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Help wanted - Agatha Christie in London

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Sep 24, 2009, 9:30am


please excuse me barging into your group but I was wondering if any of you could help me with a question I've had recently.

My boss is Hungarian and has learnt his English primarily through reading Agatha Christie novels (which has some interesting side effects). He's now off on his first tourist trip to the UK and will be spending three nights in London where he'd like to do something Agatha related.

I've already told him that he must go and see the Mousetrap but apart from that does anyone have any suggestions.

Modifié : Sep 24, 2009, 10:14am

Over here in the States people can go out to an evening of Dinner and a Murder Mystery. Where you're given the clues through along the way and audience participation in helping solve the Murder Mystery is encouraged. I've never been to one but they're supposed to be an awful lot of fun. I would imagine London would have something along the same lines there as well.

Of course therre's always hitting the many London Book Shops and searching for Agatha Chirstie novels which I think would be quite fun myself, the thrill of the chase you know and then findig books you didn't already own and adding them to your collection or coming across with an different edition of an Agatha Christie novel or one with a different cover on the book. I guess you could also go sight seeing and visit the many real places where her Mysteries took place.

Maybe he could make it a game along the lines of a Scavenger Hunt and try to find some things that are related to her novels or even trying to play the Board Game Clue. A Scavenger Hunt could turn out to be a lot of fun and actually find somethings you might never have found in the first place. Or he could make up a game where he pretends to disappear and have other people try to find him and figure out where he disappeared to. Just use your imagination and see what happens. I wonder if i t's possible to take a Tour of her Winterbrook house in the North of Cholsey Parish adjoining Wallingford in Oxfordshire formerly Berkshire. She is buried in the Church yard of St. Mary's Cholsey.

Take in some movies that are based on her novels like And Then There Was None which is a.k.a. Ten Little Indians, Murder On The Orient Express,Murder Is Easy, Death On The Nile, some of the Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple related movies or just go shopping in some London Stores and buy some Souvenirs that are Agatha Christie related like t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, posters, Audio Books, book marks, etc. I guess it's just a matter of knowing where to go looking for things to do or go shopping. I'd imagine that looking for things to do that is related to Agatha Christie would actually be loads of fun and exciting as well.


Sep 24, 2009, 10:16am

I googled Agatha Christie and came up with this:-

When Poirot first moves to London he shares accommodation with Captain Hasting’s at 14, Farraway Street before moving to Whitehaven Mansions. Although the novels set Whitehaven Mansions in London’s Mayfair, the television series is filmed at Florin Court in Charterhouse Square. The 1930’s Florin Court is the perfect setting for Poirot’s geometrical flat – it is one of London’s finest examples of 1930’s architecture and the scenery of Charterhouse Square makes a convincing double for the fashionable Mayfair.

Christie herself lived in London in for many years. She first moved to the city in 1918 and lived at 5 Northwick Terrace, in St John’s Wood, during the final months of the war. She later moved to Kensington before then living in Chelsea. Whilst living in fashionable Chelsea, at 48 Swan Court, Christie wrote Witness for the Prosecution and Crooked House. Chelsea was also the setting for One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and was the area in London Christie lived in for the longest. Christie lived in nine different residences in London and if you go to 58 Sheffield Terrace, London W8, you will see a Blue Plaque marking the home she lived in.

No doubt her experiences of London would have influenced her writing. It has gone down in Christie folklore that At Bertram’s Hotel is based on Brown’s Hotel, off Piccadilly, a hotel she is said to have visited. If you go to Cambridge Circus in London you will see the home of The Mousetrap – the longest continuously running play in history. In Bloomsbury you can visit The British Museum which houses a carved figure discovered by Max Mallowan, Christie’s husband, on an archaeological dig. London certainly has something to offer all Christie fans!

from this website

Hope this gives you some ideas!