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Comme un conte par Graham Joyce

Comme un conte (original 2012; édition 2015)

par Graham Joyce (Auteur)

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7265122,810 (3.8)59
After missing for twenty years, Tara Martin appears on her parents doorstep barely a day older than when she vanished.
Titre:Comme un conte
Auteurs:Graham Joyce (Auteur)
Info:Bragelonne (2015), 448 pages
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Détails de l'œuvre

Comme un conte par Graham Joyce (2012)


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This is the second Graham Joyce book that I have read and, to my perhaps simplistic view, these novels revolve around core themes. In The Silent Land the theme was love. In Some Kind of Fair Tale it is loss of time/youth.

Peter's sixteen year old sister Tara disappears while taking a walk among the Spring flowers and woods near her home. She returns on cold Christmas day twenty years later, cold, tired, dirty, and to all appearances not having aged in those twenty years. She claims to have spent those years (which to her were only 6 months) with the race of magical creatures that we would call Fairies, although we learn that they not only don't like that term, but that they are very physical and more dangerous and aggressive than we imagined.

Woven into a story that is both realistic as well as fantastic is the theme of the loss of youth and of time.

I was struck by the way that the characters are as mystified and unbelieving in the changes that the years have brought to them as they are of the lack of change in Tara. But isn't that the way it always is?

Yesterday I watched my grand-daughter play in my living room and I almost felt as if the fairies had worked some magic because it seems like yesterday that I listened to her mother speak her first words. They clearly have changed so much yet why do I feel that I have not? I didn't feel the rush of years---but I am sure that I look as changed to them as they do to me.

There is a rather sinister scene at the end of the book where we see that the Fairies will soon be after Peter's young daughter. It made me think that even as the Fairies have worked their magic and my little girl is now a mother, I will blink again and my grand-daughter will be a woman. And I will still wonder where it all went.
( )
  ChrisMcCaffrey | Apr 6, 2021 |
I had just finished reading Neil Gaiman's "Ocean at the end of the Lane" and this book showed up in "Readers also enjoyed"; I thought I give it a try as I was in a kind of rural fantasy mood but this was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. The idea sounded captivating but the writing is so poor that I stopped after 70 pages.

Gaiman drew me into the story with the first sentence and never let me off the hook till the end, but this author, while having some nice ideas, is just not up to the task: dull descriptions, bland dialogues ... life is too short to read such poor stuff. ( )
  MrKillick-Read | Apr 4, 2021 |
Twenty years ago Tara Martin went missing. She simply went out one day and never came home. Her boyfriend at the time was an obvious suspect. They had rowed before she disappeared. Her brother and parents have never gotten over it. They’ve moved on as best they can, Peter has a family of his own now, but Tara’s absence casts a long shadow.

A shadow that her sudden and unexplained reappearance only darkens. Where was she all this time?

The story she tells her brother, that for her it has only been six months, and they she tried and tried but this was the earliest she could return, does not persuade anybody. There must be some other explanation.

This book is, in many ways, a perfect read for the Once Upon a Time challenge. It is all about fairy tales and folktales. Joyce starts each chapter with a quote about, or from a fairy tale, and references the case of Bridget Cleary. She was killed by her husband and father, among others, because they believed she was a changeling, the real Bridget having been taken by the fairies.

And Joyce does a wonderful job of mixing the fairy and the more mundane worlds. There are multiple narrators, sometimes it is Tara telling us what happened, other times her brother or her old boyfriend recount what happened to them. We also get the odd report from her psychiatrist as he attempts to uncover why she has lost her memory and created this outlandish tale.

It is also a very readable book. I just kept turning the pages, enjoying the read and wanting to find out more. It isn’t perfect however1 . A couple of times while reading I was slightly jolted out of the story by comments made in relation to women. At one stage, for example, one character says something to the effect that nature doesn’t allow two women to live under the same roof. Nothing major, and I do think it was very definitely the character and not Joyce himself who says and believes it, but at the same time I was a bit hmmm.

And I’m not one hundred per cent sure on the ending.
But all in all I think this is one of Joyce’s better books and I’d recommend it. ( )
2 voter Fence | Jan 5, 2021 |
This is a well-written Fairy Tale in all the grand tradition of fairy tales, including the unconscious desires, the spiriting away, the self-discovery, the missing time, and then the return to our shadow world.

What makes this special is the care given to the two main characters of Tara, the girl who came back, and Richie, the man whose life was put on hold for twenty years. It's modern. It's also nicely bracketed with modern psychology, giving us all a way to view all the events and the story that Tara tells from the accepted view.

Of course, we're not really supposed to relate to it that way, but it's really striking how much Tara is not believed despite some glaring giveaways: such as not aging. The number of hoops that so many of them go through to explain it away makes this whole novel BELIEVABLE. Scarily so.

Good stuff. You must love the mystery of the Fae, however. :) ( )
  bradleyhorner | Jun 1, 2020 |
A missing girl turns up 20 years later and only 6 months older. No one believes her story about being spirited away (though it's an old one in that part of the world) The points of view range from the people she left behind to her psychiatrist to a nephew who's got his own troubles. It makes for an entrancing patchwork. ( )
  cindywho | May 27, 2019 |
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After missing for twenty years, Tara Martin appears on her parents doorstep barely a day older than when she vanished.

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