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The Forbidden Wish par Jessica Khoury

The Forbidden Wish (édition 2016)

par Jessica Khoury

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3452358,940 (3.94)1
"Forced to hid her true identity, Zahra, a teenage genie, finds her chance for freedom challenged by her love for her master,"--NoveList.
Titre:The Forbidden Wish
Auteurs:Jessica Khoury
Info:Razorbill, Hardcover, 352 pages
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Information sur l'oeuvre

The Forbidden Wish par Jessica Khoury

  1. 00
    L'amulette de Samarcande par Jonathan Stroud (gryphonous)
    gryphonous: Also explores friendship between djinn and humans, from a djinni's perspective.

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A magical, imaginative retelling of Aladdin. The first law of the jinn is: Do not love a human. Zahra has already broken it once. Now, with a chance to earn her freedom at stake, her growing attachment to the newest master of her lamp might cause her to risk everything. Every wish comes with a price; the Forbidden Wish has the steepest price of all. ( )
  vvbooklady | May 11, 2021 |
I thought this book was really great. It was a fun, light read with great mythology and a nice slow burn romance. I've always been a fan of jinn and while watching the movie Aladdin and encountering the tale of Aladdin and the lamp of the Arabian nights, I found the relationship between Aladdin and the jinn to be really captivating, and as a romance lover, I always wanted a story where Aladdin and the jinn fell in love. I picked up this book mainly for that reason and it was well worth it.

My only complaint about the book is that I wish Zahra and Habiba had been in love romantically instead of seeing each other as "sisters" or "friends." Their love literally caused a war between the jinni and humans that had repercussions for 500 years afterward, Zahra uses the body of Habiba as her appearance and describes her looks as very beautiful and attractive in a way that isn't very friendly, and she's also telling the book to Habiba. I mean that's pretty gay. With this book, it's quite easy to adhere to death of the author and say that Zahra says their love was sisterly and only as friends because she could feel guilty over their love resulting in the Forbidden Wish, so that's what I choose to do and interpret Zahra as bisexual. Perhaps Zahra and Habiba were never shown to kiss, but their love story rang more romantic than familial to me! Besides, after you love someone so intensely, the brain often categorizes your love as familial since it's transitioned to a long term/more permanent love. ( )
  amybear | May 8, 2021 |
I guess I'm one of the minority that didn't like the book. Which is a shame because the premise was interesting.

I couldn't connect with the characters or their supposed struggles. All the characters felt a bit flat, especially Aladdin, who's either drunk or standing around doing nothing in most scenes. I understand the author is trying to write strong female characters, but they need to remember the other characters who are also in the scene.
The handmaidens were all flat stereotypes, you have the quiet, bookish one (sorry, I forget their names), the suspicious one, the one with the snake (I know that's not a stereotype, but I mean that they have only one feature differentiating them) etc. and they are all joined in their unshakeable loyalty to the Princess. You get a little bit of backstory with the one who's royalty in a different country, but nothing more than a paragraph.

The love story was dull, I couldn't understand their attraction to each other and the token scenes (eg. stealing the pipe) dedicated to their budding relationship was too obvious and contrived.

It felt like this book glossed over too much. Perhaps if it was a longer book, with more room to deal with the relationships between the characters, more exploration of their desires, I would have found this book more interesting. ( )
  vishae | Apr 29, 2021 |
I was excited to learn there was going to be an Aladdin retelling and even more so after finding out that the jinni was to be a girl.

Zahra has ulterior motives when she influences Aladdin's wish to become a prince. Her intention isn't to help's to get into the palace so she can earn her own freedom. Problem is, as time passes she begins to develop feelings for Aladdin and starts to regret her actions for they will certainly endanger him once she's gone.
Woven into the story are glimpses into Zahra's past which I enjoyed. The history of the jinn was interesting.

I can't find one thing I disliked about this book. It's such an imaginative retelling and the romance between Zahra and Aladdin is beautifully done. The Forbidden Wish has complex characters, fantastic world building and plenty of magic/action to keep the reader entertained. Can't recommend this enough!

ARC was provided by Penguin's First to Read program.
( )
  maebri | Mar 10, 2020 |
I really, really wanted to love this :(

The romance is truly what killed this for me. I really didn't like it at all. I failed to see their connection at all besides the fact that Zhara can't be too far away from him because of the lamp. And Aladdin just seemed a like a super shallow guy...not the charming guy I expected.

If you love lush, descriptive prose (a la The Wrath and the Dawn) than you will no doubt adore this story.

Check out more spoiler-free book and series reviews on my blog as well as read book series recaps!

Full Review:
Actual Rating: 2/5 ( )
  seriesousbooks | Aug 12, 2019 |
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"Forced to hid her true identity, Zahra, a teenage genie, finds her chance for freedom challenged by her love for her master,"--NoveList.

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