Seeking name please! (Tried Name that book)

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Seeking name please! (Tried Name that book)

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Please help if you can? THANK YOU!!

Written before 1980, when I read it to my son- may be considerably older? I remember an early reader with lots of pictures. Books that it’s NOT with similar theme: Quackers, Stellaluna, Are you my mother?

Plot: A baby animal of species A is raised and loved among species B. He/she grows up wondering why they are not a normal type of “B”, because no one tells him that he’s not their kind. The resolution comes when he/she realizes what their real identity/species is and that they are a veryfine/normal example of that category of being.

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That is the kind of theme that could be retold many times.

One example is The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse from 1954 and reprinted many times afterward as a Little Golden Book and in regular picture book form.