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Ravenclaw common room reads (995), read these with a nearby latte (856), rainy day reads (603), good morning reads (592), to read as the sun sets (502), to read on the window bench (474), best read near gothic architecture (473), evening reads by candlelight (472), written for Sundays (452), on social alienation (443), to read on the way (413), on overcoming adversity (407), to bring to the coffee shop (377), science of society (365), woman centric (346), curiosities and oddities (346), for aiding the self care process (326), to read on the front porch swing (297), for when feeling melancholic (276), to read by the fireplace (253), to curl up with while it thunders (246), innovation and invention (218), must reads of a lifetime (210), witchy reads (179), of the early 00s (162), books about books (158), feat mechanisms and mixtures (156), with nautical or celestial topics (141), philosophy (131), from the desks of my crushes (116), how to (114), featuring snowy aesthetics (94), featuring cobblestone and street lamps (86), about libraries + museums + universities (76), poetry (73), Chicago as a character (72), New England heritage (67), experimental or unconventional (67), plays (66), stories about trains (56), tales about or with cats (56), Nordic or Scandinavian lifestyle (42), lesfic + LGBTQIAPK+ (38), representations of systems on paper (37), Jewish culture or Hebrew language (36), biology (35), Dutch things (33), indigenous or native narratives (31), ASL and Deaf culture (31), Canadian stories (22), cosmology (21), stories about lighthouses (21), Magyar (15), graphic novels (13), Filipinx ideas or tagalog printings (10), second person narratives (4), library rentals (1)
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Feb 27, 2019
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My library features titles and genres that I don't like because I'm a comprehensivist. (But I *do* like most everything...from science to science fiction; conventional romance is the exception).
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Cats, coffee, Oxford Commas.

I've spent my entire life loving reading in theory. In tandem with my shifting interests from the whimsicality of character-acting to the application of social research methods, I'm now learning to love reading in practice.
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