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EVIL EYE (Investigator Yashim) par Jason…

EVIL EYE (Investigator Yashim) (original 2011; édition 2012)

par Jason Goodwin (Auteur)

Séries: Yashim Togalu (4)

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236591,111 (3.72)18
"The fourth chapter in the adventures of Investigator Yashim, the eunuch detective"--Provided by publisher.
Titre:EVIL EYE (Investigator Yashim)
Auteurs:Jason Goodwin (Auteur)
Info:Picador (2012), Edition: First, 350 pages
Collections:Votre bibliothèque
Mots-clés:turkey, historical detective

Information sur l'oeuvre

Mauvais oeil par Jason Goodwin (2011)


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5 sur 5
A superior mystery. For light entertainment, Jason Goodwin gets most things right in this book and indeed in the series. We get to know more of Yashim a his back story is filled out a bit, we get the fascinating historical and social detail, we get a brisk and intriguing mystery and we even get a couple of recipes, all whilst maintaining the feel-good factor. I came out of this book feeling much as I do after a good night's sleep - refreshed and ready to face heavier demands. 17 June 2016. ( )
  alanca | Jun 17, 2016 |
Minus 1/2 for being confusing..... There were just too many separate stories, I never really knew who was whom, the plot was twisty. The story was not seamless, while one person was doing one thing then next chapter was about someone else, even at the end there was a gap. I knew who everyone was, but there was so much "Mystery" that I never put all the pieces (fragments, really) all together..... But I really did like the historical background of the Ottomans & the countries that stood to be their enemies.

I did like several of the characters, especially the main character Yashim! He was very clever, intelligent & honorable. I liked the description of the Oda (Harem), but I would have liked to know more about the women/girls, as much of the story revolved around them.

It is 1839, the Sultan has died and Admiral, Fevzi Ahment, has absconded w/ the fleet and given it to Egypt (this part about Fevzi Ahmet is actually true). A Russian man has been found dead in the Monks' well, with a piece of his skin missing. A young student goes missing from school as well. The Oda changes occupants tensions and much ill will arises. A bridge is built spanning the main waterway. The Russians are playing tactical games. Then there are the murders in the Oda. It is up to Yashim to figure it all out.

This is the same author who wrote: "The Janissary Tree", which I will consider reading next. However, if the next book I read in the series is as chopped up and confusing as this one, I'll stop and read no more. ( )
  Auntie-Nanuuq | Jan 18, 2016 |
A dark figure from Yashim's past re-surfaces in a surprising piece of treachery. What is the connection between him, the body of a Russian spy found in a monastery well, and traces of black magic being used in the new Sultan's harem?

Lots of suspense as we come close to losing several beloved characters from the series. Even more cooking than in previous installments. ( )
  Robertgreaves | Oct 13, 2014 |
An intriguing story which takes place mainly in the Sultan's Harem in old Istanbul. The lead character in this and other books in the series is Yashim,who is a eunuch and an investigator to the imperial court. When a body is discovered in the well of a nearby monastery,Yashim is soon on the trail. More deaths follow until finally the killer or killers are found.
my only problem here is that the author,who seems to know his period and the situation in 1840's Turkey well has not deemed it necessary to pass on his knowledge to us lesser mortals. It would have been a tremendous help to have had both a glossary and a character list to help out. ( )
  devenish | Jul 26, 2014 |
I purchased this book and recommended it to my book group based on the recommendation of a highly respected, interesting, cultured, intelligent friend. I'm not sure if I needed to have read the first three in this "set" to really appreciate the book, or if it just wasn't my style, or what, but I thought it was good! But just that: good!

This "set" is not so much a series of books that must be read in order -- I understand it is more like a set of mystery novels, that can certainly be read out of order. Inspector Yashim is a Eunuch in Istanbul with connections to the Sultan and other high ranking politicos, who is permitted to live outside of the castle, and who ends up being the man called in to solve the most bizarre or intricate of crimes. He also happens to stumble upon others, in light of his life and connections. In this book, Yashim is called in to see about a body in a monastery that has mysteriously appeared.

The unfamiliarity with the subject matter and even the most basic of things such as a persons title make the beginning of the book difficult to wade through. Efendi appears to be a sort of casual title -- perhaps akin to "sir" or "friend" and is often used in connection with the proper name for an individual, and occasionally on its own. Such as: Efendi Yashim or just Efendi. Pasha is another title... and Valide I believe is a title and not a proper name. Goodwin uses these words as if they are every day words to his readers. And perhaps they are to some; and perhaps readers of the first three found these words familiar. But as for my friends, co book group readers, and myself: a glossary would have been helpful to refer to for reminders and a brief explanation or background. I can understand not weighing down the story w/ these definitions, but as I say, a glossary of some sort would have been helpful.

The other frustrating/annoying bit about the book is the author's gratuitous food scenes. I understand that some of these mystery-type authors want their theme, but this one already has one -- exotic locations, foreign involvement, and history! No need to bring in how that onion was cut, how the parsley was sprinkled, etc.

On the plus side, however, it was an entertaining story and somewhat rewarding in the end. For me, once I passed the halfway point, it became a quick read, and I wanted to know what happened next. I began to read much more quickly, and even found myself wanting to turn the page rather than obey my bed time. I also liked some of the side characters quite a bit (particularly Palewski), and I imagine that having read the first 3 books would have assisted more in caring about Yashim's own backstory.

There appears to be a story of revenge lurking in the background, and once the "big reveal" was made at the end of An Evil Eye, I imagined that I might have cared more if I knew why it was such a big reveal.

Overall, I enjoyed the scenery, I enjoyed the familiarity with the unusual (to us here in America, anyway), and I enjoyed the mystery. As I said, it was good! But not great. I would recommend to someone who is a big mystery fan, a fan of Istanbul and/or harems and/or sultans and/or historical politics. I would recommend to someone looking for a meatier book, a denser book. ( )
  avanders | May 25, 2013 |
5 sur 5
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"The fourth chapter in the adventures of Investigator Yashim, the eunuch detective"--Provided by publisher.

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