ebook sources (UK)


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ebook sources (UK)

Mar 7, 4:15pm

Somehow I've only just noticed that google Play is a source of ebooks. The UK generally has different publishing rights contracts with authors than the US, and hence many ebooks that are available in the US just aren't available here. Or if they are, they're only on amazon which I'm really trying to avoid until they pay some tax.

Anyone have any more uptodate information about googleplay ebooks? I recall (I think) there was a some fuss a few (many? It may have been before I even started reading ebooks) years back about google scraping a bunch of texts without proper consideration of authors rights? Did that all get sorted out?

Anyone else have any good UK (legal and comprehensive) UK ebook sources? I mainly use Hive.co.uk which is pretty reasonable, but doesn't have everything. Ebooks.com has some but not others, everything else seems to have gone by the wayside.