How are folks using LibraryThing?

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How are folks using LibraryThing?

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Avr 15, 2008, 12:47am

I am curious to know what everyone is using this tool for. I am using it as a teaching tool and have very few books listed so am wondering, if I started to really use it, what would I use it for? Books I own? Books i have read? Books I want to read? Does it accommodate all of these at once? Inquiring mimes want to know...

Avr 15, 2008, 1:20pm

Professionally, in speaking with content and technology providers, I've used LT as an illustration of how social networks grow and as a jumping off point for a discussion of the strengths and foibles of community-created data. I have encouraged Tim and Abby to speak at NFAIS events because they bring a fresh approach to the world of bibliographic records.

In private, I use it because I have books climbing up my baseboards at home and I need to know what I have and what I don't have. I have used LT to test my own understanding of cataloging practices as well as social networking sites. I chat in The Green Dragon because it is the friendliest group of people you could ever seek out.

Avr 17, 2008, 7:18am

I basically use it to catalog books I own & then compare my library with other people's. I own a lot more than I've cataloged so far, but I started by cataloging the books that I consider most representative of my tastes and reading habits.

I haven't used LT professionally (except using LT as an example of an extremely cool social website & catalog of materials when talking to coworkers), but some of my coworkers have:

Juin 27, 2010, 1:53pm

I use it for myself, to keep track of what I've read, want to read, want to purchase, etc. I love lists!

Juin 27, 2010, 2:06pm

I use this to keep track of all the books I read. I kept all my library emails, so I knew which books I read in the last couple of years. I also remembered many of the outstanding books that I've read. Unfortunately, there are many that I've read and am unable to recall. I am happy to report that I've read more than 500 books.

I like to see what books are recommended. I've often read books only because they are on my recommendation list. I've made an excel spreadsheet with them every 6 months to see how they've changed (and they change dramatically). I add the newest suggestions to a page - and it's about 500

I like to see how people have rated the books that I've been interested in reading. A low librarything score guarantees that I won't read it.

Since so many people read fiction than non-fiction, I've separated my library into 2 accounts. Otherwise, I would have no non-fiction suggestions.

I also spend way too many hours looking through other people's libraries. I wish more people would rate their books, or categorize them.

I've stopped using the 'currently reading' flag. It's too much of a pain to keep up with.

Juin 27, 2010, 3:59pm

I am funny about ratings - I know what I like, but I hesitate to predict whether others will, so I stopped giving out stars. Also, iIt felt too much like grading. I like the widgets - I use one on my homepage at work that shows what I'm reading. I'd like to get an account for our library so we can use a widget to recommend books or collect faculty recommendations.

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