Correcting entries


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Correcting entries

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Modifié : Août 12, 2006, 7:15pm

Many people who entered Japanese titles (including manga) before the last server crash have corrupted entries in their catalogs. It seems a lot of people missed the fix for this, so I'll quickly post it here.

Over on the Google Groups forum, there's a link to a screen for retrieving UTF-8/unicode information from the old database. Read the directions there, give it shot:

Unicode, Unicode, Unicode.

In my own case, the Summary data was usable, and I could copy/paste from it to correct the Author and Title fields. (Your mileage may vary, naturally.)

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Août 12, 2006, 7:15pm

While I'm at it . . . there's a known bug that involves only data imported from, namely, the ISBNs will not transfer into your catalog. You have to input them *manually.* (When will it be fixed? Don't ask me . . .) That's why covers for these imports won't show up in your catalog unless you force them.

When adding books:
1. Add books screen: Type in ISBN to search Results appear on the right sidebar.
2. *Before* you click on the proper result, highlight and copy the ISBN you just typed to your clipboard.
3. Click on the link to add the book to your catalog.
4. Click on the book's pencil icon to go the Edit screen.
5. Scroll down to the (empty) ISBN box and paste the ISBN from your clipboard.
6. Click the Submit button.
If there's an Amazon cover, it should show up now.

For fixing manga that are already in your catalog, start at Step 4.

If you don't feel like dragging the book out again, you should be able to copy/paste the ISBN from the manga's Information screen:
1. Click on the book's Information icon (the card).
2. Under "Editions, by Popularity" on the left sidebar, you should see the manga's ISBN. Highlight it and copy it to your clipboard.
3. On the right sidebar, click on the Social Information icon (a people head), then click on the pencil icon to go to the Edit screen.
4. Paste the ISBN into the proper box; click Submit.

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Août 17, 2006, 1:34am

Squeaky wheel may well apply here. I'm just saying.