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Yannis Ritsos

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I’ve been gradually falling in love with the poems of Yannis Ritsos, and would like to start getting in to his work properly. There doesn’t seem to be a Collected Poems, but there are a couple of different Selecteds out there. Do any of you know his work, and if so, what would you recommend as a place to start?

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I presume you've already explored well beyond this link

However you may also know that "Epitaphios" by Yannis Ritsos exists in a musical form.
His poetry and political vision marry well with music and in IMHO make for a very beautiful and moving experience.
I hesitate to give links here in case it is seen as advertising, but if not already familiar, check out this aspect which may well enhance your appreciation of Ritsos.
Mikis Theodorakis and Stavros Xarhakos are two search strings worth exploring.
Another is Yiannis Ritsos - Epitafios - Brussels 1985 with Maria Farantouri I think.
There are CDs available.

Sorry to be of little help by being off the immediate topic.
It was how I discovered Yannis Ritsos.
Your post triggered a nostalgia trip

Hope you've found your answer by now.