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Dec 16, 2007
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Micheal Teal ( The Ancient One )
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My Library is one of Beauty and Spirit where Thought and Imagination Celebrate the Oneness of Humanity.
A propos de moi
I am a Divinely Inspired Poet , Spiritual Consultant and CyberShaman. Mine is a journey of Spiritual Harmony in which I seek to know Peace in every Breath. It is my desire to live from the Soul and seek Knowledge Within. I am one who Embraces the Light and Lives from the Soul. The Simplicity of Truth encompasses me as I breathe the Rivers of Life. I wish for all Humankind to have the Freedom to Enjoy Life and Dance their Bliss and Live their Dreams.

I am on a transformative journey of enhanced wellbeing. I seek to deepen spiritual connections and take my life to the next level. I walk the way of the universe and desire to transcend limitations. I wish to share my light with the world that I may create new perspectives and possibilities. The true winds of lifes journey inspire me to be a channel for healing light that I may explore the evolution of human consciousness and embrace the beauty and majesty of nature.

Mine is a pilgrimage to peace. I am a spiritual gardener sowing seeds of positive transformation. Life is a tapestry we weave each day and i seek to live by imagination while exploring new possibilities. I am attempting to actualize my highest vision while creating a spiritual environment of love , light and understanding. I walk a path of giving with a harmony that is omnipresent. Like a lullaby from a music box my soul plays a symphony that i may truly enjoy this dance of life.
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