"Why hasn't this been made into a movie?"

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"Why hasn't this been made into a movie?"

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Fév 14, 2012, 1:19pm

Do you have any favorite books that would make great movies/tv shows/short cartoons?

The big one for me is the Freddy the Pig series. They're such fun, perfect books and the illustrations are great and could easily be used as the basis for them. The characters are generally good natured but they all, especially Freddy, make mistakes, are unsure, and get caught out in contradictions in a way that is so appealing (and of course, realistic!).

For slightly older kids I always think it's a shame that none of Karen Cushman's books have been made into movies (and indeed I've started writing screenplay for Catherine, Called Birdy) and the same with Karen Hesse.

What seems to mean the main problem with movies of great books (especially children's movies) is that the people making them and writing the screenplays don't always seem to understand what it is that makes the book appealing to kids.

Fév 18, 2012, 1:00am

I think that The Key To Rondo, and The Wizard Of Rondo would make good movies because these books are very exciting and I think most fantasy books would make good movies.