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Jan 21, 2012
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all reviews are for my own benefit so I can pick out books to read in future (do I want to read more by this author?), reread the better titles, and maybe even to acquire a few recommendations
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I read fiction to make new friends of the characters without being jarred out of the story by irregularities.

To this end I have a strong primary preference for character development(growth).

Secondly for a strong personal integrity base for the characters (a character I can feel for because they are not only consistent in their decisions but who also seeks at least in some way to do right by others).

And thirdly for very well structured world building. Having all the laws and principles of our known world directly applied, with some specific core variation that sets the title as SciFi (further scientific development) or Fantasy (usually magic). However the variation must remain as consistent as possible with our environment as observable while also logically modifying the environment due to the variation. (the fastest way to get this wrong is to break the cause-effect sequence).
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