonstrating his profound ignorance of evolutionary theory. He clearly has no clue what he is arguing against.

Repeatedly, Ham uses straw men to show that he knows more than those mealy-mouthed scientists when it comes to logic. Everyone Ham talks to storms off, leaving Ham to conclude that he alone was the rational, logical one. No sources, no names, no specific details of these alleged encounters, Ham expects the reader to just accept his stories as utterly true. Given that the vast majority of his readers will accept the literal historical 'truth' of Genesis on blind faith alone, there isn't much surprise that he doesn't bother to source his material.

The worst part of this whole reading experience is that I really thought Ham, who has a college education, would offer the smallest bit of evidence in favor of his interpretation. There are holes in the knowledge of evolutionary processes which would, at minimum, allow Ham to argue some version of the God of the Gaps theory, but even that fallback is destroyed by Ham's own 'logic'. There is nothing, and I mean 'literally' nothing in this book to support Ham's creationist arguments outside of the Bible itself, which Ham repeatedly reminds us claims itself to be the perfect word of God which we must believe literally.

Disgusting. I'm really sad for folks who read this garbage and are convinced. How do these readers get out of bed each morning? How do they ever make reasonable decisions? How could anyone who believes Ken Ham ever have a dime to spend after all the fraud and scams they undoubtedly fall for? I'm glad I read this book only because it makes it clear that creationism is a vapid, hollow, and utterly disingenous religious monstrosity which has not one shred of evidence for its claims (whatever those actually are, outside of 'God did it'). The fact that half the US population believes some form of this bullshit is not only sad, it is downright frightening. If so many people cannot tell how utterly empty of evidence this propaganda is, how on earth can we solve the terribly harsh problems that face us everyday. One-half star. I wish I could give is less. Utter trash, unscientific, anti-rational, illogical, and irresponsible manifestation from the mind of a clearly-deranged and mentally ill Ken Ham.

For a review of a book which makes overwhelmingly strong arguments in favor of evolution, check out my review of Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. ( )
18 voter | IslandDave | Aug 4, 2009 |
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An eye-opening look at the harmful effects of evolutionary thought on modern culture and religion. Author Ken Ham uses his years of teaching and ministry experience to expose false teaching that is destroying children and families.

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