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No Straight Lines: Four Decades Of Queer Comics par Justin Hall

Isms par Gregory Bergman

The Charlemagne pursuit : a novel par Steve Berry

The story of China : the epic history of a world power from the middle kingdom to Mao and the China dream par Michael Wood

New Italian Poets par Dana Gioia

At Home (Calderbooks) par Naomi May

Use of force : a thriller par Brad Thor

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À propos de ma bibliothèqueI once belonged to a Book Circle in real life that's been meeting regularly (about every six weeks) since 1994. They still meet, amazingly, making a quarter century of reading! This is the list of their reads I participated in:

Books I've Completed

1)Amado, Jorge, DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS: Adored it! Ghosts get horny, too, and why not?

2)Anonymous, THE TALE OF GILGAMESH: Not sorry I read it, but what a slog.

3) Auster, Paul, THE BOOK OF ILLUSIONS: Sorry I read it, and what a slog.

4)Bambara, Toni Cade, THE SALT EATERS: Wonderful prose, not so much on the storytelling.

5)Beckett, Samuel, MURPHY: Scintillating, superb, fractal geometry in words.

6)Bellow, Saul, MR. SAMMLER’S PLANET: Fun, fun, fun to read. Not the story, mind, but the storytelling!

7)Berendt, John, MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL: Delicious, shimmering prose. Wonderful story. Savannah really should give Mr. Berendt a pension.

8)Bowles, Paul, THE SHELTERING SKY: Tedious twaddle.

9)Burnett, Ivy Compton, MANSERVANT AND MAIDSERVANT: Next to SONS AND LOVERS, the worst, most horrendously offensively overrated piece of crap I've read in my life.

10)Butler, Octavia, KINDRED: Excellent!!

11)Brown, Dan, THE DA VINCI CODE: I plead the Fifth.

12)Cain, James, DOUBLE INDEMNITY: I liked the book better than the movie.

13)Capote, Truman, IN COLD BLOOD: As good as it gets. Only really good thing he wrote.

14)Carroll, Lewis, ALICE IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: whatever, you pervy old so-and-so.

15)Carter, Angela, NIGHTS AT THE CIRCUS: *swoon*

16) Carter, Jimmy, PALESTINE: PEACE OR APARTHEID: Tendentious as all hell, but hand it to the man: he can explicate complex issues like nobody's business.

17) Cendrars, Blaise, MORAVAGINE: Yee-ikes!

18) Coetze, J. M. , DISGRACE: Wonderful writing. Is there a story here?

19) Conrad, Joseph, HEART OF DARKNESS: Deserving of its classic status.

20) Cunningham, Michael, THE HOURS: Loved it. Then again, I'm a gay "Mrs. Dalloway" fan.

21) Doctorow, E.L., THE WATERWORKS: Very good, not excellent.

22)Davies, Robertson, THE FIFTH BUSINESS: ...did I read this?


24) Dreiser, Theodore, AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY: How I wish Dreiser had written novels.

25) Drury, Alan, ADVISE AND CONSENT: Writing serviceable, story riveting.

26)Dunn, Katherine, GEEK LOVE: Close to the top of any literature lover's life list of lovely books.

27)Durrell, Lawrence, JUSTINE: Almost perfect.

28)Ellison, Ralph, INVISIBLE MAN: Recursion taken to a logical extreme.

29)Faulkner, William, LIGHT IN AUGUST: The Nobel people must've read this one. Simply delightful.

30)Fox, Paula, DESPERATE CHARACTERS: I have no memory of this book whatsoever.

31)Ford, Ford Maddox, THE GOOD SOLDIER: What in the hell does this book rate classic status based on?!

32)Frazier, Charles, COLD MOUNTAIN: Oh dear God.

33)Fuentes, Carlos, THE OLD GRINGO: Ripping good stuff! Not.

34)Golden, Arthur, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA: Flawed, but elegant and very readable.

35) Greene, Graham, THE HEART OF THE MATTER: Excellent!

36)Hammett, Dashiell, THE MALTESE FALCON: I like the movie better.

37)Hegi, Ursula, STONES FROM THE RIVER: Perfectly adequate.

38)Hemingway, Ernest, FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS: also known as "For Who the Hell Cares"

39)Hemingway, Ernest, THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA: "The Old Fart in High C" as I call it.

40)Herr, Michael, DISPATCHES: Excellent.

41)Irving, John, A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY: Annoyed me, the voice of the kid being all in caps. Don't remember anything else about it.

42)Ishiguro, Kazuo, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY: Shimmers with a nimbus of magical beauty.

43)James, Henry, WHAT MAISIE KNEW: Well, *I* liked it, though I know many who didn't.

44)Joyce, James, DUBLINERS: Marvelous.

45)Joyce, James, PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST: As much fun to read as ULYSSES isn't.

46)Kerouac, Jack, ON THE ROAD: I think I waited too long...all I could think was, "Valium, dude, and a little less booze!"

47)Kesey, Ken, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST: Parables DO age well, and here's the proof.

48)Kincaid, Jamaica, LUCY: ~meh~

49)Kipling, Rudyard, KIM: Dated. Racist. Good story, though.

50)Kundera, Milan, THE BOOK OF LAUGHTER AND FORGETTING: Droningly dull.

51)Lawrence, D. H., SONS AND LOVERS: The worst, most horrendously offensively overrated piece of crap I've read in my life.

52)LeGuin, Ursula, THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS: As good as novels get.

53)Lee, Harper, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: Oh dear, oh dear...I am not a fan...I must be flawed in some major way.

54)L’Engle, Madeleine, CIRCLE OF QUIET: I don't think I read this.

55) Lewis, Sinclair, BABBITT: Scathingly timely even now.

56) Lewis, Sinclair, ELMER GANTRY: Damn near made me choke, it was so eerie how it's remained current.

57) Dardis, Tom, FIREBRAND: A Life of Horace Livewright: Disorganized, but very good.

58)Lodge, David, NICE WORK: I hate David Lodge books.

59)Mahfouz, Naguib, PALACE WALK: Superb!

60)Malraux, Andre, MAN’S FATE: Another classic that deserves its status.


62)Marquez, Gabriel Garcia, LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA: Outstandingly written, wonderfully conceived.

63)McCarthy, Cormac, BLOOD MERIDIAN: Yuck.

64)McCourt, Frank, ANGELA’S ASHES: Since it took twenty-plus years to write, no wonder it's so good.

65)Morrison, Toni, SONG OF SOLOMON: I'm not a cultist of hers, but this is a fine book.

66) Nabokov, Vladimir, LOLITA: Perfect.

67)Nabokov, Vladimir, PALE FIRE: Not perfect. Top notch, though.

68)Naipaul, V.S., A BEND IN THE RIVER: Highly readable.

69)O’Connor, Flannery, WISE BLOOD: Sneaky!

70)O’Neill, Eugene, LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT: Plays, blech.

71)Orwell, George. ANIMAL FARM: Isn't it depressing how Orwell remains timely?

72)Orwell, George. 1984: See above.

73)Parks, Suzan-Lori, GETTING MOTHER’S BODY: Whatever, shut up so I can read, and quit bothering me.

74)Percy, Walker, THE MOVIEGOER: Metairie? Really?

75) Powell, Dawn, THE LOCUSTS HAVE NO KING: High-quality stuff from an unjustly underknown writer.

76)Pynchon, Thomas, THE CRYING OF LOT 49: Og think nasty writer-man making fun of Og.

77)Roy, Arundhati, THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS: So what's the fuss?

78)Rozan, S. J., NO COLDER PLACE: Bad.

79)Rushdie, Salman, THE SATANIC VERSES: Damn! THIS gets a guy sentenced to DEATH?!?

80)Salinger, J. D., THE CATCHER IN THE RYE: Pitch-perfect, still fresh, and what a story.

81)Saramago, Jose, BLINDNESS: Superb.

82) Schulberg, Budd, WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN: Fun! How to enjoy anti-Semitism!

83) Sebold, Alice, THE LOVELY BONES: Okay, I guess, but a little "Ladies' Home Journal" short story from the 60s for me.

84)Shakespeare, William, HAMLET: Plays, blech.

85)Shelley, Mary, FRANKENSTEIN: Tedious.

86)Sinclair, Upton, THE JUNGLE: This didn't feel like a novel to me. I didn't enjoy it.

87)Singer, Isaac Bashevis, ENEMIES, A LOVE STORY: Not my cuppa.

88)Spillane, Mickey, I, THE JURY: Guilty pleasure.

89)Stegner, Wallace, THE SPECTATOR BIRD: Fine, fine writing.

90)Steinbeck, John, TORTILLA FLAT: Excellent.

91)Thackery, William Makepeace, VANITY FAIR: I'm still not sure that it's really over.

92)Thomas, Piri, DOWN THESE MEAN STREETS: No idea what this is, even.

93)Toole, John Kennedy, A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES: Cruel, unusual fun.

94)Unknown, GILGAMESH: So very worth reading. I rooted for Enkidu, myself.

95)Unsworth, Barry, MORALITY PLAY: No memory of this one whatever.

96) Updike, John, RABBIT, RUN: Get over it! Pull up your socks and get on with it! Sheez.

97)Vidal, Gore, LINCOLN: My, how Mr. Vidal can talk!

98)Waugh, Evelyn, VILE BODIES: Decadent fun.


100) West, Nathaniel, MISS LONELYHEARTS: One of my favorites, so bleakly oblique in its sly satire.

101)Wilde, Oscar, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY: What else need be said, after "Oscar Wilde"?

102)Winterson, Jeanette, SEXING THE CHERRY: Hmmm.

103)Wolfe, Thomas, YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN: And why try? Belt up, Tom.

104)Woolf, Virginia, MRS. DALLOWAY: The epitome. Perfect.

105)Woolf, Virginia, TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: Not perfect, but I love storytelling as an evolutionary step to "Mrs. Dalloway."

106)Wright, Richard, NATIVE SON: Bleak.

107)Maugham, W. Somerset, THE RAZOR'S EDGE: So very caustic, and seems so innocent.

108)Hill, Susan, THE MAN IN THE PICTURE: Oof.

109)Simenon, Georges, THE WIDOW: Blah.

110)Fitzgerald, Penelope, THE BLUE FLOWER: I love her work, though this one least of all.

Overlooked titles recently added:
111) Millhauser, Steven, MARTIN DRESSLER: The Tale of An American Dreamer: Pretty good, I guess.

112) Rezzori, Gregor von, MEMOIRS OF AN ANTI-SEMITE: Charged! Very worth reading.

113) Wilson, August, JOE TURNER'S COME AND GONE: Plays, blech.

114) Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, THE YELLOW WALLPAPER: SCARY!!

115) McCullers, Carson, REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE: Very Gothic, not for everyone.

116) Atwood, Margaret, THE BLIND ASSASSIN: Mmmf.

117) Steinbeck, John, THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT: Outstanding!

118) Nafisi, Azar, READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN: Dreary.

119) Machiavelli, Niccolo, THE PRINCE (tr. George Bull, tr. Paul Sonnino): Lessons for the ages and very instructive to read different translations at the same time.

120) Eliot, George, SILAS MARNER: Deservedly a classic.

121) Adiga, Aravind, THE WHITE TIGER: Pseudo-hip maunderings of a pseudo-Robin Hood.

122) Highsmith, Patricia, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY: Good stuff!

123) Munro, Alice, THE BEGGAR MAID: Stories of Flo and Rose: Lovely, lovely sentences telling deadly little quotidian stories about dreary, slatternly people.

124) Jelinek, Elfriede, THE PIANO TEACHER: THIS won a NOBEL for literature? This tedious, ponderous crapulous thing that represents her chef d'ouevre? Pah.

125) Hawthorne, Nathaniel, THE BLITHEDALE ROMANCE: There is nothing new under the sun, including the New Age.

126) Rhys, Jean, GOOD MORNING, MIDNIGHT: Ladies and gentlewomen, the Lifetime Network presents this historical woman-abused-and-denigrated snore-fest!

127) Yourcenar, Marguerite, THE MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN: I would not be surprised if Hadrian himself had dictated this book to La Yourcenar from Beyond the Veil. Gorgeous.

128) Twain, Mark, LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI: There is no point in saying much beyond, "Read it or else."

129) Golding, William, LORD OF THE FLIES and Wiggins, Marianne, JOHN DOLLAR: Both being short, simultaneously read. Both being badly written, simultaneously chucked in the bin.

130) Oz, Amos, ELSEWHERE, PERHAPS: Neither good nor bad.

131) Dos Passos, John, MANHATTAN TRANSFER: A too-long narrative poem, or a badly built novel.

132) Melville, Herman, THE CONFIDENCE-MAN: Good, old-fashioned stuff; Patricia Highsmith couldn't have done better.

133) Camus, Albert, LA CHUTE (The Fall): Beautifully translated!

134) Jackson, Shirley, WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE: Quiet, unsettling, and chilling.

135) Beckett, Samuel, WAITING FOR GODOT: Plays, blech.

136) Faulkner, William, AS I LAY DYING: Glorious.

137) Anderson, Sherwood, WINESBURG, OHIO: Better than the sum of its parts.

138) Bowen, Elizabeth, THE HOUSE IN PARIS: Forsooth!

139) Kawabata, Yasunari, SNOW COUNTRY: Long trip in a short package. Japan has found her Hemingway.

140) Turgenev, Ivan, SKETCHES FROM A HUNTER'S ALBUM: Amorphous; beautiful.

141) Mann, Thomas, DEATH IN VENICE and TONIO KRUEGER: Tiresomely homophobic.

142) Twain, Mark, THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLLEBERRY FINN: Amazingly modern, down to the lack of a real ending.

143) Murray, Albert, TRAIN WHISTLE GUITAR: I liked the memoir better.

144) Greene, Graham, BRIGHTON ROCK: Hate the characters, adore the story.

145) Proust, Marcel, SWANN IN LOVE (tr. Lydia Davis): Astonishing. Not for all readers.

146) France, Anatole, THE GOD WILL HAVE BLOOD: So so so interesting!

147) Caldwell, Erskine, GOD'S LITTLE ACRE: Unrelievedly grim. :-/

148) Caldwell, Erskine, TOBACCO ROAD: Even more grim. :_{

149) Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur, A STUDY IN SCARLET and THE SIGN OF FOUR: Canonical Holmesian goodness.

150) Moore, Alan, WATCHMEN: Didn't read it.

151) Roth, Joseph, THE RADETZKY MARCH: Fascinating. Glad I finally read it.

152) McDonald, Ian, DESOLATION ROAD: Delicious. Steinbeck in space.

153) Flaubert, Gustave, MADAME BOVARY (tr. Lydia Davis): Classic novel, deathless. Sorta like a literary zombie.

154) Gray, Alasdair, POOR THINGS: Arch.

155) Trollope, Anthony, THE WARDEN: Pure Barsetshire gold.

156) Apuleius, THE GOLDEN ASS (tr. Robert Graves): It was fun, I suppose.

157) Wilder, Thornton, THE BRIDGE AT SAN LUIS REY: I still love it, though more out of respect than impressed-ness.

158) Wilson, Sloan, THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT: Midcentury Modern at its best.

159) O'Neill, Eugene, THE ICEMAN COMETH: Plays, blech.

160) Tolstoy, Leo, HADJI MURAD: Notes for a novel, not ready for publication.

161) Stoppard, Tom, ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD: If it has to be a play, let it be by Stoppard.

162) Graves, Robert, I, CLAUDIUS: Utterly mesmerizing and completely delightful.

163) Burgess, Anthony, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE: Pretentious twaddle.

164) Cather, Willa, MY ÁNTONIA: Of its time, gracefully written, and moderately dull.

165) Gogol, Nikolai, DEAD SOULS: Absurdist delight.

166) Chopin, Kate, THE AWAKENING: Soporific.

167) Hurston, Zora Neale, THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD: Her one masterpiece in an ouevre of competent pleasantness.

168): Silko, Leslie Marmon, CEREMONY: Groundbreaking forty years ago, I suppose, but predictable, tedious twaddle now.

169) Beckett, Samuel, MOLLOY, MALONE DIES, THE UNNAMEABLE: Deeply touching, hard work.

170) Alighieri, Dante, THE INFERNO (tr. Pinsky): A cross between a slasher flick and a rap song.

171) Waugh, Evelyn, SCOOP: "Satire is what closes on Saturday night." Justifiably so.

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