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Prudence par Gail Carriger

Prudence (édition 2015)

par Gail Carriger

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9105117,416 (3.75)71
Twenty-year-old Prudence "Rue" Akeldama and her friends journey in a gaudy dirigible to India in search of a superior type of tea for her adoptive father, a wealthy vampire, only to run headfirst into danger, intrigue, and local politics.
Auteurs:Gail Carriger
Info:Orbit (2015), Hardcover, 368 pages
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Prudence par Gail Carriger



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A most fabulous read, as enjoyable as Soulless, easily. I greatly anticipate the remainder of this series. ( )
  wetdryvac | Mar 2, 2021 |
I was just supposed to take a short break from thesis writing. But I couldn't put this down... I was a bit hesitant about this book in the beginning as it had really good reviews, but also a lot of people seemed to be disappointed in it. Well, I wasn't.

It wasn't Parasol Protectorate, but I think I might've been disappointed if it was. Rue is not Alexia, but I can see how she's the person she is growing up with Lord Akeldama and her biological parents. I love the friendship between her and Prim. And the werelioness! She's amazing. And Quesnel and Percy are not bad either. I can't wait for the next book! Although I think the last installment of the Finishing School series is upon us first.

I just love Gail Carriger's writing. And I love that the series are contained and not endlessly continuing, which usually just make them boring to me at some point. It's good to introduce new characters. And even though Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School books involve some of the same characters, the protagonists are definitely different, so the tone of the books is different. ( )
  RankkaApina | Feb 22, 2021 |
loved it, give me the next one immediately ( )
  kickthebeat | Nov 1, 2020 |
I enjoyed The Parsol Protectorate enough that was excited to see Gail Carriger had written a follow up series starring the infant inconvenient of the main characters in Parasol. Prudence's metanatural abilities showed promise of many hi-jinks to come, especially if she ended up as adventuresome as her mother. While we do get some metanatural running amuck, what mostly happens is a lot of silly nonsense.

"When all else failed – overwhelm with inanities."

And that basically sums up Prudence the first book in The Custard Protocol by Gail Carriger.

Twenty years have passed and little Prudence (Rue to her friends) is all grown up. Gifted her very own dirigible by her adopted father Dama, Rue immediately paints it like a lady bug, names it The Spotted Custard and is off to India in search of some tea plants her Dama is interested in.

I wish I could say there was more to the plot but, alas, that's basically it. A good 75% of the book is devoted to detailed descriptions of dresses and hats, society gossip and fart jokes. Yes, the sly wit of Parasol has been traded for fart jokes.

The main characters aren't much better. Rue is rather dense. It took her forever to realize that there was a lot more going on than tea. She seemed rather to stumble from event to event haphazardly instead of through any actual plan. Prim was very like early Ivy, completely focused on the right clothes and social niceties. I am not a fan of Quesnel, who is obviously going to be the romantic interest for later in the series. Percy was OK and quite possibly the hero of this one through his research though Rue gets credit in the end where she actually resolves what little there is of the plot.

So what did I enjoy? The supporting characters were fantastic. Miss Sekhmet and Spoo were great. The introduction of other were-forms into the Parasol universe was also brilliant and something I hope gets explored more. There are so many options for Carriger to pull from mythology. The part of the plot related to the politics that our characters are fairly oblivious of was also interesting and a pity it wasn't focused on. Seeing favorite characters from the first series was also nice.

I wonder if reading this series out of publication order hurt my enjoyment at all. I might have to try the first book of Finishing School before returning for more Custard. ( )
1 voter Narilka | Sep 7, 2020 |
I’ve kind of gone off Carriger—something about the jokes about tea and constant descriptions of clothes gets to me—but this was in at the library when I was looking for something absolutely fluffy last week and Carriger is very good at fluffy. I liked that Rue is more cautious than her mother, who I know from the Parasol Protectorate books, but still as strong a personality and as willing to get the job done, whatever job it is. I also liked that Carriger’s making a strong effort to include more women and POC, and to otherwise expand her steampunk world beyond Britain and Europe. Apart from that, this is pretty much what I expected: blithely good-humoured, a handful of steampunk set pieces, some fun action, a mystery, banter, supernatural creatures, flirting. Carriger’s introduced a political angle, which is nice and will probably get explored more in the rest of the series—but am I hooked enough to continue? Not really.

Warnings: Multiple instances of semi-voluntary public nudity. Queer characters who are only ever described as such obliquely (which is true to period, I believe). Heroine at one point mistaken for Hindu goddess. Indian culture seems respectfully described otherwise, but this is a comedic novel and I’m not Indian, so I can’t be certain.

7.5/10 (Would be 6.5 but I feel like if I dock points for lazy lacks of diversity, I should add them for corrected diversity issues too) ( )
  NinjaMuse | Jul 26, 2020 |
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Applegate, VanessaPhotographeauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Green, Shirleyauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Panepinto, LaurenConcepteur de la couvertureauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Quirk, MoiraNarrateurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
Roberts, ChadConcepteurauteur secondairequelques éditionsconfirmé
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"How did we go from tea to death so quickly?" wondered Quesnel.
"Sometimes," said Prim darkly, "there is a very fine line between the two."
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Twenty-year-old Prudence "Rue" Akeldama and her friends journey in a gaudy dirigible to India in search of a superior type of tea for her adoptive father, a wealthy vampire, only to run headfirst into danger, intrigue, and local politics.

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